This post on May 11th reports on various aspects of the World, incl. some news about war in the Ukraine, some info to understand the Illuminati’s top banks better, as well as some about one of their top banking families.

BLOOD. The pro-Russian militia which took over parts of eastern Ukraine are holding a referendum today, which looks like a step towards annexation by Russia, like the Crimea’s referendum. As I reported earlier, Russia infiltrated highly trained Spetsnaz troops into eastern Ukraine to take the area towards Russia. Recently, NATO/the West/the U.S. responded by sending in dozens of CIA & FBI agents as advisors to the Ukrainian govt. & the DCI of the CIA made a semi-secret trip to the Ukrainian capital. Now the Illuminati has in cooperation with the Ukrainian govt. helped them obtain mercenaries. The pro-Russian German press has reported 400 Academi mercenaries moving into the Ukraine to deal with the pro-Russian militia. And I will add, to deal w/ the Spetsnaz also. The CEO of Academi is the retired commander of the elite 75th Ranger Regiment Brig. Gen. Craig Nixon. In 2010, a group of Illum. investors purchased what had been Blackwater (but at the time was called Xe Services) HQ in McLean, VA. A subsidiary of Academi is Graystone, Ltd. which creates private mercenary units. (I would expect at least part of the 400 come from Graystone.) My Illum. sources confirm they are helping the Ukraine obtain these mercs from their Academi. The time of talking has ended, the shooting has begun. You will begin to see many articles in the International press on this.

Poland is the NATO country most involved with the Ukraine because they are neighbors, & will play a role in all this drama. The Polish Press (part of the West’s controlled media) is anti-Russian. The Polish people have a long history of abuse from Russia, & they live in that history. The two largest political parties in Poland are distinctly anti-Russian & afraid of the Bear. The Baltic states are also, of course, feeling insecure.

BANKS. Had it not been for events rudely interrupting this writing project, this post would have been strictly on the elite’s top banks. Reality intrudes on my plans! Before Putin took Russia in another direction, when the West was trying to boost the Russian economy, the Illuminati primarily used 3 banks to stimulate Russia: Banque Edmond de Rothschild, Deutsche Bank & Laurence Finch’s Blackrock Investment firm. Blackrock, which is the world’s largest publicly traded investment management firm, controls the world’s top banks: Wells Fargo (world’s largest based on market capitalization), HSBC (in 87 countries & territories), Barclays PLC, and Deutsche Bank (w/ S2.6 trillion in assets). Two other top elite banks are Credit Agrizole Group & JP Morgan Chase & Co. In the past, I have frequently mentioned two Illuminati banks: Societe Generale (which actually is several different firms & used as a holding company, and controlled by Mr. Van Duyn’s wealth) & Goldman Sachs Group. They inform me there is one big Chinese bank that they don’t control yet, but it is not clear to me which. Huaxia Bank co-issues cards with Deutsche Bank, & the Chinese Bank of Communications does the same with HSBC. One bank that is important for them is the European Central Bank, which has Mario Draghi, an Italian banker, at its head. Draghi was previously the head of the World Bank, as well as Gov. of the Bank of Italy.

BANKS & BLOODLINES. The Bank of America was the Bank of Italy ‘til 1930. It was created by A.P. Giannini (1870-1949) in 1904, & his family still has the controlling shares. Giannini (made a Knight of Malta) developed the bank for the working class, & is credited w/ creating branch banking. The idea of banks for the man in the street is actually old; beginning in 1462, the Franciscans spread poor man’s banks (called mons pietatis) which loaned to the poor w/out interest all across Europe (except England which forbade them). In recent times, BoA purchased Walmart & GE, as well as the disastrous purchase of Merrill Lynch in 2008. Bank of America is the 2nd largest bank in America (asset-wise with $2.21 trillion). It ranks 12th in assets worldwide, but its focus is the U.S. Strangely, w/ 5,900 BoA banks existing, I was surprised recently in Salt Lake City that there were none in the extended downtown area. There is likely an interesting story to that. While BoA was designed for the man in the street, Berenberg Bank is the opposite.

Berenberg Bank, like BoA, has also been run by a single family. It was founded in 1590, making it the world’s oldest merchant bank. Two brothers from Antwerp, Belgium founded the bank in Hamburg, back then an independent city-state. The rich oligarchy of Hamburg ruled it for centuries. The bank functions as a private bank for the elite. It has an excellent reputation. The family that controls it, von Berenberg-Gossler should have been written about in my Bloodlines of the Illuminati book. They also founded the Norddeutsche Bank, which was the predecessor of Deutsche Bank. Space permits the discussion of 2 leaders of this family of German Nobility: Baron Cornelius von Berenberg-Gossler (1874-’53) & his relative John (1866-1943). Cornelius was also desc. from Samuel Elliot, an Amer. banker who was a mmbr. of the Amer. Philosophical Society. (The APS was founded 1743 in Philadelphia. It was an outgrowth of the Junto, an Illuminati intellectual society, formed in 1727 by Benjamin Franklin.) Cornelius served as the consul general for the tiny nation of Monaco. He quit active management of Berenberg Bank in 1932. The other is John von Berenberg-Gossler, who was a Hamburg banker & Germany’s ambassador to Italy (1920-21). Like the Van Duyn family until I exposed them, this family & their private merchant bank have been under the radar (overlooked by history books, references, genealogies, etc.) until this post, which only goes to show there is plenty to learn.

These posts will have plenty more important upcoming current events & more interesting history of the elite to share.


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