This post is a meaningful, beneficial discussion for all readers of the suffering of innocent victims of rape, wars, genocides, trauma-based mind control & holocausts as it relates to the larger context of creation.

Humanity is called by their Creator to keep His way of righteousness & justice. The Lord said, “For I have known him, in order that he may command his children & his household after him, that they keep the way of YHWH, to do righteousness & justice…” GEN 18:17a, 19a. (By the way, those 2 traits are repeatedly linked together in the Word of God, for instance, PS 97:2, JER 9:23, AMOS 5:24.) Therefore it plain that God’s actions must be intelligible & understandable, for us to interpret what is of God & righteous. The idea that God is too mysterious to figure out would leave us with an unknowable role model. To make things even plainer, the Word says, “God, who at various times & in different ways spoke in time past to the fathers by the prophets, has in these last days spoken to us by His son…who being…His glory & the express image of His person….” In other words, the Creator made His Way clear to us by having Yahshua serve as our role model of divine righteousness & justice.

It is common for all of us, when our ability to explain the horrors created under Stalin, Hitler, & Pol Pot to resort to the answer, “God’s ways are beyond us. He is the infinite & we are the finite. Could a worm understand you? Are we not mere finite worms to the infinite?” This is the “God-is-inscrutable answer”. While it is completely true that we are finite,– the Creator is outside of space & time & Creation, truly infinite— that does not subtract from the fact that we are made in the Creator’s image & are called to follow His way of perfect righteousness & justice. Nor are we allowed to tamper with how we label acts: “Woe unto them that call evil good, & good evil; that put darkness for light, & light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, & sweet for bitter!” To torture an 18 mo. baby to split its mind into MPD is simply evil. Innocent victims are innocent victims. Let’s stop blaming the innocent victims. Christ rejected the idea that the innocent victim was suffering for his parent’s sin or some past life sin. That was the kind of logic that Job’s friends used to “defend” the justice of YHWH God. And as you know, God hated their false defense of Him!! (Job 42:7) In fact, God doesn’t need defending, & this post is not defending Him…we need to know/understand Him, this is a discussion of love, showing understanding for Him & His Way.

In LEV 12, the Word says a woman loses holiness when she gives birth, or to look backwards, she is holier while pregnant! Why? Since many don’t read the past commentaries, let alone what is called the old testament, one wonders why. Because while she was pregnant she was 2 lives joined. Life has a glory to it. Those of God’s way are said to go from glory to glory. God is the life-giver, and His Spirit glorifies man (cf. ISA 44:23, 46:13 & others). Not just human life, but all life has potential for glory, so, for example, it was forbidden to cut down fruit bearing trees in war for a siege (DT 20:19-20)! In ISA a reference is made to “Holy Seed”, a holy potential for more life. Many verses declare we should wake up! And realize our potential in God, for the Holy Spirit has placed the potential for glory in us, as potential energy (scalar) energy exists. In creation God separated light from darkness, justice from injustice. (cf. GEN 1) When positive particles were created, so were negative. A north pole on planets & magnets created a south pole. Quarks came with anti-quarks. Light comes with darkness. The Tree of Life (Holy Spirit) came with the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil (inspired by non-Holy Spirit, i.e. manmade, religion-made, & demonic inspired).

The account in GEN 3, speaks of these 2 sources, & how man went forward in life using the Tree of Knowledge. We still want to seek our potential glory, in fact the entire universe strives for its potential glory,…there is a kind of intelligent life to the universe, which is why S. Hawking (the world’s most esteemed cosmologist orig. said the universe mathematically proved God). Adam & Eve, like teenagers wanting to move forward, ran away from home, the Garden, cut the spiritual umbilical cord & used the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. Soon we see Cain slew Abel & used human reason from that Tree, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Fast forward, we see the Vril, an energy from that same Tree motivating the inner circle of Nazis to murder. Mankind still demands the freedom to eat from that same Tree. And here we see a truism, evil is a distortion of good. Man seeks his potential, his glory, but without the Spirit of the Creator animating and directing it, it gets twisted. Man seeks to go from the finite to the infinite, he wants all potential, to be illuminated to divinity, and with it, all his potential freedom. As w/ positive particles needing negatives, quarks requiring anti-quarks…the Creation of light came w/ darkness. As mankind rushes further away from home, the Word repeatedly speaks of God growing distant & hidden. Yes, it speaks in many places of the Almighty’s self-imposed limits to power. When we leave home, we are no longer under the protective eye of our parents. This is the nature of the choice to leave the Tree of Life & home, and depend upon the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil and to build our potential without God’s Spirit. Maybe He’ll spend more than six days creating things next time, but for now this is the World as it has developed.

There are many explanations for suffering (from “evil”): its punishment, a test, a purification, freedom’s price, self-inflicted pain, demonic havoc, natural suffering w/out any morals, communal sin that individuals of a group must all partake, an instrument to humble man or improve him, and so forth. In particular cases, a few, or some or all may apply. This post is not an attempt to completely explain all aspects of suffering. What I have presented is this…Out of the nothingness in the Creator’s “womb” came forth life flowing to seek its potential divine glory. That creation glorifies the Creator, and seeks to go from glory to glory. A natural part of that creation was the construction of two opposite poles like a coin has two sides. Eliminate either side & the coin is gone. Both co-exist, like the programmed multiple who sees another alter’s image in the mirror that she doesn’t like & kills the body, not realizing she has just killed her own body also! (Yes, this kind of stuff happens.) But we must accept that our world has evil. And evil is a perversion of good. Unless man returns home & to the Tree of Life, he will continue to misguidedly seek his potential & glory without the Creator’s Spirit. Meanwhile, those of the Holy Spirit need to call pain-“pain”, bitter-“bitter”, evil-“evil, & suffering for what it is: “suffering”. Let us w/ empathy cry with those who cry, and laugh with those who laugh.


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