Their magical financial system of systems. The World’s evolving financial system of systems plays a dominant role in controlling the world & effects each of us daily. My goal with this post is to provide you with helpful, relevant, understandable information on the World Financial System of control.

NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL CONTROL. All of the world’s nations (but 5) have their own central bank, for instance: the Federal Reserve (USA), People’s Bank of China, (Central) Bank of Japan, Bank of England, Bank of France, & the Deutsche Bundesbank (Germany). In the G10, in 2008, six out of the 10 central bankers had once been academics. They often had worked for the Illum.’s IMF or the OECD (Org. for Eco. Coop. & Development). They also had likely worked in some govt. position. A Who’s Who of central bankers attend an annual Federal Reserve conference at the elite hideaway Jackson Hole, WY. So they certainly see each other one on one at various times. They cooperate with each other & international Illuminati organizations such as the World Bank & IMF. These central bankers issue & control their national currency. They raise money for their govt. (Note how much power that gives them over their govt.!) The European politicians turned the Maastricht Treaty that established the ECB in 1991 over to the Illuminati’s bankers to create.

OPENING THE DOOR TO GLOBALIZATION IS OFTEN UNLOCKING THE DOOR TO A HORROR. The World has been shifting to an interdependent global economy. As countries have opened up & joined this global economy, they have been told that great things would result from it. Instead, often the ghouls of poverty & social unrest spread over their nations. What brings on these specters? Repeatedly, the financial institutions end up blaming their govt. for being too liberal, for lax banking supervision, i.e. not watching them closely enough. (This is like the boy saying that it is his mother’s fault he got into the cookie jar, because she left home & wasn’t watching, & mom hadn’t said anything about cookies.) In ’82-’83, Chile was the first small globalization crisis. Mexico was the first big disaster from globalization, which they called the Tequila Crisis of ’94-’95. They devalued the peso 12/20/94. The stages, which lead to disaster & devaluation of one’s national currency by opening the door to globalization, are as follows:
• A gap develops between government spending & taxes
• The banking system weakens
• Interest rates are raised
• People become uncertain about investments
• There is a decline of lending & asset values
• Finally, a currency crisis. Small or poor nations are unable to defend their currencies, and everyone want to dump their currency and their banks go broke. (An example is Argentina’s currency collapse on Jan. 6, 2002.)

PLAYING WITH THE DEVIL. I found it interesting that the CFR in 2006 put out a book about a ruler of a poor country working with the devil to print up a national currency, and then manipulate his economy. The name of the book was: Playing Monopoly with the Devil: Dollarization & Domestic Currencies in Developing Countries. I often sense that there is a demonic powers infusing such systems. So where did all this banking & money control begin. As I get started w/ some history, remember the Illum. is the continuation of the mystery religions.

CREATING WEALTH. The mystery religion temples were the original banks & depository institutions, for instance, in early Rome, the Temple of Juno Moneta functioned as a bank. Italians, like the elite Illum. Medici family, set up the first merchant banks in the 13th to 15th century. Italians claim to have the oldest bank which began in 1472. A Medici bank clear back in 1463 was helping the Venetians trade with the English. They moved money with fees that functioned similar to interest today, because the Catholic church forbid interest taking. (Today 250 Islamic banks function in a similar fashion, and have committees to insure they stay sharia compliant.) Sebastian Cabot of the elite Cabot family set up the first modern shareholding enterprise in 1553. During the Middle Ages, the Christians & Muslims were reluctant to do banking because of their beliefs. The Jews became a dominant group within banking, and that role is now global. (In the NY-East Coast area they are called “Our Crowd” & even “Jewish Grand Dukes”.) Jewish banking came into play with Oregonians who I was investigating in December. I was repeatedly finding Lazard Freres banking connections. The Lazard family is assoc. business-wise with the European Rothschilds. Lazard Freres came to the west coast (CA & OR) when a branch of the Rothschilds named the Sassoons set up the Anglo-California Bank in 1873. The Lazard Bros. of the City (of London) were the fastest growing house for a few yrs. after 1905.

THE CITY. The greater London has an independent city that is actually the financial community which is basically located within the area of the old Roman walls. This city within a city is given almost complete freedom to pursue its own interests. It has stock exchanges, a Future & Option exchange as well as other exchanges. It has various types of banks. It also has a lot of lawyers & accounting personnel. They operate as they please, and during WW 1, they continued business as usual with the Central Powers (Ger. & Austria) for two years into the war. Likewise, except for high profile transactions which were delayed, it was business as usual during the Falkland Is. war with Argentina. Last year in my posts, I wrote how the European Illum. kingpins have used America as a playground to make large sums of money. For instance, in 1890, capital stock of the entire U.S. rail network was valued at a billion British pounds—30% of which were held in the U.K….mostly in the City. The City liked to brag that they built the world’s railways. The Rothschilds were heavily invested in American railroads. The City owned ¾ of Argentina’s rail system & 9/10s of India.

MORE MERRY GO ROUND CAROUSELS. Debt is a merry go round, and so banks function like carousels. In 1822, the Illuminati founded the Societe Generale of Belgium. In 2004, the Society Generale had $819 billion in assets. In 1856, the Illum. Rothschilds started Creditanstalt in Austria. It collapsed in 1931. If one studies how the banking system simply creates money out of thin air, their complex system for making them rich and controlling the rest of us, is quite remarkable. The failure of a bank still leaves the system in place. Many have told me that things would improve if the Fed were gotten rid of. People during the Ag Movement days would send pieces of 2x4s to the Feds with the words “Save the Farmer”. With a system of over 160 central banks & international agencies like the World Bank, BIS, and the IMF…it is difficult to visualize what would happen if the U.S. were not compliant & participating within the system. If the Fed did not manipulate our economy, it would quickly fall apart. It is like a dead puppet that seems alive because it moves like a live person when its strings are pulled. The Fed uses interest rates, draining tools (taking money from the banking system), and the sale of securities to manipulate the American economy. We are operating under a system of debt.

WHERE THE AMER. ILLUM. KINGPINS RETIRED. Many of these kingpins & their families retired to the North shore of Long Island where early in the 1900’s were 600 private estates with castles & manors. The large mansions were built discreetly away from public view. Govt. officials were controlled to keep the area’s roads in disrepair (similar to the Bend, OR Illum. neighborhood I exposed). Rockefeller made sure the rail line to the area was old & rickety. Swarms of private armed guards helped insure these Illuminati elite had privacy on their large wooded estates. Rockefeller assoc.s Charles Pratt & Stephen C. Harkness were in the North Shore. J.P. Morgan (Illum. kingpin) had his mansion there. Other elite incl. Payne Whitney, Willie Vanderbilt, Henry Phipps, John S. Phipps, Geo. F. Baker, the Fricks of coal wealth, Claus Spreckels, and Col. H. Rogers Winthrop…to name a few.

FINAL THOUGHTS. While the Euro did not replace or compete with the U.S. dollar like many thought would happen, the Euro will continue to climb in value, and will become more competitive. Microloans are being given to vast numbers of people in third world countries. While these microloans are not pulling people out of poverty like their spin doctors claim, the loans do make life easier for many poor people. In the U.S. we simply issue credit cards. Increasingly, we have people becoming homeless and unemployed. People at that point are more interested in how they are being overcharged for cashing a check than they would be to understand how the history of the Illuminati interweaves with banking & the rest of the financial system. And while it is difficult for most everyone to accurately forecast economic changes…some of these Illum. kingpins have had an amazing insider awareness of what is to come.


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