Over 2,000 years ago, the angels & the wise astrologers celebrated the birth of a new king. Today, many mistakenly celebrate his birth today. What was Christ’s significance?? How did/does Christ reign? The House of David explains the authority of Christ as well as the gnostic authority of those who control the Illuminati. This article is to help us understand the authority of Christ better as well as the secret authority that those who secretly control things believe they have.

2 SAM 7:16’s PROPHECY FOR THE HOUSE. “And thine house [David’s] and thy kingdom shall be established for ever before thee: thy throne shall be established for ever.” Christians see this prophecy fulfilled in Yahshua, our Messiah, as it is recorded in LK 1:32b-33: “…the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of his father David: and he shall reign over the House of Jacob for ever; and of his kingdom there shall be no end.” Yahshua said that his kingdom was not of this world, and the New Testament scriptures record in numerous places that his kingdom will be forever and ever…and it can do so because it is a spiritual kingdom not of this world. He reigns in our hearts. Each person must accept the rule of Christ’s kingship voluntarily. Talk about a meek king—he allows all his members of his domain to voluntarily accept his kingship. Truly, the meek (who was Christ) shall inherit the earth.

ALTERNATE VIEWS. Not everyone viewed Christ as the end of the House of David. Those in power like the Roman Emperors were terrified that the House of David would regain its power in the physical realm and at times they tried to root it out. During European history, European royalty have wanted to have their genealogies connect them to the House of David and to lay claim to being the King of Jerusalem. They would employ court genealogists to come up with a genealogy that connected them. (These genealogies & claims to being the ruler of Jerusalem should be taken with a grain of salt.) More could be said of all this, but let’s pass on to continue our story. At any rate, unfortunately many claims were based upon lies, as well as a lack of understanding of the spiritual nature of the House of David.

SURVIVAL OF THE HOUSE. The House of David did survive in the physical realm. One of the primary lines was via the Treves Family, which went on to pass their bloodline into some notable surnames such as Berlin, Loewenstam and others. Respectable genealogy work (A) shows the following families being descendants of the House of David: Adler, Bach, Berlin, Cohen, Epstein, Frankel, Goldman, Halperin, Horowitz, Lichtenstein, Loeb, Luria, Openheim, Roth, Sassoon, Shapiro, Shrentzels, Weil, Winkler, Zak, & Zinger. And your mind may already be jumping to the next step…these in turn have married into top Illuminati bloodlines such as Rothschild and Van Duyn. And you may also be thinking how much these connect to the great powerful Jewish families of New York: Bache, Goldman, Kuhn (Cohen), Loeb, who all connect by business or blood to the Rothschilds. Kuhn, Loeb & Co. was formed from two of these families. Goldman, Sachs & Co. were formed from another pair.

FISHER KINGS. A writer in the Count of Champagne’s court named Chretien de Troyes was the first to mention the Fisher Kings and to give us the first genuine Holy Grail romance. His book Le Conte du Graal: Le Roman de Perceval was started about 1188 A.D. just before he mysteriously died. His book coined the phrase “son of the widow lady” which became important centuries later in Freemasonry. Many other sources speak of a dynasty of Priest-kings of the House of Judah called Fisher Kings. I have written about the Merovingians, the holy bloodline of the Illuminati in my Bloodlines of the Illuminati as well as a no. of articles. Several sources provide genealogies that if accurate show that the Merovingians also relate to the Trojan royalty and the Tribe of Dan.

UNDERSTANDING DAVID & YAHSHUA SPIRITUALLY. For years I have declared that we must see Christ, and his ancestor King David spiritually. David was not great because he was a 13th descendant of Abraham. He was great as king because he had a “heart after God”. He had that rare spirituality that allowed him to honor King Saul, even when Saul was trying to kill him. David could have killed his enemy, but instead had mercy on him. David said, “The Lord will judge between me and thee, and the Lord will avenge me of thee, but my hand shall not be upon thee”(B) David as a boy was able to challenge Goliath a giant by his faith in God. David was spiritually anointed…but the technical side of it was also taken care of: he married the daughter of King Saul…dynastic kingship being passed via females… so he had both the spiritual anointing as well as the technically right physical traits to be the “anointed” king-priest of God. In turn, Christ was often called “the son of David” during his three years of ministry.(C) The gospel Scriptures don’t give us a picture (except for Herod killing the babies at Bethlehem) how terrified & threatened the rulers of his day must have felt having someone (Yahshua) so loved by the people in their midst who was a “son of David”. Christ said, my kingdom is not of this world or my disciples would be fighting. This is significant. Many people think Paul ruined the teachings of Christ, but if you understand Christ’s message and mission on a spiritual level—you realize he did not come for the House of Judah…but to rule all mankind with an eternal kingship. It was a kingship based on love. It was a kingship based on those who enthrone and follow their king to individually place Christ on his throne in their hearts. He was a king for all mankind—not the Jewish people. He does not impose his values on anyone. He inspires people to a higher way. He is totally above and totally different from any king before or after him. He gave his own blood to pay the penalty for the sins of all who enter his kingdom. When I see his life I think, “Well done my Lord. No wonder God in heaven could say, ‘This is my beloved son.’ ”

(A) The Eshet Chayil Foundation has worked on the House of David’s genealogy. Susan Roth & Mitchell Dayan are two notable personages in this foundation which has a core advisory group that includes Sephardi and Ashkenazi genealogists. (B) 1 SAM 24:12 (C) Yahshua was called “the son of David” in the gospels too many times to give references, samples incl. MT 9:27, 12:23, MK 12:35, LK 18:38



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