This short post is a frank discussion on the global economy and the World’s “saviors” when the economy crashes. It is designed for those interested in the global economy. Readers & viewers of my talks will remember that I have explained that the Gnostic beliefs of the Illuminati require one’s good deeds balance one’s bad deeds…so the occupation of Illuminati kingpins is often listed as “philanthropist”. Our govt. is involved in creating the chaos that will display itself several ways, incl. a financial crash, which will make people even more dependent upon them. Investment banks and govt.’s, and the U.N. have projects globally to help nations needing help. But frequently, the idealism that is verbalized is a veneer, a façade, to hide cynicism & greed. The director generals of U.N. aid agencies live like royalty. The head of WHO has stayed there for 2 decades. Another example is Edouard Saouma, who was director general of FAO of the UN from 1976-93. The state dept. had a secret evaluation of him, “He has done an excellent job managing the organization and keeping internal program discipline. He has increased F.A.O.’s capacity to deliver technical assistance & strengthened its early warning system. Under his leadership, F.A.O. has steadily decreased the proportion of its budget which is devoted to administrative expenditures.” But another State Dept. report contradicted this, “Edouard Saouma’s…leadership…[is] likely to diminish the organization’s effectiveness.” There were accusations that he bought votes to get a third term. Saouma became a multi-millionaire from his job & insisted people call him “Your excellency”.

DANCING ON THE TITANIC while the Fed says,”OUTLOOK UNCERTAIN GLOBALLY”. Another leader with almost royalty status is Janet Yellen, leader of the Federal Reserve. She spoke on Feb. 10th to Congress, and in my opinion did a dodge-the-truth speech, where she said the “outlook [is] uncertain for 2016 for the global economy”. Believe me, Illuminati members like her know exactly what is coming. Yet, no matter what happens, such a vague statement gets her off the hook. A Congressman (Rep. Brad Sherman) in response to her report said to her that financial institutions that were “too big to fail should be too big to exist.” Then he told her & Congress that “I feel like I’m at a ballroom dancing on the deck of the Titanic.”

BANKERS. In India, the top foreign investment banks are the Rothschild’s Citi, HSBC India, Standard Chartered & Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank has been making big money in India…but is deeply in trouble overall. The NY Times of 21 JAN ’16 (p.B3) said they had a $7 billion loss in 2015, & managers won’t get their bonuses. Top global investment banks are Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, the Rothschild’s Citigroup & Deutsche Bank…all of whom were Illuminati banks. Deutsche Bank Russia has been helping to develop Russia’s financial market infrastructure. Deutsche Bank has been in the news a lot lately for being insolvent. They rank 6th in global investment banking revenue. Because of the LIBOR manipulation suit they were given a $2.5 billion fine for rigging interest rates. Mr. Jain, head of the London bank ops for Deutsche Bank admitted his acts were “reprehensible” (& has beat a hasty exit)…and five former top managers of Deutsche Bank were put on trial for having given false testimony in court. (And by the way, Morgan Stanley is fined $3.2 billion for contributing to the mortgage crisis.) Deutsche Bank scaled back its Latin American banking, leaving Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru & Uruguay…but remaining in Brazil. RBS, ING Group, and BNY Mellon have also been pulling out of Mexico. And other large investment banks like Goldman Sachs have also been scaling back in Latin America. Several oil producers in Latin America are hurting, but Venezuela has been the hardest hit.

VENEZUELA’S ECO. MELTDOWN. On 18 JAN ’16, Venezuela’s president declared a 60-day state of economic emergency. Because oil prices are low, revenues are very low, and it is expected that the govt. will renege on $5 billion debt payments due in Oct. & Nov. of this year. It has been hard for the country to import food so the grocery store shelves are empty and the nation is having food shortages. Their inflation is expected to rise 204% in 2016. One dollar now equals 865 bolivars. The general consensus now seems that globally the crash of 2016 will be worse than the one in 2008.

LOW GOLD PRICES. Not only are oil producers (like frackers, and small oil producers) dropping out, but low gold prices have forced half the big gold mining operations to cease. In recent days, gold & silver prices have been rising.

SHIPPING STOPPED. The Baltic Dry index provides “an assessment of the price of moving the major raw materials by sea. Taking in 23 shipping routes.” There is also a Baltic Tanker Index. These indexes are down indicating ships are stalled in ports.

CONCLUSION. Life provides us with tests & challenges. God never gives us more than we can handle. We can spiritually thrive in the midst of difficulty. Hopefully, the reader will view these things as a warning that 2016 may be a seriously difficult year economically. Now is the time to turn to God to spiritually prepare for the upcoming difficult days.


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