Some encouraging spiritual imagery 22 MAR 2013

Some encouraging spiritual imagery, see if you can identify with it….

(Oh, & before I share it, it goes w/out saying that there are many diverse voices on the globe; many voices condescendingly sneer at Christians who love God’s Word. This post is for those who enjoy God’s word. The Word calls the World a “domain of darkness”. If the darkness wants to curse the light, then so be it! They don’t like to come to the light lest their evil be exposed.)

Hurricanes of violence pull down pillars & hurl high places of power into the stormy seas of revolution. The storms of the world’s people roar & foam with loud threatening noises. Plus distempered minds controlled by the Spirit of Foaming growl religious noises…a product of this “present evil age” *, not the good seed planted by God, but modified seed for sure. (*GAL)

In contrast w/ all this fearful racket, God speaks quietly w/ a still small voice. His voice is not in the earthquake, but is a still small voice**. Not by might nor by power but by His Spirit. We tabernacle (live) with His love next to streams of His grace & Spirit, rivers of living water*** which flow from Springs of Joy. (**1 KG 19:9-12) (***cf. JN 7:38) Ezekiel called it “YHWH Shammah” (“God is in the midst”-EZ 48:35). He is calmly quietly here.

So check this out: PSALM 46:1-5. God is our refuge…though the earth be removed. And though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea; though its waters roar & be troubled, though the mountain shake…there is a river whose stream shall make glad the city of God…God is in the midst of her…”

Martin Luther was so impressed by Psalm 46 that he told his congregation in German, “Let’s sing this, and let the devil do his worst.” Later, when the Islamic invasion laid siege to Vienna, he used Psalm 46 as the basis of his classic “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God…” For him & others, the imagery of noisy seas of people, and the spiritual high places & powers portrayed as mountains was both obvious & powerful. Perhaps you too will find it encouraging.


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