“Cripples” (Krueppel) became “handicapped” (Behinderte) 24 MAR 2013

“Cripples” (Krueppel) became “handicapped” (Behinderte). The Nazis pioneered the use of hundreds of euphemisms which decades later America adopted. The Nazis also emphasized medical stats using IBM punch card technology (forerunners of computers) to amass med stats used for population sorting, control & elimination. With great zeal we are adopting the same approach with electronic medical records.

Science (incl. medicine) is a weapon that anyone can use without a background check! History shows that science served the Nazis well. After de-Jewing the German science community, they shifted German research from an abstract theoretical emphasis towards practical application. (Sidenote: Otto Warburg, a Jew & Bloodline, backed by Rockefeller Found. money retained his position in Berlin as head of the Kaiser Wilhelm Gesellshaft thruout Nazi rule!) The Nazis est. an anti-cancer program focused on early detection & prevention that was decades ahead of America. Symbolic of this, all the Nazi leaders (incl. Spain’s Franco) were non-smokers; while enemy heads of state FDR, Stalin, & Churchill were all heavy smokers & Freemasons. (Now you realize why in the ‘90’s, although a non-smoker, I was aghast that we legally copied the Nazi anti-smoking campaign.)

So Obama is big on health care, so were the Nazis, & Obama’s health care has eugenics slipped in. Whew! Anyone who doesn’t realize the NWO of the USA’s last 4 presidents is the same as Hitler’s NWO doesn’t know history! Reminds me of several prophetic patterns: “There is nothing new under the sun” ECC 1:9…
The Beast who dies rises again, & a replacement Beast does miracles (perhaps in health) to gain credibility. REV 13: 3,14
And BEST OF ALL a lesson from Nazi history & Scripture for all these modern day Big Brothers: “He that leads into captivity shall go into captivity.” REV 13:10


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