A study of an elite family. This post adds on to info in other articles & books of mine, esp. Bloodlines of the Illuminati. Both that book (’95) and my Be Wise As Serpents (1991) discuss the Mother of Darkness castle Chateau des Amerois near Muno, Belgium which was owned by the Solvay family. Marc Dutroux, who was the leading prosecuted figure in the scandal involving pedophilia, satanic rituals & the Mother of Darkness castle, lived in a wealthy suburb of Brussels named “Ixelles” (in French) & “Elsene” (in Dutch). This is the same suburb that the founding father (Ernest Solvay) of the Solvay fame & wealth lived in.

IT’S A SMALL WORLD. Ixelles is a small place, but home to quite a lot. Karl Marx (Satanist & co-founder of Marxism) worked w/ Engels here to create the Communist League in 1845. The first person to call himself an anarchist, now known as the father of anarchism, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon who was a libertarian socialist lived in Ixelles, Belgium. So did Freemason Lenin before he took off for the Russian Revolution. Paul Hymens, Pres. of the League of Nations, was born here. So was the beautiful, talented, well-connected icon of theater Audrey Hepburn, whose mother was Dutch Baroness von Heemstra, who was named Dame of the Order of St. John by Qn. Eliz. II. Audrey spent some hungry days of W.W. II with her grampa Baron van Heemstra in Velp, Netherlands, which is why she was motivated to be a leader in UNICEF going worldwide to help others. Ernest Solvay also was involved with relief. He gave money to Comite National de Secours et d’Alimentation, which worked with the Committee for Relief (CRB) headed by Herbert Hoover to save the Belgium people from starving during WW I. The CRB’s food relief came through the British blockade and was met by a Solvay man Van den Branden. For his philanthropy, Ernest is known as “the Belgium Carnegie”. Many streets (& other places like schools) in Belgium are named Solvay in honor of Ernest & his family. So is Solvay, NY; & the Solvay bank they began in NY still operates.

FAMILY NAME. It is important not to confuse the surname Solvay with the other elite surnames… Savoy (Italian aristocracy that spread over Europe, incl. Burgandy the golden prototype of modern Belgium) and Savery (Belgium aristocrats orig. from English banking). The reference book A Dictionary of Surnames on pg. 500 says that Solvey is a Jewish Ashkenazic name that originated from the Yiddish word Solevery meaning the bird nightingale. Many Ashkenazic surnames were taken from bird names. Other variants of Solvay or Solovey are Soloway and Solovei. At the time, entrepreneur Ernest John Solvay (1838-1922) began his big climb up the ladder of society, he was nominally Catholic but disliked the Catholic church. Ernest’s uncles Florimond Semet and Leon Hulin were Freemasons. The Solvay, Semet, and Hulin families intermarried repeatedly. They were all rich landowners SW of Brussels (specifically for the Solvay’s: Rebecq-Rognon). Their abilities would be pooled together to create one of the most powerful international chemical firms of all times, Solvay. They were one of the first companies to branch out internationally, and when they did, the elite Hazard family in Amer. which already had textile factories, set up their American operation. In England, the elite Mond family worked with Solvay. Baron Melchett (Alfred Mond), & 2 other Monds were on the Solvay board of directors at the start of the 20th century. Alfred Mond is interesting as he was the inspiration behind Mustapha Mond (one of the 10 world controllers) in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. Alfred Mond, was also an early leading Zionist, Pres. of the British Zionist Foundation, and the U.K.’s Minister of Health. The Solvay family, also using their extended family, was able to successfully control the global rise of the Solvay chemical & pharma operations. That growth took hard work, cleverness & innovation…it wasn’t given to them on a silver platter. Setting themselves up internationally meant that Solvay’s factories were on both sides of WW 1, and WW 2, which brought them some criticism. It is no surprise they ending up contributing to both sides, most likely w/ far more justification than other Illum. families that made big wartime profits.

PARTICIPATION WITH THE ILLUMINATI. In past articles, I have mentioned various places where the Solvay family has participated in Illuminati activities, along with other elite Belgium families Boel & Janssen. The Boel family was one of the families assoc. w/ the satanic Dutroux scandal. BILDERBERG MTGS: Jacques Ernest Solvay (1920-2010) attended, along with Baron Rene Boel, and Baron Daniel E. Janssen (Chrm. Of Bd of Solvay in Brussels). THE ILLUM.’S SOCIETE GENERALE DE BELGIQUE (HQed in Brussels): All 3 families have stock in it, & its Chief Exec. has been a Bilderberg attendee. Jacques Ernest Solvay (bn. 1920) was dir. Societe Generale de Bankue in ’65. EXPLOITATION OF BELGIUM CONGO (Gold, diamonds, uranium, cobalt, coffee, etc.): House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, House of Rothschild, Van Duyn, Solvay and Richemont families. (Antwerp, Belgium cont. to be the center of the world diamond trade, along w/ Amsterdam.) Also as a reminder, in the Belgium region (incl. the Neth., Lux., so. Ger. area), I have previously mentioned Castle Argenteuil, Castle Eindhoven, Castle Kattenhof, Castle Leignon, Villa Westflier, Dreien Eguisheim, & some Black Forest castles as being involved w/ Illum. Satanic rituals. This is by no means a comprehensive list. Ernest Solvay’s castle at La Hulpe, Walloon Brabant, Belgium is now operated by the govt. I’ve noticed that govt. run castles in the U.S. still quietly get used for Illum. rituals, when they are closed to tourists.

ERNEST JOHN SOLVAY (1832-1922). He (at age 25) & his brother Alfred (age 23) began Solvay & Cie in 1863 at Zeebrugge, Belg. The company was based on taking ammonium carbonate + sodium chloride => to get sodium carbonate. The exact concept had been previously patented 3 times, but apparently the lack of organization of Belgium patents allowed the brothers to proceed w/ what others had already patented. Eudore Pirmez (1830-1890), dir. of Banque Nationale, mmbr of Parliament, & well connected to the elite, provided for years the essential financing for the two Solvay brothers’ new company. In 1882, Pirmez gave up his role as the firm’s legal counsel to Edgard Hulin, a Solvay family mmbr. The company in order to have a stable work force would create company towns where they set up factories around the world. The company Ernest began is now employing over 29,000 people in 55 countries and its chrm. is Nicholas Boel, & honorary chrm. Daniel Janssen. The Solvay’s Int. Solvay Inst. for Physics & Chem. located in Brussels coordinates international conferences in those fields. Since beginning in 1911, there have been 49 international conferences in Belgium. The first conference had names like Warburg, A. Einstein, Rutherford, and Ernest Savoy in attendance. Belgium King Leopold II of the House of Saxe-Coburg would take advice from him. Ernest was interested in socialism and began an institute to study & promote it. In his company towns he took care of his workers in exchange for their obedience & respect. His ideas on socialism were derived from the influential Henry de St.-Simon (for instance, see Fire In the Minds of Men) and Auguste Comte (a French philosopher whose ideas got humanism started).

GLOBALIZATION. Dow, DuPont, and Solvay began in 1980 to interest themselves in setting plants in the far east. In 1984, Solvay began their Asia plan. All the major Asia economies were taken into consideration. In 1988 & ’89, they concluded agreements to Red China to provide technical support for 3 Chinese soda ash plants. As part of their plan for Asia, Solvay bought shares secretly of Kali-Chemie with the help of elite run Deutsche Bank. A holding company Solvay Deutschland GmbH was also created. As the Iron curtain came down and eastern Europe & Russia were opened up, it has meant business opportunities for Solvay. In the ‘90s, Greenpeace and Solvay clashed. In recent yrs., Solvay was one of the main sponsors of the airplane powered by solar energy that in theory can fly around the world on solar power. When I went to their website, there was a picture of the innovative plane & the caption, “Flying without fuel, our chemistry paves the way.”

CONCLUDING THOUGHTS. A group of companies, the Solvay Group, produces so many things, that like the DuPont company, hardly a day goes by that we don’t come into contact with their products. They were one of the earliest multinational corporations, and now are active in chemicals & big pharma. The family that began Solvay has been active in the firm, & also continues to be active in the Illuminati.


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