Patterns. Plaid & paisley 25 MAR 2013

Patterns. Plaid & paisley. Is there a foundational pattern with so much diversity? Life seems to be a puzzle which we begin figuring out as soon as we are born. Ah, so that’s what mom looks like! Having the box lid picture to the puzzle helps us assemble the puzzle…but if everyone can choose what picture the puzzle is to make they can reconfigure the pieces into some strange patterns. The world would have us believe there is no single box lid picture, just put the puzzle pieces together however you want!!

The ancient pattern of government was a kingdom. Being a good mom of Zebedee’s children, she poured on the charm & adoration to Yahshua before she hit him up with a request; she wanted her sons to sit at his right & left side when he sat on his throne. Yahshua Messiach said that pattern of government wasn’t his.

“Ye know that the princes [of the world]…exercise…great authority upon [their subjects]…but it shall not be so among you…whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant: even as the Son of Man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister…” MT 20:25-28

Knowing & then translating God’s kingdom’s foundational pattern into our lives is a challenge. The book of Philemon deals with one example of this. Paul found he could adopt the trappings of Greek society, their clothes & language, yet still be authentic to God’s faith & worldview. He gives us one example of being in the world, but not of it. But he didn’t kiss his brains goodbye, as some mistakingly claim. Nor did he bottle his faith up for just Sunday morning, like the world wants us to do. Indeed the world would like us to forget God’s pattern, & accept one of theirs. This is why it is important for us (just like that mom) to discover what the pattern of the Biblical faith looks like. It is a coherent intelligent wise frame of reference, what concerns me is, it is rarely known & is becoming a forgotten pattern of knowledge. What’s wrong with this picture—the correct box lid picture is missing!!


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