Must we learn the hard way about FALSE FLAGS!! 10 JAN 2013

Must we learn the hard way about FALSE FLAGS!! In 1928, when the Japanese wanted to invade Manchuria, they set off bombs on a railroad, and had bombs thrown at the homes of Japanese. Unfortunately, the Japanese consulate wasn’t on the same page as the conspirators and announced that Japanese troops were not needed. So they had to try again after the consulate was gone. So on Sept. 18, 1931, they tried again, using the same false flag tactics and this time the crisis that the Japanese created gave them a pretext to invade Manchuria to protect against the crisis! Faced with public proof of the false flag, the entire Japanese government ignored the proof and publicly approved the invasion based on their own false flag. Hitler used a similar false flag tactic to invade Poland. Hitler and Stalin used other false flags as pretexts also. Can you believe it—we are living through the American government doing exactly the same thing!! RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR FACES. History is being made…we are watching a series of manufactured terrorist events so that a dictatorship can move forward on its agenda. The Japanese, German, and Russian people came to realize the horror of allowing an evil dictatorship control their lives…will the American people wake up or will they learn the hard way like everyone else!!!???


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