(James 2:13b) This post is about what has been termed one of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse for relationships. It discusses principles that have far reaching applications for all of human relations between groups & individuals. Once this is lightly touched on, I will apply things to recent Illuminati subjects that I am in a position to share.

4 DIFFERENT APPROACHES TO A PROBLEM. (Dialogue between spouses>) “It upset me when I came home & found dirty dishes in the sink. This morning we agreed you would wash them.” (This was a complaint.) “You left the dirty dishes in the sink AGAIN. You promised me you wouldn’t…I just can’t trust you.” (This is criticism.) “Dishes in the sink!…you can’t do any right. You’re so lazy, irresponsible and selfish.” (This is total contempt, & might be answered with something like, “Oh shutup!”) The fourth approach is the Christlike one which realizes that God uses these irritations to develop godly character traits in us, such as in this case sympathetic flexibility & mature genuine love. Granted your right as a person to expect someone to be dependable was broken. Give that right (which is your possession) to God, and thank God no matter what happens. God may test one’s sincerity by more dirty dishes. Of course, rights & responsibilities are 2 different issues. A parent has a responsibility to train & discipline his child, a spouse is something else.

Most of us slide over time from complaints to contempt. It is rare for any of us to have heard of the fourth approach, the Christlike one. Unresolved anger gets expressed as criticisms, but pervasive criticism erodes the relationship, & when it grows into contempt, it signals that the relationship is dying or dead. My experience is that contempt often pervades male-female relationships nowadays. Other relationships which display contempt by both parties incl. prison officials & prisoners, the elite & the man in the street, and drafted grunts & generals. From church goers, I’ve often heard criticism (as well as contempt) for ministers. Contempt is a global attack, a generalization, that leaves no possibility of resolution. It carries the intention to insult, (and forgive me I can slip into it like the next person—although after I do I disappointedly recognize it.) By the way, a laundry list (“throwing the kitchen sink”) of complaints equals a criticism because it is so overwhelming.

When we reach the stage of Contempt, it means we are not able to see the other side’s positive qualities, at least while one is upset. When we witness hostile humor, name calling, insults, mocking, & sneering & rolling the eyes, we are witnessing contempt. Without the ability to respect the other party & notice anything good they do, there is really no way to tear down the walls of separation. That is why the Word of God stresses forgiveness & mercy & love to our fellow man so we can get past all the hatreds, conflicts & wars we find ourselves perpetually stuck in.

MERCY RATHER THAN JUDGMENT. I wish to discuss some Illuminati subjects w/ my readership, but I feel there is a great necessity for us all to grow spiritually in how we treat one another. The deficits probably need hours of instruction with additional hours of training application; not having that, I will prayfully share a few Bible verses, & hope that the Holy Spirit convicts people how to act. For instance, ZECH 7:9, 11-12 says, “Thus says the LORD of hosts [a strong intro]: Execute true justice, Show mercy & compassion, everyone to his brother…But they refused to heed…Yes they made their hearts like flint [hard]…” So here we have God directly ordering mercy & compassion, but the bitterness in people’s hearts precluded any softening. Christ himself faced a similar situation. He told the religious leaders, who we know from historical accounts from back then had only contempt for the common people, that they should perform the weightier matters of Torah which are justice (not judgment), mercy & faith…rather than strutting around feeling religiously superior to the common man.

Hosea 6:6, “For I desire mercy & not sacrifice. And the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings.” Michah 6:8 is similar, “He has shown you, O man, what is good, And what does the Lord require of you, But to do justly, To love mercy, And to walk humbly w/ your God.”

I have received info about recent meetings & future meetings. I will be exclusively provided inside information on the 2014 Bilderberg meeting. They have told me that the meeting is private in order to encourage frank & open discussion. They have asked me to “Please ask your followers their concern regarding those topics [which will be discussed at the 2014 Bilderberg Mtg.]” So my friends, you are being given an unprecedented chance to participate in history & offer constructive dialogue. I would hope that people would see this an opportunity for constructive conversation, and not fall into the pitfalls of unconstructive criticism & contempt.

Bilderberg topics for discussion [which your thoughts on are being solicited by the Illum. who are watching this post]:
• How to control the Banking system?
• Russia, Ukraine and Europe conflicts.
• Can Europe help the U.S to grow a healthy economy?
• Nationalism and Anti-Semitism
• US President election 2016
• Asia’s Future
• NSA and the Counter Terrorism
• Medical research
• Education: the future of the next generation
• Politics of the European Union
• How backwards goes the American populism?
• Current affairs
This info might change w/in the next 2 weeks. Some topics may be added. Their final info will be sent to me right up to about the start of the Bilderberg mtg. I have lots of additional info to share, but can only deal with so much at a time. This post & today’s chunk of topics is enormous,… not to mention all the spiritual growth that our heavenly Father could give us if we are able to recognize how He allows negative things in our lives to stimulate us to grow virtues. The worst things happened to Christ, & he said, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” Humility is to realize our limitations & who we ourselves are before God Almighty.

It goes w/out saying the elite have different values than us. I have repeated this numerous times recently to people who have other expectations. They also know things about situations that we don’t. Comments on these topics that contain reason, respect & Christ-like love have a chance in turn to be respected. And with that final admonition, I will stop & post this!!


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