I thought it would be worthwhile to share 2 items that might wake up the comatose sheeple 28 DEC 2012

I thought it would be worthwhile to share 2 items that might wake up the comatose sheeple. What do you think when someone says, “I’m here from the government and here to help you.”? Did Christ say that liars and cowards won’t inherit the Kingdom of God, but get the second death? Did you ever notice how closely the politicians and the media work together?…how the really difficult questions never get asked? O.K., 2 Red Flags to wake up those sleeping. For me it seems a no-brainer and should be obvious to the casual viewer that the media and the two political parties are controlled by the people who own them. Still most people are stuck on their propaganda that is dished out to keep them asleep while the USA slides deeper into tyranny. History shows that the Right to bear arms protects the freedom to have a free press, so what does that obviously tell us about our mass media who constantly want to abolish the right to bear arms??!! They are not a free press, but controlled, otherwise they would be scared of America being disarmed. By the way, an old friend who sells guns, says Americans are buying them as fast as possible. Obviously many Americans are more scared about losing their freedom than the controlled press is!! Next red flag: in a genuine political contest, (rather than one rife with voting manipulation and voter fraud), if one side wins under voting fraud, the other side would call them on it. Right? The powerful republicans have ignored the issue of whether Obama is even eligible to be president, and then in this last election, where precincts have had over 100% of their eligible voters vote, or 99% of the precinct’s eligible voters have been counted as voting for Obama, it is obvious that voter fraud has occurred. There were many fraud complaints, but they are not coming from the Republican party’s leaders!! Again, showing us that, the entire voting process is corrupt. Too bad we don’t get a dollar for every time the media or politicians lie, we’d solve our financial problems in a hurry, what a stimulus package that would be!! And I am glad that my friends are not cowards to tell the truth…hey, I look forward to being with you later!


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