2013 Things to Come 30 DEC 2012

2013 Things to Come. I hope that at the end of 2013 you can still recognize your good self, and can look back and say, “I successfully came through the test”. There is no doubt in my mind that trials, and tests, and suffering and losses are coming. Fire burns chaff, but tests iron, and purifies gold. When I went through my prison experience, I realized that it was really the same whether in or out of prison, I was expected to carry out the will of God. People expected me to be upset, –but when we see it from a spiritual perspective…why? Sometimes we get too distracted by the trivia of life, and the circumstances of life, and so 2013 will be an opportunity to get back to the basics, such as creativity, hope, love, humor, and faith. It’s a no brainer that a number of things will increase: Big Brother’s surveillance, food prices, inflation, horrible manmade “acts of God”, violence, repression, and U.S. govt.’s violence & actions against Assad in Syria & the Iranian government. It’s also a no brainer that a few more techno “toys” will be released, and some will be cheaper like iPhones. The elite have many years’ worth of technology they can incrementally release, and we will get the next increment. When they want to steer us towards things, prices drop. The world’s stock markets and the Euro are both ready for falls. The U.S. continues its fragmentation. And I trust that through all these distractions you will abide peacefully in God, live a good life, and stay focused on your heavenly hope. After all, we will be separated from all at some point. I got to learn this ahead of some during prison. The one wild and wooly frontier that needs to be brought back under their control, which is the one major wild thing that remains for them to restrict is the Internet. I will not be surprised if the Powers-That-Should-Not-Be do a surprise 9-11 type cyber attack to justify controls on the Internet, like they have been creating false flags to control guns and travel, as well as to redirect our hate. Over the years, the Evil Powers have enjoyed spreading goofiness and the sky is falling rumors among their opponents, the conspiracists who know what they are about, so I expect more of the same kind of fear based rumors. On the brighter side, places like Texas and the area hit by Sandy will be doing lots of construction for those who like to do construction related work. These are some of my thoughts;… I am sure my good fb friends have lots of ideas on the upcoming year of 2013 also!! Keep your heads up my friends and don’t lose your joy and hope and your soul please.


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