This is not a post—as I have written/posted an article already today. It is merely some observations. Several Christian ministries are mocking me for what I am doing w/ the Illuminati. Several people who think there is some purpose to being rude, insulting and prideful continue to harass the Illuminati guests to my fb site. By doing so, it is obvious that the God who created this huge universe and inspired Christ, has not spoken to them nor inspired them. That is not the way the Spirit works, and unless the Spirit touches a man’s heart, nothing has been accomplished. The Word says if we don’t have love, our words are like a clanging gong, just noise. And don’t forget that love & truth hang together.

Along the lines of gameplaying is someone—probably a guy, who calls himself “Amy Roberts”. On June 20th he created a page pretending to be the Order of The Enlightened Ones. This same person is pretending to be a reporter, but if so, then he is an amateur. Further playing games, he has written a fictitious interview between Amy Roberts and XXXXX, who is supposedly someone in the Illuminati. Reportedly, this person has been known to have histrionic personality behavior. At any rate, please bear in mind that this entire site is an elaborate game, and has no bearing on reality. The idea that Mr. Van Duyn is Russian KGB is rather humorous, except when I realize that people are willing to believe things like this. I hope you are not taken in by this hoax.

While it is prudent to have reservations about people, especially w/ the claims of Mr. Van Duyn & assoc.…that gives us no excuse to act in any way but respectful & Christlike. Heavenly Father, give us all a heart like the heart of Christ, a heart full of love and truth and grace. All of us have taken wrong turns in life, forgive us Father. Raise our base desires so that we are in tune with your will. Then show us the way. In Christ we pray, Amen.


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