People I considered reliable had given me timetables for certain events…but I know from experience the best laid plans of men get wrecked. I got burned early in the ‘90’s for passing on specifics. Still I wondered why Illuminati plans were not moving forward on time. My Illuminati sources in the early ‘90’s mentioned Federal buildings & courthouses as targets, and the Illuminati card game from the late ‘90’s, which appears to have been created by insiders, not only had a card showing the twin towers being destroyed, but also had a card showing the Hoover Dam being destroyed. What I learned today seems to be an accurate report, as well as an explanation for what went wrong with the timetable. (Thanks Marlayna for tipping me off!)
Around Aug. 23, 2011, there were two large explosions that were passed off to the public as earthquakes. The one in Virginia had an epicenter 84 miles SW of Wash. D.C. in the Culpeper, VA area and 3.7 miles deep. The one in the Denver area was near Trinidad, CO and 2.5 miles deep. The seismographic records show that both were nukes not earthquakes. After ex-Illuminati sources early in the ‘90’s said they planned to boost existing quakes with mini-nukes, I studied P & S waves, and learned that the seismic signatures of quakes & nukes are totally different…so it took no time for me to realize the seismic records of those reported quakes in VA & CO are really seismic records of nukes.
Here is the explanation that is leaking from insider sources. The New World Order had indeed planned to create a number of false flag emergencies around the tenth anniversary of 9-11. The CIA was moving their HQ from Washington, D.C. to Denver via the secret underground tunnel system. The CIA was the Illum.’s front group that had brought terrorists in from Morocco to do the false flags. American military personnel, who are fed up with the elite’s agenda & what they are doing and planning to do to humanity, these personnel nuked two primary DUMB bases and trapped elements of the CIA underground during their move. The terrorist cell was arrested, and 13 other powerful explosions over a 48 hour period took out other key points in the DUM Base and Tunnel system. I know that insiders have said the Deep Underground Military Base/Tunnel system was designed for the elite to hide when something big happens—I was not sure what emergency would happen that would cause them to go underground….but it is comforting to learn that their plans to go underground have been disrupted.
How accurate are these reports?? Until I discover a better explanation for events, this appears to me to be the best explanation for things. The most surprising thing for me is that military men would think rationally & realize that in the end the New World Order means death to most of us, and enslavement for the survivors. It will be a world even creepier than today—and the world today is bad enough. Obviously, these explosions did not change the goal of the elite, but it has seriously changed the time table. So we have been blessed with more years of relative freedom…what are we going to do productively with this extra time???


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