Thoughts on how a conflict between Islam & Christianity are being constructed. Eyewitnesses have explained how the World controllers have a detailed understanding on how to manipulate people to create conflict. Computer algorithms & repeated group study tests provide accurate ways to gauge what will happen if certain things are done. The behavior of people can be predicted & guided. Here in the U.S. there is a natural increase in anti-Moslem hate crime & an increase in Americans with unfavorable views of Islam. The laws of physics are paralleled in human society…w/ every action, there is an opposite & equal reaction. Islam is being shoved into the face of Americans & Canadians in various parts of the USA & Canada. (More on this later.) A similar phenomena has also already happened on a greater scale in France, Germany & the U.K. This post will explore some of this increasing tension. The fault lines are gaining more tension.

IN ONE’S FACE. Various provocative things across America have taken place. The Moslems wanted to build a mosque on ground 0 of the WTC. (To me that seems to be provocative, even though I have no doubt the Bush administration played a big role in 9-11.) The NYC ironworkers refused to build a mosque there; but from what I understand, they quietly got a mosque on top of WTC #1, which gives them a minaret on top of the highest bldg. (Minarets, by the way, are used for prayer call during the day.) Various schools are teaching the Koran. In CA, a father pulled his child out of public school because they were teaching the Koran. That is provocative to Christians, because the Bible and Christian prayer have denied Christians in public schools, while the Moslems are slowing getting more openings to practice their prayers, for instance, a San Diego public school takes breaks for Islamic prayer.

DEARBORN, MICHIGAN. In the late 1800’s, immigration from the Ottoman Empire to the Dearborn, MI area created a large Islamic community. It became the largest Arab American group in America, and had a mosque by 1945. Nearby Chicago got a large community of Bosnian Moslems in 1906. The pressure exerted by this Dearborn community explains why the University of Michigan used taxpayer money to build footbaths for Moslims. A college in nearby Minn. also did this. Dearborn also is the site for an Islamic think tank; the Inst. for Social Policy & Understanding. Recently, Christians have been stoned by Moslems in Dearborn, and the cops on horses sat & watched & did nothing. We are not talking about small stones either. One can watch the stoning on youtube. The courts in this area are already practicing Sharia law—something shocking for Americans to comprehend.

BLACK AMERICANS. I have spoken to numerous black Christians & some black Muslims to get their perspectives on life & their views on the other competitive religion. Some blacks feel that Christianity is identified with slavery, and Islam is identified with Africa so I am sure readers are familiar with a number of prominent black Moslems, for example: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, and Mike Tyson. When Afro-Americans go to prison, they are open to change, open to joining a strong group, and many join Islam. The prisons then radicalize these men who convert to Islam. This is a dangerous dynamic because throughout N.A. & Europe, the prisons are creating dangerous Islamic fanatics. 64% of Americans who convert to Islam are black, only 27% are white. So this religious phenomena also has shades of racial hatred to it. Some of the radical Islamic blacks really seriously want to harm whites, & aren’t bashful to admit it. Likewise, there is prejudice developing in some Americans towards Arabs, which because it gets generalized, becomes a type of racial prejudice. Such growing hatreds on both sides only bring us one step closer to when the hatreds become killing fields.

OBAMA. There is no doubt that the Illum. wanted Obama to be president…obviously knowing what approach he would have to things. To say Obama is controversial is an understatement. He has supplied the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt with billions of U.S. dollars. The executive branch & state dept. are full of Moslems. His senior advisor & chief of staff is Valerie Jarret, who said at Stanford, “I am an Iranian by birth & of my Islamic faith. I am also an American citizen & I seek to help change America to be a more Islamic country. My faith guides me and I feel like it is going well in the transition of using freedom of religion in America against itself.” Obama’s head (Secretary) of Homeland Security is an Afro-American who is also a Moslem. His name is Jeh (pronounced “Jay”) Johnson; he said that reading the Koran reminded him of “quintessential Amer. values”. Obama’s head of the CIA was reported to be a convert to Islam in the ‘90’s when he was working in Saudi Arabia as CIA Station chief. This DCI of the CIA is John Brennan, and the FBI counter-terrorism expert Guandolo was making a big public fuss that a Moslem was put in charge of OHS. There is controversy here, as to whether he is or isn’t Moslem. Let me weigh in here, as my father worked in several Moslem nations: Libya, Egypt & Baluchistan (west Pakistan). He was NOT allowed to work in these Moslem nations without converting to Islam and keeping an English version of the Koran in his house. I was surprised that my father, who is a scientist & who thinks all religion is superstition, would bend. The fact is, if he didn’t at least look like he converted, he could not work in an Islamic nation as an ag specialist. At least during his 15 years of work in those 3 Islamic nations, he was nominally a Moslem, although I know he never did any Islamic prayers. Which means that Guandolo has a point, someone like CIA Dir. John Brennan is not going to be negative toward Islam. Brennan’s actions show he would at least be pro-Islam, if not a true convert. And my father, like most secular Americans (according to polls) view Christianity to be as dangerous as Islam, which leads me to my next thoughts.

PEACE. It may surprise some people that there are Moslems who believe in peace & and most of these are seriously concerned about radically violent Moslems. (Likewise, some people would find it hard to realize that there are Christians who don’t believe in violence.) It would be great if these cooler heads would prevail, but it looks to me like situations are being setup worldwide where Moslems are becoming radicalized & violent. Bush’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were certain to create more enemies. Shockingly, Brennan, the head of the CIA, said that MLK would have supported the wars in Iraq & Afghan. Quite to the contrary, MLK was explicitly for peaceful resolution, not aggressive illegal invasions. Violence breeds violence. In spite of some negative history, America has a history of relative tolerance compared to the rest of the world. Many Americans have a live & let live attitude and are not going to oppose the growth of Islam in America. To them it is no different than the toleration they have for Christians. But Islam is not Christianity. Islam has a long history of becoming violent when they have the power to impose their religion upon others. The middle age conflict between Christian Europe & Islamic expansionism was the result of Christians not wanting to be forcibly converted to Islam. It is predictable that if Islam is allowed to expand in America, more conflicts will result in the long run. Christians are not allowed to preach Christ in Islamic nations—under penalty of death. It is hard to picture the opposite happening, unless a situation breaks out like in Yugoslavia, where the elite did lots of manipulation, and the various factions that had lived in peace tried to genocide each other. Divide & conquer has consistently worked for the elite.

GOD IS EXCEPTIONALLY GRIEVED WHEN HE SEES MANKIND KILLING EACH OTHER. There are many verses that bring this out. It would be worth quoting some verses here: “And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And it repented the LORD that He had made man on this earth, and it grieved him at His heart.” He is recorded grieving for His people’s misery (JDG 10:16b) and for the hardness of their hearts (MK 3:5). When mankind grieves His heart this way, not only does He feel pain for His creation, there is a natural judgment that mankind brings: they will receive a famine (EZ: 13-14) and God will not allow them to “enter into My [God’s] rest” (PS 95:9-11). This has historically been the case & looks to be a prophetic future for the 21st century. Lord forgive us for the pain we cause You.


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