Useful concepts for friends who assist victims of t.b.m.c. The helpers are very vulnerable. What do they need to succeed? Why do some fail overnight? Why do some helpers, after long struggles, give up, rather than stick with their commitment to the victim? Over the years, I have directed my advice more to help the mind control victims than to their helpers. This post is written to assist the support team members of trauma based mind control victims. For brevity’s sake, I will use the initials HPR to designate the helping friend. First off, the HPR should try to use every resource & sincere helpful person that can be found. I highly recommend my Formula book & its sequel Deeper Insights. I still believe they are the best info out there on t.b.m.c. and how to help it.

HELPFUL SAYINGS. There are certain “truisms” that are worth quoting to the victim at appropriate times.
• “When you are over target, is when you get the most flak.”
• “Feeling powerless is a state of mind.”
• “Feelings are not facts.”
• “Change does not occur without risks.”
• “When you are swimming upstream against the programming, is when you will feel the power of the programming. The pain is evidence of progress.”
• “Everything worth doing is difficult.”

THE HPR’s SPIRITUALNESS. The process of helping can be spiritually fulfilling & also draining. Destructive energy & evil spirits emanating from the victim or associates of the victim will challenge the life of HPR. The HPR to be helpful has to maintain some purity, and will have to design some methodology that works for seeking God’s face, receiving His forgiveness & cleansing. Without faith, and substituting a higher power for the power of the satanic m.c. programming, there is no way out for the victim. It will not work to merely remove bad programming, it has to be replaced with superior good programming. One does not have to promise that everything will be cured, but a better existence, better personal control by the victim over his/her life is possible. The help of Almighty God is critical for both the HPR & the victim. Expect many miracles as you help. If the HPR loses all his/her “salt” she/he will be worthless. The HPR must not lose hope. Hope is something God’s Spirit gives us.

DON’T WORRY ABOUT TOMORROW. Just as if a parent would not have a child, if she could see all the trouble the child would cause during her lifetime, likewise the trouble of each day is sufficient. Don’t gaze into the future & try to imagine future trouble, because after a HPR sees what one is up against, it could blow one’s mind to think of all the possible future drama. To help is to make a long term commitment. The victim has to face the power of the abusers who will be there for their lifetime. The HPR is expected by the victim to be available 24/7. The HPR’s commitment has to be an act of agape selfless love because the HPR will have to endure a great deal of abuse from the victim, & regardless of everything in life, the HPR still has to dependably be there for the victim. Otherwise, the rescue work will not pan out. It is best for the HPR not to think about the future.

CHOICES FOR HEALTH. The power of the HPR’s personality (incl. a positive attitude, enthusiasm & serenity) and faith in God will help the victim. Just the fact that the HPR is helping will produce positive change. The victim has not experienced this kind of helpful, love-based assistance, and it will break down the negative dehumanizing aspects of the programming. But the agape love the HPR has will backfire in a sense. It did for me, when I would see the victim doing dangerous things or making poor choices away from health. We HPRs care, and we cannot pretend that we don’t. Sometimes we have to get very firm and try to hold our ground in trying to protect the victim. Ultimately, the final choice may end up with the victim…but I would not give in easily—because the risks of a poor decision might undo years of therapy.

MOVING FORWARD. The victim will be paranoid. Waves of paranoia will sweep over the person. They are stuck in the programming & fear, and will not move forward (on their own). The HPR will need to calmly motivate the victim to break down the dissociation & resist the programming in intelligent safe ways…and then when the protective programs kick in, say a suicide program to cut hits…to give the victim safe ways to remediate the programming, perhaps providing a plastic knife or plastic pair of scissors so that the harm of the suicide cutting program is muted. It is typical for victims to have suicidal programming running during therapy. At times, even homicidal, or sexual seduction programs may kick in. As the programming weakens, the victim will be more dependent upon the HPR for direction & guidance. The HPR needs to be prepared to help lead the victim, especially as a spiritual role model. The HPR needs to remain calm, because t.b.m.c. victims will respond well to calm helpers. Bear in mind, they are often dealing with paranoia, dizzy spin programs, and confusion…so a HPR who is grounded & calm is beneficial. That does not mean the HPR is neutral towards all issues—for instance, if a harmful cult is being discussed, then righteous indignation is quite appropriate.

RISKS & HARDSHIPS 4 THE HPR. Getting close to the occult world, and people in general always has its risks. The suffering of the victim will at some point seep through or over any emotional walls the HPR has. The HPR can expect to spontaneously break down & cry. Even the victim’s silent screams will be overwhelming. The images of the victim’s programming traumas are traumatizing just to learn about. It is impossible to lovingly help someone, and learn of their pain, and not feel something. 
The HPR faces pressures and threats from the abusers, and the world in general. You may have to pay a price for helping. Hopefully the victim realizes this, and makes attempts to mitigate the HPR’s costs. In the midst of trying to protect the person 24/7, the HPR will have the normal human reactions to stress, such as being tired, being frustrated, being upset, etc. and yet the HPR must struggle to remain patient, forgiving & calm. Expect sleepless nights. My period as a HPR was more challenging than such things as West Point’s Beast Barracks—and that is saying a lot!! But the beauty of it all is that it is a great way to learn PATIENCE! And the tests one gets in trying to help in such confused situations, exposes the areas that the HPR needs to grow in personally. So the HPR can also work on improving his or her self. (Now that’s a side benefit that you may not have realized.)
The reality that the HPR may fail is an ever present monster that lurks in the distance. No one likes to fail, but if you do, then live & learn, and seek God’s wisdom & forgiveness. The programmers will try to get the victim to turn on their HPR, and so expect this numerous times. Don’t take it personally, even if the attack or betrayal is personal. Keep the goal of health & freedom in mind, and then these minor obstacles of attacks & betrayal will not seem so important. They are roadblocks sent by the programmers to deter you into giving up. And then at some point, you may get so burned out, that you feel like giving up…this thought probably crosses all HPR’s minds at some point. Ride the feeling out, remind yourself feelings are not facts, and if you can hang in there, chances are great that you will regain perspective. If need be, then get some help…at least some temporary help for relief. I would not leave the scene, as temporary help is not going to know enough to carry all the weight of helping…I would continue to help…but delegate enough to feel some relief. Learn to realize one’s limitations. One way of dealing with burnout is to change up one’s routine and way of approaching things. Have visitors who want to be HPRs come over who you can teach. When you teach them all you have learned, you will regain some confidence and enthusiasm.

TRANSFERENCE. The victim will look up to the HPR as a role model, & often does transference to the HPR, and will also attempt in various ways to change the HPR. All this comes with the territory. Expect it, and mitigate the negative side effects. It is best to listen to the victim, than for the HPR to try to get the victim to know him or herself. When people are in pain, they are focused on themselves and their own pain. That is where the focus is going to be in helping these people. The HPR needs to be wise in what is self-disclosed to the victim.

MAINTAINING TRUST BY CONFIDENTIALITY. Confidentiality must be kept. Not only is this required for trust to be developed with the victim, but it has wider ramifications. Trust will require openness and intimacy. The victim needs to feel appreciated and understood. It is therapeutic for the victim to learn how to have genuine openness and intimacy. It is very difficult to earn the trust of a victim…they almost seem forever damaged in this ability. HPRs, please don’t talk with third parties about things…even if you don’t mention names…it is a small world…and things have a way of being identified.

FINAL WORDS. I have kept this article short, in part to keep it more readable, and also simply it seems a decent place to stop, even though this article is not the final word on things. There is no single formula that will work to help victims move towards health. The HPR needs to be highly motivated, and know why she or he wants to help the t.b.m.c. victim (usually called “a survivor”—which is an appropriate description). Expect to be tested beyond measure. Never underestimate what the other side will do. They will fight with everything they have, and they will attempt to access and control the victim by every imaginable means. The effective HPR will have to learn such things as how survivors are accessed, and how the programming codes work and how they sound. In other words, please study my books which I referenced at the start. I have heard of the Illuminati walking right past HPRs and taking the victim away right before the nose of the HPR—how? Because they didn’t know what they were dealing with. There is a lot to learn to be effective.


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