A recommendation of the excellent movie “War Room”. Last night I took the family out to the movie “War Room”, & was blessed. The movie has lessons that will benefit all spiritually minded viewers, for instance, the concept that we need God in our lives & can’t win the battles without him. Alex & Stephen Kendrick were inspired during prayer to make the movie, & even its title was inspired by heavenly Father. So Kendrick Brothers Production Company made the movie “to honor Christ”, and in my opinion it may have been the best movie I have ever seen. Also from my perspective, not only did the movie teach about prayer, it also taught about mercy. Let us not forget Messiah said, “Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy.”(B)

SOME ABOUT THE DRAMA. The movie begins as if it might be a sequel to “Saving Private Ryan”, but soon transitions to the actual story. While the movie begins with these war scenes, the movie basically relates to the initial scene merely because an elderly lady Miss Clara calls her prayer room the “War Room”. The movie is mostly concerned about an upscale Christian black family…Tony the father, Elizabeth the mother, and Danielle the daughter. They have the typical dysfunctional American family, and their family is about to fall apart as so many American families do. You will be blessed to see how our Heavenly Father turns things around, and how each person grows spiritually!! There is no profanity, no drinking or drugs or nudity in the film! There are no sex scenes!

SOME ABOUT THE CHRISTIAN MESSAGE. Grace, the power of prayer, spirituality, repentance, forgiveness & mercy are some of the themes. The 120 min. movie has a very powerful message. Many Christian movies in modern times have new agey messages or doctrinal problems, but this movie is rock solid doctrinally. The secular critics hated the movie when it came out to theaters on Aug. 28, 2015…but it has been a box office success in spite of all their negative reviews. And the movie comes across as very believable. I have seen the same kind of things in real life as the movie portrayed… these kind of things happen, so the movie was very down to earth & realistic. The acting is good & believable. I don’t know the details about the actors and only a few facts about the people who made the film. I know the Kendrick brothers have made 3 previous Christian films: Fireproof, Courageous, & Facing the Giants; and this is their best one to date. The quality of the movie and its message speaks for itself. As I said, I think it may qualify as the best movie I have ever seen. (Of course I say that because Christ is the center of my life, and from my viewpoint, Yahshua’s 33 yr. life with us was the center of human life. It is quite appropriate that they have measured time before Christ and after his death.) If you go to watch the movie, I will enjoy hearing your testimony about the film. God bless you my friend.

(A) LK 6:36 (B) MT 5:7



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