May I tell you a story?? This post is about 2 boys born on the same day, but raised in different environments. Their stories actually start with their mothers. (While based on actual typical characters I know, their names are fictional but representative of their cultures.)

STILL “IN THE OVEN” (PREBIRTH). Elijah’s mother was married to a strong, devoted husband, felt loved & secure. Her support system included not only a husband, who she respected, but also a supportive community of close friends & relatives who all lived nearby. She got plenty of fresh air & healthy exercise, & ate healthy food while pregnant. She got extra help while pregnant, & a 2 month vacation from all house work after the baby was born. Brad’s mother was single & alone in an apt. She had one friend who she sometimes went to parties with or hung out with. She ate a steady diet of junk food, and drank alcohol at the parties, as well as breathing second hand smoke at the parties & around her friend. She herself had given up smoking while pregnant. She had to grow up fast to take care of Brad.

BIRTHING. Elijah’s mom had an easy natural birth at home helped by an experienced midwife. She was constantly surrounded by caring women. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being best, Elijah (called Eli) was a 10. Brad’s mom had delivery complications, and was glad that the hospital, doctor & maternity ward staff were good at what they did. For those who can spot the symptoms of FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome): short nose w/ large gap to a narrow upper lip, “railroad track” ears, flat midface, underdeveloped jaw, low nasal bridge, etc.,…Brad had a slight touch of FAS.

AGE 1. Elijah was breastfed, & in the constant security of his mother’s presence. He grew up in a peaceful family where both parents worked at home. The adults & kids who surrounded him were caring, respectful, & playful with him and each other. Brad received his formula in a bottle. He had a plastic pacifier. His needs were randomly neglected, which meant at times his dirty diaper burned him. His peace in life was interrupted by his mom’s occasional outbursts of temper & sarcasm. When she felt overwhelmed, he was passed off to others. Even at one, he was watching movies where people were screaming & rude to each other. He also was around kids who screamed & disrespected adults, and he naturally assimilated what he saw as natural.

AGE 3. Elijah began following his dad around watching him work around the farm & shop. His little eyes took in everything & soon he was aware of what tools did what tasks. He constantly wanted to be big & help. People referred to him as a delightful gift from God, and he felt loved. He was well mannered. Brad was meanwhile going through the terrible 3’s. To appease him, his mother kept candy (actually blocks of pure sugar) handy to give him as he threw tantrums. He enjoyed the negative attention, because at times he felt ignored even abandoned. If they went to the park, his mom would turn him loose & play video games or text on her cell phone, of course totally oblivious to him. From her vantage pt. he was a constant source of problems, and she felt overwhelmed at being a single mom, and increasingly saw him as a pesky burden which she struggled valiantly to endure.

AGE 5. Eli knew the names of all the tools and how to use them. He would volunteer to do dishes by hand. Their house had no radio, TV or video games to distract him from real life. When he went to church, he would sit with his dad, while learning to sit patiently & listen. Brad was becoming familiar with video games…actually compared to the older generation, he was an expert. If asked to do anything, he would throw a fit. His mother, feeling she was missing something in her life, went to church a few times, each time depositing Brad w/ strangers in a nursery. Brad would scream & cry in protest at being abandoned to strangers.

AGE 10. Eli is now skilled at farming & carpentry. He enjoys work. Constant exercise & a diet of healthy food have made him strong & healthy. The exercise of his muscles has shaped his growing bones, allowing them to be shaped to give him great strength. He has already learned how to overcome glitches, problems and minor disasters, and take them in stride as normal life without becoming upset. He attends a private school w/ small class sizes which emphasizes “reading, ‘riting, & ‘rithmatic”. His scholastic abilities are about 2-3 grades above his peers in public school. Brad is now skilled at video games & watching TV. He has grown up as a weed, seldom doing anything around the house. No one has been around to teach him anything. He goes to an inner city school, which feels more like a prison with cops patrolling and bars on the windows. He hangs with a cool rebellious crowd. As it is not cool to learn, and it is unpleasant work, he does just enough in school to get by. He is already being influenced by the older kids who are into alcohol, drugs, sex & parties. As soon as he can, he will join that scene.

AGE 13. Eli has graduated 8th grade and ceased his formal schooling. Under the tutelage of skilled craftsmen like his father, he is refining his skills. He is healthy, strong, and well adjusted. Brad is going through the motions of school, wondering if he should just drop out. He takes the path of least resistance and stays. He spends most of his free time on his cell phone & addictive video games. He has no father figure, & rarely interacts with his mom, and when he does the relationship is adversarial. He has had ab pains, loss of appetite & nausea, which the doctor said was Crohn’s disease. The doctor says no one knows where the disease comes from, but the reality is that it is his terrible diet. He is also borderline diabetic.

AGE 18. Eli lives at home, but is earning good wages as a skilled craftsman. He has confidence in himself and life, and he is backed by almost 15 yrs. of work experience. Brad is also still at home, but clueless about what he wants to do in life. He has no skills & no money. He decides he needs the discipline & glory of the marines.

AGE 26. Eli is now on his way to having a large beautiful family. He already has a beautiful wife, a decent house, and several obedient, loving, happy children. Brad has survived being govt. cannon fodder & a back injury from falling which gives him a military disability. He has witnessed a few mind twisting war traumas. He is a civilian again, still has no civilian skills, & is still clueless what to do with his life. He has a hard time sustaining long term relationships with women, and he thinks he might be gay. He drinks & smokes to feel better. He is suicidal, despairs of life, feels tired, but moves forward in life by going to college.

ELI & BRAD ARE REPRESENTATIVE of boys I actually know. Eli is Amish. Brad is your typical American boy. While their respective stories end here in this post, their lives continued, and God was not finished with either of them.

CRAZY SPECULATION & CRITICISM. Most people were mystified why I joined the Amish. Most people made lots of crazy speculations. Is it that hard to see the obvious, I ask myself. It reminds me of today, when most people again make crazy speculative judgment calls about why I am willing to talk to the World’s movers & shakers. In both cases, most people seem to be clueless. My mother was one of the few who accurately understood my spiritual journey & why I would join the Amish. She said to me, “Joining the Amish was your spiritual move from rags to riches!” Hallelujah! At least my mom understood. While I was Amish, I felt called to leave that peaceful life & enter the World & expose the corruption of the Worldly churches of Christendom, as well as what the World System is doing. Christ was harder on the Billy Graham’s of his day (the religious leaders) than he was of the World Order’s brutal leadership (Romans). He told people that if the oppressive Romans asked you to do something, exceed their requests & expectations. Anyone following his commandment (i.e. helping the Roman army) was sure to look like a traitor. The concept is to do our enemies good. Were mom here today, she would also totally understand my desire to help humanity by interacting with the Illuminati hierarchy.


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