A BRIEF VIEW OF THINGS planned by the World Power for Christians in some distant future. In the past when I’ve tried to provide foresight to others, the endeavor has had its problems and limitations. Here are the main points of a plan, and you can do with this info what you want. First stage is to discredit and demonize Christians. This process has been actively going on, but the intensity will ratchet up at some point, just like their campaign to demonize guns where every day we learn of a new gun atrocity on the news. There are plenty of “super Christians” who are really mind-controlled slaves programmed and capable of doing crazy things. This intense stage 1 will take at least a decade. Once the public has learned to despise Christians, then the next stage will be to marginalize true Christians, by making it hard for them to get access to the normal things of life, good jobs, good food, free associations, etc. This stage depends upon a control of buying and selling, which is being set up by everything being sold through their computers. This stage may only last half a decade. Once marginalized, they can be quietly eliminated. This stage requires the public be actively focused on other problems, so the destruction of a marginalized set of people is considered a side issue. We have not begun stage 1, and its implementation would be pegged to other events happening. Perhaps some of us will not see stage 1. But when we do, then we have a general idea of how fast the rest will take place. For now it will continue as in the days of Noah, with people forgetting who their Creator is, and setting themselves up as gods; for instance, manipulating the genetics of life as if they were god, and as if they knew what they were doing. So a collision course is set between God and those who are pretending to be gods. Father give us wisdom and strength, your will be done, maranatha.


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