Illuminati Colour Coding for Knowledge

Note: This information was authored by myself a long while ago, and honestly was authored at a time in the midst of deprogramming. I’d like to review it in the near future for accuracy.

This diagram shows how the knowledge is stored by colour coding. The outer ring, or top most is considered CLEAR. with the lowest access to information being BLACK.

CLEAR – This is considered the highest access to information. Clear can also be described as no colour. At any present moment in the total history of the Illuminati, there are only ever four people at one time considered FULLY CLEAR. The persons who have some clear knowledge, are considered PARTIALLY CLEAR. If one is PARTIALLY CLEAR, it is only with the intent that they will eventually become FULLY CLEAR. Generally the notorious ‘Dr Green’ would never have had a ranking such as this. The CLEAR spectrum can see any other colour, anywhere and at any time. They have access to all information.

Many people have often speculated about the ‘very top’ of the Illuminati. From what I have learned, no one has gained an accurate description of their personage or nature. The more important Illuminati hierarchy kids or bloodliners start of FULLY CLEAR. Essentially they are taught that due to a bad spiritual deal two generations back, this resulted in a spiritual debt of which the world is now paying for. However, it is only some time before the ‘demoniac lease’ expires on the Earth. There is mentions of prophecies of but a few children who entirely subvert the whole power structure of the Illuminati, essentially while being undetected, even by CLEAR. This CLEAR process will last about one year and half, before the children then go through the colours (programming), all the way down to BLACK (complete ignorance). Generally CLEAR is free from trauma, as trauma related information relates to the other colours strictly.

Apparently due to the nature of the spiritual debt, this has to occur for all bloodliner children. Around the 1950s, the trauma mind control was decided to be applied to people ‘outside’ of the Illuminati. This essentially has resulted in an unsustainable epidemic of which the world may not recover from if proper knowledge or action is not taken. This was also an indication that their ‘lease’ is soon to expire.

The CLEAR people are unlike the other colours. They detest the use of trauma for control, and despise the trauma control Doctors. However from what I understand, although the CLEAR possess the sum total of all available knowledge, they do not posses the sum total of power. The prophecy is told that these children will return power to those who have full knowledge.

Being desperate for any solution to the trauma mind control epidemic, they told this story to all hierarchy children, in some desperate hope it may perhaps come true. Honestly, despite the CLEAR having all the knowledge – these trauma control Doctors simply had way too much power. A few men asking them to please stop, simply wouldn’t cut it. Given the nature of these men, it’s laughable they’d even consider stopping.

In this way, the CLEAR patiently hoped that the prophecy would be fulfilled, thus ending the demoniac spiritual lease that has bound the world and it’s ignorant populace for thousands of thousands of years.

GREEN – Essentially just access to knowledge that is not clear, but still considered highest. Remember these colour codings relate to knowledge, and knowledge a persons will have access to. ‘Dr Green’ and any other ‘Green’ for that matter, would only have raised ranks here. ‘Dr Green’ just means a trauma control doctor who posses GREEN coded knowledge. You can read the INSIDE THE BEAST article for a more in depth analysis of how information is structured and organised in Illuminati systems. Not every GREEN ranking person is a trauma control doctor, please let me reiterate it’s just how information is categorised. As the mind control is sensitive information, the basis of its secrets are stored in the GREEN category.

RED – Next level of information, knowledge that has to be separate from other areas such as blue.

BLUE – Information between RED and SILVER / ORANGE.

SILVER – I believe this may relate to mostly trauma cult groups, and the likes. I honestly am not ‘fully clear’ with the position of SILVER in the knowledge structure, so it maybe in this position. The other colours I am sure of however.

ORANGE – This field of knowledge generally relates to intelligence agencies. It is considered that the ORANGE band provides information to the above colours, and also attempts to protect the above colours from the bellow colours.

WHITE – This is more a containment colour. Actually there a thin white band between each colour, which helps with keeping the ‘colours from mixing’. Generally if BLACK starts to get a sense of the other colours, WHITE will generally try to contain the breach. In this case, WHITE translates to Psychiatry and other means. These thin white codings on above colours maybe referred to as ‘light blue’, for example. Obviously higher up they do not use Psychiatry to stop the spread of information, each colour code has their own means of cross contamination control. WHITE works with ORANGE to contain BLACK, however because ORANGE is higher then WHITE, WHITE is unaware of ORANGE influence.

BLACK – Considered to be ‘darkness’. Any knowledge that is colour coded black is pure disinformation and false 100%. You can imagine the knowledge a front alter posses would be pure BLACK, media and TV. General mundane public programming through media are all considered BLACK knowledge.


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