In modern times, we have watched the rise of Singapore, the appearance of the Dragon families of China (reported on by Benj. Fulford) which he describes as being against the Illuminati, and the rise of mainland communist China as a power. How is this all playing out within the context of an Illuminati run World? As a teacher, I have to lay a basic foundation, so bear with the narrative as I build it in sequence.

A SYMBIOTIC RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN EVIL & FALLEN ANGELS. The leading powers, Babylon, Egypt, & Chinese dynasties show evidence of non-human intelligences…reptillian-dragon-like beings and bird-like humanoids being enshrined as gods. The archeological records line up with what insiders have said about receiving “help” from these non-human intelligences. In exchange for help to gain power, ruling bloodlines cooperated with the agendas of these evil entities. Their supreme effort at amassing power was stopped by God at the Tower of Babel. It was there that the World Order was intentionally divided into different conflicting tribes & nations, to weaken the power of these evil non-human entities. From that time forward, these non-human entities & their selected bloodlines have plotted to regain that single global rulership. That is why you see the EU heralding their unity as the rebuilding of the Tower of Babel. It is why the elite have been trying to join together all the elite families worldwide. There are more records of the past than what the public has been let in on, especially elite genealogy records. Take note: worship at Cutha of Satan, human sacrifice, International fractional banking, and the combining of political & religious power were all established in ancient Babylon…the same as its descendant, modern Babylon the Great, functions today.

CREATING A GODLY REMNANT IN THE MIDST OF EVIL. God worked through a small group(s) of people that struggled to keep itself holy & pure, so that He could bring a redeeming messiah into this World when the time was right. We have the record of His struggles with Israel, but that does not mean He was only at work there. The original beliefs of China in their original script (proto-Chinese characters that pre-date modern characters) matches the early Biblical world view. (In recent decades, out of nothing, God has created a powerful Christian church in China under extreme persecution.) The fact that good can continue in the face of overwhelming evil is proof God is working in the midst of all pressures & traumas of evil. So one of the bewildering things to normal people viewing history is how the elite families can do so much fighting amongst themselves. But bear in mind, most of the suffering from wars is done by the common “cannon fodder”, and it is the nature of these fallen angels & their minions’ minds to thrive on such negative stuff. It was typical of Chinese rulers after the people forgot God to sacrifice thousands of people. As Christ said, these rulers were like their spiritual father Satan.

GOD’S GREATEST RULER IS CORRUPTED. King David’s son Solomon (c. 970-931 B.C.)(born out of David’s adultery w/ beautiful Bathsheba) was offered whatever he wanted by God. He asked for wisdom, and in response to his wise choice, God said He’d give Solomon riches & made him the greatest king that ever lived. For some reason, the full extent of Solomon’s riches & power have been seriously covered up. It may be a combination of God’s disgust at Solomon’s apostasy into Satanism, plus the desire of future kingdoms to blot out the glory that God had given him.

The Bible does not exaggerate that no king before or since was as magnificent. His ships brought copper from mines across North America. He was in touch with East Asia also. The amount of gold that he amassed from Africa & Asia was incredible. And he took wives of many of the elite families…and with the help of his pagan wives(A), such as Pharaoh’s daughter, he fell from being God’s chosen into being the leading Satanist in the world, learning how to control demons…and passing that knowledge on.(B) That is why his vast empire was allowed to completely crumble by God when he died. So much so that very little remains of his short-lived empire. It completely vindicates God, that even the most wise man was not able to handle untold wealth & all the beautiful women & children he could want. People like to think that if God blessed them more they would serve Him; it doesn’t work that way. As Christ said, it is harder for a rich man to enter the Kingdom than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle. Solomon was so sated w/ whatever he wanted, he declared “all is vanity”.

HOW THIS PERTAINS TO THE FAR EAST. The elite Javanese/Chinese bloodlines have the traditional belief that they are descended from Solomon via one of his wives Queen Balquish, who moved with her (who was also Solomon’s) son to Java, creating the Solo royal bloodline. I have written previous articles on how other branches of the House of David survived in Europe, and how one of the duties of the Knights Templars (KT) was to protect it. The Knight’s Templars after digging around the Jerusalem Temple Mount where Solomon had built the first temple…est. themselves as Europe’s International Bankers. When the King of France (backed by the Pope) grew jealous & raided the KTs to confiscate their wealth (where Fri. the 13th got its bad luck connotation)…the KTs survived by going to Scotland, Switzerland & Portugal. In Scotland they were involved in the rise of Freemasonry. Solomon’s Temple is central to Freemasonry. (A lodge is considered magically to be one, & their goal is to rebuild Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem.) In Portugal, the KTs were involved with the exploration of Africa, America & Asia. In Switzerland, they were involved w/ the rise of international banking. (I was recently visiting w/ a desc. of the KTs who fled to Switzerland). The secret fisher kings down through the centuries were from the House of David (a.k.a. the Illum.’s 13th Holy Blood line). So it is claimed that the KTs re-established ties w/ the Java branch (in what is now Indonesia) in1064 A.D. Is this possible? Yes, a careful study shows there was limited interaction between Europe & East Asia at that time. For instance, the grave/tomb of Katarina Vilioni, a mmbr of a Venetian trading family who died in 1342, remains in Yangzhou, China.

PORTUGESE KT’s & LATER ELITE BELGIUM/DUTCH FAMILIES RULE JAVA. According the family tradition of the elite Asian bloodlines, the Solo bloodline became the Majapahit dynasty which ruled a vast Asian empire (1343-1846), which was a powerful naval kingdom, and the Solos intermarried with the Chinese Dragon families. When Islam invaded, the Java Royal families (desc. from Solomon) sought refuge by taking over Bali, which they ruled til 1908. They had completed their move to Bali by 1500. Portugal (KTs) ruled Java & Indonesia, until the Belg./Dutch elite behind the Dutch East India Co. took over. The area was rich in spices & gold. And this is the area where Jakarta (Batavia under the Dutch) and Singapore were created as financial centers. Meanwhile, back in Europe the ancient bloodline of Nimrod, via Cushites into Khazaria & eventually to Frankfurt,Germany surfaced as the Rothschilds. The Rothschilds gained control of the Bank of England, which they used to create other central banks. In 1857, all the East Asians that wanted to create Asian banks agreed to do it under the auspices of the Rothschild’s Bank of England. Under the direction & plans of the Illuminati kingpins in Belgium-U.K., Communist China’s economy (after Mao) was elevated & restructured to produce goods for the Western world. China’s rise as an economic power is an Illum. agenda.

Elite Europeans intermarried w/ the Chinese elite to create hybrids like Li Ka-ching (in Hong Kong), that served as elite go-betweens for the two cultures. Also when it was sorted out globally where all the elite royal families (reportedly 128) around the world were, they made a global plan to intermarry. I have often over the yrs. commented on this interweaving of power that continues even to this time. In such a fashion they hoped to take the “best of the best breeding”. And under their philosophy, they must be destined to rule over the rest of us. The Sassoons were a Rothschild line that worked out of India, China, Hong Kong and Iraq for the European Rothschilds. (The oriental trade also made great fortunes for the New England blue blood Illuminati families.)

SONG DYNASTY (Spelled different ways). The Song Dynasty lasted from 960-1279 in China. Charlie Soong (whose name uses the Song surname character) became a key player in world history. His daughter Soong May-Ling (known to us as Madame Chiang Kai-shek) represented the Dragon families for yrs around the world. Charlie Soong did 3 yrs. apprenticeship in Indonesia, was educated in the U.S., and then was financially supported by Julian Shakespeare Carr. (The Carr bloodline is an Illum. bloodline.) Carr was a sadistic white supremicist, and a “philanthropist”. He founded Duke Univ. (The Dukes being another Illum. bloodline.) Carr supported Charlie Soong creating the Chinese Revolution. Charlie’s 3 daughters married the 3 most powerful Chinese men of the time: H.H. Kung (the richest man in China then, whose son Louis C. Kung heavily financed Nixon’s campaign & built an underground bunker in Montgomery, TX), Sun-Yat-sen (who led the Chinese Revolution), and Chiang Kai-shek (who ruled China after the revolution). Both Sun-Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek were in quite a few secret societies incl. Triads & Freemasonry. Chiang Kai-shek has been reported to have been in the Pagoda Masonic Lodge sponsored by the Mass. Grand Lodge.

DRAGON FAMILIES. The Dragon families got their wealth out of mainland China before the Communist takeover, and it went to Indonesia. Just like they moved lots out of Hong Kong before the Communists took over. Indonesia, Singapore & China have always been close. One of the more respected elite east Asian bloodlines was referred to as Paku Bueno X. The Dragon Bloodlines & the PB X were highly respected in that area. By the way, they also consider themselves Illuminated. These families thought they had an agreement with the European Illuminati families on how the world could be re-structured and the money equitably distributed among the elite families. An intricate plan was put into place, but it was not implemented as envisioned by the east Asian elite. These Asian families were double-crossed by the European elite, but have not had the leverage to do anything to overturn the way it’s gone. And that has been the source of some of the infighting that one hears about between the elite bloodlines. You will also see these east Asian elite families connecting to the Triads & organized crime, as well as high finance.

(A) 1 KGS 11:4 His pagan wives “turned his heart after other gods”. (B) the Testament of Solomon claims to be spells to control demons written by Solomon.


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