You may want to listen to some uplifting music after reading this report on 5 current issues. Here is what is happening today on matters that concern us:

SOROS, TRUMP & OBAMA. Soros continues to openly put out ads on Craigs list for rioters. Soros, who feels he is god, has a very vindictive side to him. It is possible that he has not forgotten that Trump borrowed money from him for a company & later declared bankruptcy for it. At any rate, there is no love lost between them. Obama continues travelling, and was in Athens today. He wants to bring lots of refugees in before Trump becomes president…(my take is that there is a good chance these refugees will include ISIS). The msm makes it sound like Obama is consoling our allies during this trip over the disastrous election of Trump, who is pictured as incompetent & dangerous. Meanwhile, back at home there are contradictory stories in circulation…some say Ford is moving a plant back from Mexico, others say the story is fake. And finally, at last someone has been arrested for threatening Trump’s life. Many other threats have occurred. It is a 5-yr. sentence, if convicted, for threatening the president. There is an entire building at the Springfield, MO Federal prison, where an entire building houses inmates who have threatened a president. Some threateners are declared insane & sent to a psychiatric prison, where they can be held for life until a shrink declares them sane.

THE BUNDY SITUATION. As many of you know the 6 Harney Co. standoff defendants here in Portland at the Federal court were all acquitted on 2 NOV after a 5 week trial. The Bundy’s lawyer, when he asked for his clients to be released after their acquittal was tasered & arrested in the courtroom. From Portland, the brothers Amon & Ryan Bundy were moved to a Federal Detention Ctr. in Seattle last Weds. & then flown out today by the marshalls to Las Vegas and transported to Nevada Southern Detention Center in anticipation of a court appearance due on February 6, 2017 in the U.S. District Court in Las Vegas, NV. Their father Cliven is in the same Federal Detention Ctr. Ammon & Ryan face 16 charges including extortion, obstruction of justice, conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States, conspiracy to impede or injure a federal officer, assault on a federal officer, threatening an officer, as well as other felony counts. Concerned citizens have been posting a vigil during the day at Seattle as well as the NV detention center. From personal experience, I can tell people that it will take a while for the Bundys to get visitors approved. But if they do, occasionally the Feds actually allow a father-son to get the same visitor in the visiting room together. The wives of the Bundy’s are struggling emotionally & financially with their husbands still in prison.

THE N.D. INDIAN STANDOFF. Undoubtedly some of you have been tracking the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline going in for Energy Transfer Partners of Dallas. This pipeline is meant to transfer crude oil from the Bakken fields in ND down to Patoka, IL. The pipeline would cross at Lake Oahe and run near the Standing Rock Sioux reservation. The final permit for construction is being withheld. Likeminded protests were just held in L.A., NYC, & Chicago. It is not clear at which protest it occurred but I heard a report that 2 protestors were killed, one of which was an 11 yr. old girl praying. Cops were asked how they could go home with that on their conscience. Energy Transfer Partners CEO Kelcy Warren is quoted by the msm as calling the protesters “violent mobs”, supposedly in an interview with NBC News last week. Reportedly, Warren at the time said the tribe’s worries that the pipeline would destroy its sacred sites & taint its water supply “were not based on the facts”. So we have one more issue dividing people in this country. It seems to me, that it would make more sense to accommodate the natives who are trying to defend their homeland. The U.N. recently got involved and sided with the Natives.

CHURCHES RECEIVING LETTERS FROM GOVT. As you know the Supreme Ct. declared that churches were being “bigoted” & “deeply wounding” by not marrying gays. The govt. has followed up their decision with letters to 501C3 churches telling them that now they must conduct homosexual marriage from now on or lose their 501C3 status. (I was saying this would happen 25 yrs. ago.) One minister of a TX church decided to comply with the letter which caused a split in the congregation. The ACLU is of course not going to stand up for Christians to have freedom of religion. Remember how in EX 12:22, the people of God were not to go out of their houses, because the Lord (actually the Angel of Death) was passing through. Well, for some Christians in the coming year, they may be times they don’t want to go out of their house, just to stay safe. Unless Trump turns things around, some places are becoming unsafe for us.

ROBOTOIDS & CLONING? I have no doubt that doubles and robotoid type clones of Hillary are running around. I have said such for years & we saw some more proof of that on 9/11 when Hillary was dragged off to Chelsea’s building The Whitman at 21 East 26th St., 4-flatiron Dist. (4th floor), NYC. But just what is The Whitman originally built in 1924 and bought by Chelsea for millions of dollars?? ( I don’t remember how much, it seems it was bought by her for under $14 million.) Chelsea Victoria Clinton Mezvinsky (to say her full name) supposedly lives on the 4th floor…and there are valid documents that show that the 4th floor was a medical facility Metrocare House Service, Inc. at least until 2013…did it disappear…merged with another company and disappear?…did it stay there and continue in refurbished form as a secret medical facility for Hillary, who lives two blocks away?? And then I’ve gotten reports that what was actually going on in the building was cloning. And certain versions of Hillary clearly show the surgical lines of a clone, and in some views a voice synthesizer to make the voice sound like Hillary can be seen on the tongue. If you look closely at the different versions of Hillary, we are definitely looking at different versions. Perhaps someone will take the time to sort out a general idea of how many different versions have been carted out & used. At this pt. it is clear something bizarre is going on…but I will forego the speculations. By the way, Chelsea has been active in the Clinton Foundation & worked for NBC. Her husband is a banker. She plans to run for a congressional seat, and I expect the lady she wants to replace will have some kind of death. These kind of things happen conveniently for the Clintons–whenever someone is in their way.

We must continue to shine our light in world in darkness. Have a good one my friend.


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