One of the best kept secrets is the history of American liberalism. The actual origins of liberalism, which has been purged from public awareness is that it came from the same roots as fascism. WW 2 was the pt. when all this got erased from public awareness. One of my valuable books in my library is The Nazi War on Cancer. The Nazis outlawed public smoking in the late ’30’s like the socialist liberals did here in the ’90’s. The liberal (fascist) concept is that the govt. has an obligation to micromanage our lives & force us to be healthy. For instance, a Hitler Youth brochure said, “Nutrition is not a private matter.” In line w/ this, NYC in 2006, controlled by liberals attempted to outlaw candy-flavored cigarettes, aluminum baseball bats, transfats, foie gras, pit bulls, just to name a few.

Yesterday’s post gave a quote from the American Socialist Party’s presidential candidate: “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism, but under the name of liberalism they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program until one day America will be a socialist nation without knowing how it happened.” So true, what was predicted in 1921 has happened. Generic Socialism was the progenitor of fascism, Nazism & communism, all of which were types of socialism. In the 1930’s, Stalin discovered that it was convenient to label all his opponents–even those who were socialists– with the label “fascist”. Trotsky & FDR were labeled fascists…when they were just socialist competition. George Orwell in a renowned paper “Politics & the English Language” explained: “The word Fascism has now no meaning except in so far as it signifies ‘something not desirable’.” So when liberals want to declare someone unfit to listen to, they label them “fascist” among other nasty labels. As the term is commonly used it is vague & meaningless, except as a pejorative used by the liberals against their opponents. (A) But a breakdown of what fascism really was under Mussolini–exposes it to be what liberalism is today. An honest look in the mirror, would show liberals what a true fascist is.

EXAMPLES OF USING THE “FASCIST” LABEL. A group here in Portland, called me a fascist & instigated a boycott of someone’s business simply because they attended the same picnic that I attended. Their tactics are fascist tactics. NBC called the position of wanting parents to have a choice of schools, (incl. homeschooling) to be “fascist”. Hollywood has Kevin Costner in a movie mentoring about baseball that striking everyone out is “fascist”. In 2000, Bill Clinton called the GOP in TX “fascist”. I was disgusted when I went to our local library & saw all the new liberal propaganda books, incl. “American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America”. Perhaps you have your own examples.

AMERICAN LIBERALISM WAS KNOWN AS AMERICAN PROGRESSIVISM. What will surprise many people is that progressivism & fascism did many things in common. Birds of a feather, with different names so to speak. When progressivism began, because society was basically Christian, it labeled itself Christian socialism. Margaret Sanger, from that time period, is still admired by Hillary. Now, liberals use the disguise or banner of pluralism & spirituality to remove Christianity from society. Mussolini created a fascist state, and one of the men he used to construct his ideas was progressive William James, whose essay on the benefits of militarism: “The Moral Equivalent to War” inspired Mussolini. It also inspired FDR to create the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corp). Note how everything is turned into a war: The War on Cancer, the War on Drugs, the War on Terror, ad nausea.

FRENCH REVOLUTION. The American Revolution was planned in Masonic lodges prior to them being illuminized. The French Revolution after the lodges were illuminized, and the French Revolution was a pure Illuminati agenda. As such it attempted to wipe out Christianity, and set up dictators. Numerous changes were attempted to delete the Christian influence on culture, for instance, changing the week from 7 days to 10. That experiment totally failed. While scholars have been blind to the parallels, the leadership of the French Revolution were the original “fascists”…which is no surprise considering that socialism is an invention of the Illuminati. Occult Theocracy and Fire In the Minds of Men help document the occult foundations behind the French Revolution & socialism.

FASCISM WAS NOT RACISM. Mussolini began ruling Italy in 1922, many years before Hitler came to power, and fascism did not involve racism until Mussolini aligned himself with Hitler and the Germans put enormous pressure on Italy. Even then Mussolini tried to mitigate the racism he was forced to enact. So the NY Times in 1923 wrote, Mussolini is a Latin [Teddy] Roosevelt….he has been of great service to Italy…” The Saturday Evening Post in 1926 (31 JULY issue) said, “Dictator form of government is the greatest form of government: that is if you have the right Dictator.” Remember, this is how the progressives (liberals) spoke back then before WW 2 discredited Fascism & Nazism. Lenin, Sigmund Freud & Winston Churchill all praised Mussolini. The liberal American press said such things as God formed Mussolini out of the rib of Italy. Columbia University, which tailors so many of our politicians, were very vocally positive about Mussolini, similar to how some liberals today laud Castro. In the ’20’s, it was the American KKK that was not fond of Mussolini! Mussolini’s father Alessandro had been right there with Marx & Engels at the First Internationale, and served on the first socialist council. The Illuminati was behind the founding of communism under Marx & Engels (& his father), who were connected to Brussels by no coincidence. While some fathers read bedtime stories or Bible stories, Mussolini’s father read him Marx’s Das Kapital. In 1910, Mussolini purged the Italian Socialist Party of any kind of Christian–whether Catholic or Protestant. The party members also had to renounce all Christian rituals: baptisms & marriages. And similar to Bill Clinton, Benito Mussolini was a sex addict.

BAIT & SWITCH. The liberal left in America claims the Republicans are the party of the big corporations, so therefore they must be the party of the little man. There are a whole set of liberal myths that they perpetrate. Big liberal govt. and socialism are also in bed with corporations. When you read the first hand accounts of Germans during the early years of Nazism, you discover that it was socialism… something that has been in part covered up. The links to rich capitalists is overemphasized, and the links to Illuminati kingpins downplayed or ignored…people like the British Royals and the Krupps. Large department stores similar to Walmart were important for the Nazis to create. In 2004, Wal-Mart had the biggest PAC that there was to influence politicians. Interestingly, Father Coughlin, who was against the World Order & the Illuminati clear back in the 1930’s, thought that large department stores was a bad thing, and he correctly predicted what Wal-Mart later did to the businesses of little towns & cities. Interestingly, anyone against their agenda like Father Coughlin, is of course labeled “a fascist”. Liberals today claim that they have always been on the correct side of social issues. This is patently false, if people are aware of real history. But I have reached near the limit of space I want this post to take, so I will take a short cut–Hillary is the epitome of the liberals—she is the perfect example of what liberalism really means and how it has really acted. I’ll keep this short & sweet. Hillary’s “politics of meaning” is one of the most totalitarian concepts proposed for America. Liberalism as you can see, if you get rid of the propaganda, the myths, and deceptions, is the image of its progenitor which created another totalitarian govt., Fascism.

(A) Stanley G. Payne, the leading scholar on fascism states this.


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