Dolores and I have divorced…and she said, “I am going to do every evil to you that I can creatively think of.” So long story short, that’s one of the things I have been dealing with, among others. I have no idea what all she has been saying…but like she says, whatever she can creatively think up!!! She said she is out to destroy my reputation with the world. I had some subjects to write on for tonight, but was rather emotionally exhausted today, and took a break. I am appreciative of a few solid brothers who have been there for me during this time of intense trials. They know how they helped and who they are. Dolores says she’s burned my research. If so, there went 5 books half finished…plus lots of other research. At any rate, my life is being totally turned inside out, and upside down. I’m still hanging in here though! And I still love the Lord. We have a good Lord. And if this all doesn’t kill me, may it make me stronger.


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