The state of the upcoming American economy is an obsession with Americans. No matter what & when, it can safely be said that America’s economy is going to be reshaped. Change is in the air. The threat that one day the ATMs won’t work, prices will wildly jump, and services will begin stopping still faces us, even though Yellen recently said the economy is getting stronger. Trump spoke as if he would challenge globalism, which I would liken to a cancer. America has previously acquiesced to the globalists, but under Trump, America’s silent majority stood up to challenge them. Perhaps now the N in NWO should stand for Nervous. The Illuminati’s globalism is just a rehash of Satan’s old rebellion. So this post will address some of the moral issues involved.

GLOBALISM ERODES GLOBAL MORALITY. Globalism is a great way for the unaccountable international corporations run by the elite to profit the elite to run the world & make governments that are slightly accountable to their nations & citizens powerless. One of the set of organizations that I grew up thinking were benign & non-political were the Chambers of Commerce. However, in researching the World Order, I discovered they are part of its structure, which compelled me to expose them. So the following quote from the President of the International Chambers of Commerce at the conference in Geneva, Switz. reflects where they come from: “Wealth creation is the intended and actual consequence of liberalization…[of] deregulation…[and] the most reliable basis for individual freedom and dignity.”(A) Historically, trade & investment has generated growth…but that growth has seldom meant that the well-being of individuals is improved. Along this line, from what I know, if one were to take the wealth of the top 200 wealthiest individuals, their assets would approx. equal the bottom half (50%) of humanity. No, the wealth does not trickle down much, but trade has been the best overall way to make wealth for the elite.

Now the Chamber of Commerce supported the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) which was to be a global investment agreement incorporated into the WTO. MAI itself would limit the legality of any type of govt. from regulating foreign investment and the activities of a foreign-based corporation. In other words, the Chambers of Commerce supported unrestrained globalism. Governments are becoming increasingly irrelevant, and increasingly plunging into debt.

ECONOMIC MYTHS. It will not surprise some of my readers, that the elite who control the various systems, the market system, the mainstream media & educational system would promote ideas that bring the public in line with what the elite want to do. So economic classes, books, & news make it sound like the Quality of life is improved when the economic indicators put out by the govt. improve. For instance, let’s say the GDP is announced to have grown. Part of GDP is how much has been bought. In other words, GDP goes up when households buy, throw away & replace more. Buying, consuming, throwing away, replacing…it is all seen as GOOD. The more the better. But think about it…the ten year old buys cigarettes, the teenager becomes addicted to alcohol, the corporation produces toxic waste in their mad scramble to produce more throw-away garbage…and it all causes the GDP to rise & it is pronounced “good”. Christian concepts of stewardship, health, life, and morality don’t come into the picture. Coveting & greed help the GDP rise…but are incompatible with Christ’s teachings on love. Spoiling nature for corporate production helps GDP, but violence to nature can be akin to vandalism.

Pepsi at the turn of the millennium had the global goal to make Pepsi more available than water. Good for profits. Good for GDP. Bad for health & life. I am reminded of the futuristic movie Demolition Man (1993) where the only surviving chain restaurant in the future was Taco Bell. (The European release of the film had Pizza Hut as the survivor.) According to the movie, competition was eliminated to bring world peace. Hmmm. I have long said the globalists are not for real capitalism w/ competition.

WHO NEEDS MORALITY? A common secular view is that one does not need moral values in developing systems & technology. This is how oppression, slavery, exploitation and other things occur. Such things like water, health care, and electric production are sold to the highest bidder…who in some places will export these things where they can get a higher price. Imagine your water being exported to another country because they are wealthier and can afford to buy it. Great for the corporation which is granted the monopoly, but potentially life threatening to those who have lost their water. This is the kind of ethical/moral problem that is developing in today’s World Order. During the Irish potato famine…Ireland produced enough food to feed its people, unfortunately the British exported it, and let the Irish starve. So the ex-colonial nations are no longer controlled by political colonial powers, but by economic multinational powers. Of the 100 largest economies globally, half are not nations but corporations.

ALTERNATIVE VIEW. This does not mean my moral reservations about globalism are shared by all Christians. For instance, Christian author Michael Novak in his book The Fire of Invention: Civil Society & the Future of the Corporation (B) contends that the global corporations are helping society. But what I see is that the corporations seem to have the age old attitude, “The grass is greener on the other side.” In what way? Rather than develop their own nation, they trot off to some exotic place. When one looks at the speeches of Hitler, he was one of those rare leaders who set out to make his own nation independent, and he is hardly an example that others want to publicly at any rate emulate.

FINAL THOUGHTS. I often quote DT 30:19b, “I have set before you life and death, blessing & cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live.” Every thing we do is a decision for life or death. Christ asked people to “follow me”(C) because his words were words of life, and he could give people life. The Word says that the whole law is summed up in love.(D) Love is definitely a principle that should weave itself into the policies of the world and our leaders. (Unfortunately, I see the same kind of “rattling of sabers” by NATO in recent days as last year.) My efforts at writing & research are to promote Yahshua & Truth. Of late, my reputation has again come under heavy attack, and people think I should do more to protect it. It is not me I am promoting. I am frank before Almighty God about my weaknesses & strengths. I can be much more frank with Him, because I know He will extend forgiveness….The World in contrast is not very forgiving. And the World is anxious to believe the lie. I, by myself, can’t protect myself from the lies…What happens to me, happens on a macro scale. In WW 1, the Allies told horrendous exaggerated lies about the Germans. In WW 2, the truth about what the German & Japanese armed forces were doing was so shocking, that the Allied govt.’s lied to tone down the truth. When it comes to economic lies & truths, the truth will set you free. And I hope this little post has contributed to the cause of freedom, by exposing some of the moral weaknesses of globalism. The global elite manage to continue to convince people that nationalism is the cause of problems…one has to wonder, where will the blame be put if our economy crashes??

(A) ICC Pres. Helmut O. Maucher, “The Geneva Declaration”, 9/1998, p.2-3+ (B) Novak. The Fire of Invention. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 1997. (C) MK 8:34 (D) ROM 13:10


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