THOUGHTS ON THE BATTLE: Maranatha. (30 SEPT 2016)

This post is just a collection of thoughts on the Battle that is coming to a head. I would appreciate anyone who hears things on today’s IMF announcement or on related things to share them with me or on my time line. 1,000 eyes & ears will be better than one for sure. My email is [email protected] .

HEALTH THREAT. Things are heating up in the enormous battle between evil & light…and the forces of evil knowing how fragile their position is have a fall back plan. Remember the motto: “loose lips sink ships”…well their ship is very vulnerable because of all their incredible monstrous sins. They have released bioagents into certain groups that if they provide the reactant bioagent, the people will die. One can see how pride is blinding people…no matter how they try to hide even by killing witnesses, the Creator sees it all. And Father, may we be preserved through all these coming bio-attacks.

A DAY LATE, & A CURE SHORT. I cannot stress too much to people how establish Medical system has been carefully crafted to make money for the elite while making you dependent on their dangerous drugs. A few of us have tried to expose how this vast undertaking to create this drug industry goes way back to the elite families & secret societies in the middle ages. The full story has never been assembled…but we are living with the results today globally. Here is an example of what we are dealing with…a set of symptoms are given a label by the Medical system: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease…and as this is too difficult to go around saying, they make an acronym COPD. Most people probably don’t even know what COPD means, perhaps even if they are diagnosed with it. 10 million Americans now have this–most likely acerbated by the pollutants the elite’s corporations add to the environment (on purpose…they know what they are doing. Might as well…it brings them all more money…and helps reduce the population.) A person with Stage 3 COPD has a life expectancy of 8.5 yrs. So we see these suffering people with inhalers & lugging around oxygen tanks. But you are not going to be told that there is a formula of 23 traditional Chinese herbs (Emperor, platycodon, peppermint, poria + 19 others) that synergistically work well to stop COPD. In a controlled test, 76% of the people who took it every day for a month had SIGNIFICANT improvement, and it comes with NO side affects.(A-where to get Resprin.) The Medical Systems expensive COPD drugs (steroids) w/ long-term use cause weak bones, high blood pressure, cataracts & diabetes…and like their standard approach, it simply relieves symptoms and make you dependent upon their dangerous drugs. And they are so afraid we will learn that most diseases have natural alternative medical cures, that they have been murdering alternative doctors.

BY THE WAY. By the way, the Phytozon I recently tried to get people interested in, which restores your telomere length & rebuilds cartilage has been helping. I began to take Hyaluronic Acid at the same time as Phytozon so I can’t definitely say it is responsible for my improved joints, but between the 2 supplements, my joints are greatly improved. But I can say this, the Phytozon must be helping my telomeres because hair that was white is turning black again. Interesting.

MORE TIPS ON THE MIND-CONTROL. If you see someone wearing something out of normal, it may have some significance in terms of the t.b.m.c. They are taking the ordinary things of life and incorporating them into the mind control triggers. So the concept of a white cow with black spots is used…and so a woman wearing a cow shirt looking like a dairy cow pattern may be doing it for mind control purposes. By explaining how it works, now you may see suspicious things around you better.

GOD IS NOT AT REST. Heavenly Father is empowering a few of the genuine “chosen ones” to rise up and do great deeds during this time. That follows the same spirit & pattern of what we saw with Elijah and the judges in the O.T. time period. I put “chosen ones” in quotation marks, because Satan & the programmers have special alters for these end times also called “the chosen ones”.

FINAL THOUGHTS. As I head into the final few days before my big trip, I may be too overwhelmed to keep writing posts…and then we will miss hearing from each other until I get back on 17 OCT. So for most of the month of October, my voice will be silent here on face book. Keep me in your prayers dear ones. All my love to you, stay strong, listen to God’s voice…practice hearing Him so you have good hearing in these evil days. Let us redeem the time for these days are evil!

(A) Resprin can be gotten by calling them at 877-473-7774 or


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