Very few people know of a small group of Americans who on behalf of this nation broke into an FBI building west of Philadelphia, & stole all their files in order to prove what they suspected…the FBI was illegally suppressing freedom in a number of ways. They risked their lives to bring some national oversight to an agency that was totally unaccountable. They were successful beyond their dreams and they pledged to take their secret with them to death…the FBI hunted intently for decades, but in vain, to find them. At that pt. in time, Hoover had blackmailed most of Congress to support him, and in return he made sure none of their crimes were ever dealt with. In other words, Congress & the FBI gave each other freedom from accountability–until these brave Americans gave the inside truth to the world!

WHAT THE STOLEN FILES SHOWED. The files showed the FBI’s COINTEL program to destroy anyone that J. Edgar Hoover, dir. of the FBI, did not like. Candidates who he did not like would have things manipulated in the press by Hoover to defeat them from getting elected. (Talk about vote rigging!) Anyone prominent who disagreed with govt. policies would have their lives destroyed. The catalyst that spurred the master mind of the burglary to do it, was when Hoover began publicly trying to destroy the reputation of peaceful anti-war activists by claiming they were terrorists plotting to destroy things. (Hey! The FBI used the same lie against me in 2003 to the press, claiming I was wanting to blow up their building–a total bald-faced fabrication!!)

HOW HOOVER WORKED. When Hoover was angry at Congressman William R. Anderson, he had call girls in Wash., D.C. shown Anderson’s picture & asked if he had been a client. None recognized him. He finally found a Madam in Knoxville, KT who said “he might have visited years before”. With that “evidence” Hoover set out to destroy his reputation as a whoremonger. His efforts ruined Anderson’s career. Reminds me of the search warrant the Feds got to raid my place, which was based on someone answering the question, “Does Springmeier have a marijuana grow operation?” with “I don’t know.” (We are truly a banana republic.)

INSPIRATION. The American govt. was suppressing the freedom of dissent during the Vietnam War. In 1970, the anti-war movement was starting to lose hope. Some were beginning to think that non-violent protest would not work. But Davidon did not want the movement to turn violent, and he was asking himself how he could infuse hope back into the movement. The inspiration for the non-violent break-in to get FBI files, was the rash of break-ins that anti-war activists were doing to draft boards where they would sneak in & take out all their selective service draft records before the Selective Service could draft young men into the Vietnam War. In one case, after scouting & noticing that a door to the records was padlocked from the inside, the activists left a note attached to the door “Please don’t lock this door tonight” and someone followed the directions and the activists walked in & took the records! Because no other branch of the peace movement was accomplishing anything, and the govt. was ignoring the peace movement’s requests, while arresting & bashing their heads in, and in some instances actually shooting them…William Davidon, the mild mannered professor who was the master mind of the FBI break-in was finally moved to do something that was totally out of character for him. Using his powers of deductive reasoning, he reasoned that Hoover was a bureaucrat who would have files at the different buildings detailing his records. The entire break-in that risk all 9 lives was done on a hunch that something would be in the files. Not knowing what files to take, in the event they took them all, and ended up with a mother lode of extremely damaging documents showing the FBI had a secret illegal section of FBI agents, who did many illegal activities with no accountability.

TO BEGIN. When Davidon approached some friends & proposed the break-in, they thought the idea was crazy & impractical. “Who are you kidding?” None-the-less, he had the personality to persuade them to join him. They were all ordinary law-abiding people without experience in burglary. Normal people don’t train themselves to be amateur burglars to break into a govt. bldg. unless highly motivated to save their nation. The building chosen was Media, PA. Their goal was to show the nation that the people were not helpless in the face of power & tyranny. They hoped to restore hope to the peace movement. Even the secrecy required of the group was something they were not used to doing. They decided the best time was during the Muhammad Ali–Joe Frazier fight (March 8, ’71) and every sports minded person would be watching, incl. lots of the police. Random noise of the break-in would not be noticed by people riveted to the TV watching the fight. It worked.

I myself remember those days. As some of the readers don’t, let me say this: 99% of the high school students in 1970 were 100% against the Vietnam War, and yet many of the young men would be drafted & forced to kill & be killed for something they did not believe in. This nation was beginning to be torn apart, as protestors were beginning to feel desperate in the face of overwhelming govt. power that refused to listen to their protests. The crazy thing was, classified military documents of the time even showed that the military did not think they could win & did not know why we were there. When I entered West Point, USMA to become an officer, half of my classmates were against the war, yet unfortunately their consciences were so underdeveloped all would have gone if ordered.

CORRUPTION DURING ITS HISTORY. The FBI during my childhood was held in reverence. I read Hoover’s book Masters of Deceit when it came out little realizing he had his agents ghost write it for him. But since then, I have repeatedly discovered that the agency was totally corrupt beginning at the top with its gay, 33 degree Mason director J. Edgar Hoover, who had a leadership position in 1919, and made FBI director in 1924. (I don’t mean to imply his corruption stemmed from being gay or a leading Freemason…his corruption stemmed from power going to his head! Total power totally corrupts!)

As a military historian, it greatly upset me what the FBI did to some Germans who helped them. Here is the story…(and I note that some Internet sites still give the distorted FBI version)…In 1942, Hitler ordered that saboteur teams be sent into the U.S. Eight Germans who had lived in America prior to the war were recruited, trained, & dropped by sub onto Long Island on 12 JUNE ’42. But these Germans knew how better America was than Nazi German and most had no intention to destroy anything. They viewed the mission as a chance to get free from Nazi Germany. Dasch & Burger immediately set out to inform the FBI where they were all at. The FBI wanted to get the credit for saving America…so instead of telling the public the truth, that the Germans had shown them where all the teams were, instead they covered up the truth, executed 6 & imprisoned the other 2, and lied to the public that their great investigative abilities had saved America. There is a book that exposes all this in detail.

I could give a long litany of FBI corruption over the years…which seems to continue right up to today with the director’s announcement that Hillary is going to go free from prosecution. As I have said before, they spend more effort covering up the crimes of those in power than protecting us. For many years, even though the rest of the nation knew that Mafia was real, Hoover claimed it did not exist. The same thing goes on with SRA. They certainly did not protect us from 9-11… or countless false flags. I was really excited to think that there were some loyal American FBI agents. Time will reveal if my excitement was premature.

CONCLUSION. In 1971, a small band of courageous everyday Americans stood up to tyranny & exposed extensive corruption by stealing a building worth of FBI files. The story of their unusually great feat is almost unknown and is told in the book The Burglary by Betty Medsger (Alfred A. Knopf: NY, 2014). I lived through those times, and now I am living through these days of Wikileaks, and I am proud of everyone who has stood up to the corrupt tyranny that we face today.


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