I was just on Chris Everud’s Enigma Channel with Kristen Harris, Alicia Power, & Scott Lopez. During the show I was asked by Chris to explain what the Spirit cooking ritual that Marina Abramovic did w/ John Podesta (Hillary’s campaign manager) & his brother Tony was all about. A Wikileak email from June ’15, plus pictures were released days ago. As most of my readers will probably not have access to today’s interview, I will discuss my answer in print in this article. The main stream media has totally covered this story up, in fact the only msm article I saw is calling it all a lie. I had gravitated towards not explaining this ghastly story, but now that I have been on Chris’s show with tens of millions of listeners, I may as well share it on Facebook to the rest of you!

FIRST WHO IS MARINA ABRAMOVIC? Marina is an internationally performing “artist” from Serbia, who does sick sadistic rituals before audiences, under the guise of “art”. During her first performance in 1973, she actually cut herself 20 times. Besides burning, whipping & cutting herself, she does performances where she asks the viewers to kill her with various instruments of death. So far no one has taken her up on her request. Remember, my recent post where I posted a video of Angelina Jolie Pitt describing her Luciferian initiation, and she says, “For some reason, the ritual of having cut myself & feeling the pain, made me feel alive, feeling some kind of release, it was somehow therapeutic to me.” This is how certain alters (personalities) of t.b.m.c. slaves feel. I have seen such alters come up who want to be physically abused. So how does such an altered state fit into the rituals??? That is the purpose of the ritual!

WHAT WAS MARINA DOING WHEN SHE SPIRITUALLY COOKED?? We are looking at a new kind of postmodern magick called Chaos magick. Chaos magick stresses individualistic creativity and unorthodox methods. The Spirit cooking she is doing is using what would be termed an “aphrodisiac” recipe which uses menstrual blood, breast milk, sperm, & urine. Remember witches stirring their brews to do spells? This is analogous to that. This spiritual cooking ritual is a sex eucharistic magick ritual where ordinary things are supposedly transmuted into sacraments. Crowley called this: “matter is replaced by spirit”, to unite man with the divine (so they think).

The theory behind this Chaos magick was spelled out by Austin Osman Spare… member of Crowley’s A.A. (an Illuminati occult lodge system). According Spare’s theory, rituals are understood as gnosis inducing techniques. What do they mean by gnosis–gnosis is code word for “gnostic state” which means an altered state of consciousness. Which Marina, who is obviously MPD, is very capable of achieving. An eyewitness to one of her rituals says that she jumped into a flaming 5 pointed star & lost consciousness. In another ritual she asked the participants to kill her…& as I have just said, that state of mind is seen in particular alters of the t.b.m.c. who are dissociated from reality. So Marina’s rituals conform to the theory behind Gnostic Chaos magick.

Under the guise of “art” you can pee on a cross, do satanic rituals or anything you want & supposedly no one is qualified to criticize anything, because art is anything, & how dare anyone criticize art!! Duchamp in 1917 stuck a urinal in an art gallery & called it art. So monkey see, monkey do. This attitude that “anything goes” is really the degradation of civilization; where a wiped piece of toilet paper is heralded as art…which is proof that we are not evolving but devolving as a species!! (The Word of God describes these worldly people who think they are so wise…)

THE MIDDLE FINGER. The middle finger has represent sex since ancient Greece and occult sex rituals using it go back to ancient times. The left hand is the hand of black magick. So Marina asks her participants to cut their left middle finger.

HILLARY CLINTON. Remember, my article (8/9/15) on Hillary Clinton where I point out that she claims the Arkansas Governor’s School as one of her successes! The AGS took the gifted Arkansas high school students off for a 6-wk. residential program where they studied “death education”…such as familiarity with dead corpses & suicide. Socialism & witchcraft were also on the agenda. The success of students to tackle these subjects would then place them then on the fast track to worldly success. Marina Abramovic would have been a good student there. And due to the endorsement of Marina by Lady Gaga, young kids have been attracted to Marina. Lady Gaga has also donated money to Marina to set up a center for her “art”.

CONCLUSION. When you understand the nasty witchcraft that Hillary & her top staff are involved in, then it is no surprise that she has no problem with a baby being aborted the day before its birth. This satanic infatuation with death & destruction wants to lead this nation–and it will lead it naturally to more death & destruction. “For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.”(LK 12:2) “For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.”(EC 12:14).


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