Recently, I’ve applied some scriptures to the coming great deception (where fallen angels/nephalim will be presented as enlightened aliens)….Since this is an important issue!…and it’s not likely anyone is going to take the time & mental/spiritual energy to work with the original Greek texts to insure false interpretation is divided from acceptable interpretation…I have taken the time, and will attempt to communicate to you why MT 16:18c and REV 9:1-12 can correctly be interpreted to refer to portals & fallen angels. This is not a comprehensive survey of the subject, rather, it is a condensed readable explanation. MT 16:18c was spoken by Yahshua at the base of Mt. Hermon, at a pagan temple to his disciples. Mt. Hermon was the sacred mountain for the magicians of Samaria (descendants of the Babylonian Priests of Satan at Cutha)…and in the Book of Enoch, Mount Hermon is the place where the Watcher class of fallen angels descended to Earth. They swore upon the mountain that they would take wives among the daughters of men & take mutual imprecation for their sin (Enoch 6). These fallen angels that left their first estate were incarcerated.(Jude 6) This incarceration also detailed in 2 PTR 2:4. (More on this topic in a minute.)

SLOPPLY & PRIDEFUL RESEARCH. There are countless poor examples, I will just touch on some current ones circulating. For instance, the WT Society/J.W.s love to point out that the Greek word “stauros” means pole, therefore they claim Christians are pagans for saying Christ died on a cross. What they neglect to say is that stauros (Strong’s Greek Dictionary item 4716) has a double meaning…the primary meaning is pole, but it had a secondary meaning (as so many words do!) which meant the kind of cross used to crucify people. When we are aware of other scriptures, archeology & Roman practices, we find the second meaning of stauros (cross) is absolutely correct. A couple more examples are people saying Christians are pagan for using the words Jesus and amen. I have written on these before. Jesus is a Greek transliteration of Yahshua (not Zeus), the “s” at the end is required of male gender words; and “amen” was a Hebrew word of prayer, to say “let it be”, it was not a call to Amen-Ra an Egyptian god. These are all cases of poor research that often leads people to take prideful attitudes; & I have seen too many times, the person who didn’t know what they were talking about, speak in demeaning & prideful tones to some Christian for using such basic terms as Jesus, the cross, and closing their prayer with amen. Do people really think God is impressed with their shallow research, & condescending attitudes? Or perhaps they are really just trying to feed their egos.

“GATES OF HELL” (PYLAI HADOU) @ MT 16:18C. At the Greek temple at Caesarea Philippi Christ told his disciples, especially Simon Peter, “The gates of hell will not prevail against my church.” The context of what he said before & after, and the context of where & when he said it, all play a role in ascertaining the best meaning for what he meant by “the gates of hell”. The other day, I gave it the meaning of “portals for the fallen angels”, which is not a new interpretation, others during the years have concluded this also…but it is one of the minority views, the most popular view is that gates of hell=death. And it is understandable why this view came about…Christ says death is no longer is his master(A) and God will not leave his soul in hell (B). Is that what Christ is telling Peter here when he talks about keys, and binding & loosing…that he has conquered death?? The Church of God in Christ, Mennonite church taught me that this verse means God’s church never dies…therefore the true church has to have an unbroken lineage back to the apostles. Three other minority views are that gates=sin, and that gates=defensive towers, & gates=secular military might. One explanation does not necessarily preclude others, at times scriptures have more than one application, but even so, usually one interpretation is the main application intended.

HADES IN CHRIST’S TIME MEANT A PLACE WHERE HUMAN SOULS & DEMONIC AGENTS WERE HOUSED BY GOD. The word in Greek translated “prevail” is “katischynein” and very helpful in clarifying things. It’s in the genitive case here & always indicates action like an attack. It is not a passive word that would fit the meaning of gates being defensive. So the tone in MT 16:18c in both the KJ English & Martin Luther German Bibles is that the gates are attacking…and that tone is correct. But how can gates have an offensive connotation? Here is how: If the Gates of Hell stands for portals that are releasing the rulers of Hades, the underworld comes bursting out to attack God’s people, then it indeed has an offensive connotation. That meaning is consistent with some of ancient apocalyptic beliefs, for instance at Qumran. In one ancient text gives exactly this same meaning: “They open the gates of (sheol for all) acts of wickedness…They close the doors of the pit…The bars of eternity behind all spirits of wickedness.”(C) Why did Yahshua choose the language of MT 16:18c? Because the next verse (16:19) discusses a binding & loosening & implies the gates (windows) of heaven which is the antitype of the portals of evil. The Windows of heaven pour out God’s angelic host to extend heaven to earth…like the portals of hell will open up so that Satan can extend his reign through his imitation trinity: The AntiChrist, Beast & False Prophet. Jesus uses the future tense here “I will give you the keys…” which places this into an apocalyptic context. A close look at these verses shows that the church is the site of the battle between two angelic forces, one coming through the portals of hell, the other through the windows of heaven. Are there other prophetic verses about this battle?? Let’s look at REV 19:1-12.

REV 9:1-12. It begins with the 5th angel sounding a trumpet, and a star falls from heaven to earth and “to him was given the key to the bottomless pit”. Stars are not intelligent to be given keys to open things. This star is obviously a “fallen” angel–although it can be asked did this angel simply fall geographically or morally? One verse says “Woe unto …earth for the devil is come down…”(D) There are other places angels are called stars.(E) The word abyss in the Greek in these verses means a subterranean shaft or cavern that has a cap or lid on it. Inside this abyss is a demonic prince (9:11) & the beast (11:7 & 17:8), who get released. A large number of Scriptures support the concept that the abyss was a place of incarceration for fallen angels.(F) Texts discuss guardians with the keys of hades (G) A strange looking army of demonic locust pore out of the pit and attack in supernatural judgment upon humanity’s sin. These strange locust have faces of men and teeth like lions. The sealed of God escape their judgment.

WRAP-UP. While this is not an exhaustive study, I have laid the ground work for you to see how these two Scriptures: MT 16:18c and REV 9:1-12 can be applied to supernatural agents of Satan being released in the end times. Remember this is in preparation for the coming big deception & the Anti Christ’s reign…so it is important for God’s people to be informed that there is scriptural reason to anticipate this in the future, and to not be deceived. May God continue to bless you my friend.

(A) ROM 6:9 (B) ACTS 2:24,27 (C) IQH 3:17-18 (D) REV 12:12 (E) Judges 5:20, JOB 38:7, & Lucifer is considered the morning star (a title also given Christ). (F) LK 8:31, REV 9:2, 11; 11:7, 17:8; 20:1,3 (G) 2 ENOCH 42:1, also Apoc. Zeph. 6:15 describes an angel in charge over both the Abyss & Hades.


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