JSEM TADY! DOBRY DEN, CZECHS!: (Here I come, hello Czechs!) (15 SEPT 2016)

This post announces my plans to receive a Peace Award on 10/7/16, & a later talk I will give in Europe. Perhaps you are familiar with the Czech people known as Bohemians, who speak what has been called in the past Bohemian (now Czech), a western Slavic language. They are the people who have recognized my work. By that I mean, all my work dealing with mind control, the Illuminati, and other things were taken into consideration in awarding me this. On my part, it is an honor to receive a peace award, this is my second now, because I have truly been committed to peace. On Friday, 7 OCT. at 5 p.m., at a special dinner, I am scheduled to accept the Prague Peace Award in Prague, Czech Republic. On Sunday, from 9:20 a.m. to 11 a.m. 9 OCT., I am scheduled to give a powerpt. presentation at the Lucerna Great Hall near the Hotel Adria, Prague, Vadavske nam, 784/26, 110 00 Prahal, Czech Republic, ph. +420-221-081-111. I plan to take a Czech translation of the book I co-authored with Robin de Ruiter (which was translated into Czech and many other languages), but only a few Czech copies were ever created. We have decided to quit selling the book through Manna, as they have apparently lied to us these last two years so they did not have to pay us any royalties. I plan to do some sightseeing in Prague & Germany. A German acquaintance will accompany in Germany. Lord willing, on this trip I will also visit my parents in Topeka, KS before returning to Oregon. If you live in Europe, and can come met me, please, I’d enjoy meeting European readers. If you have questions about these things, feel welcome to email me.


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