POTENTIAL SURPRISE: The elite’s ability to flip systems & collapse Western Civilization 10 NOVEMBER 2018

I finally got a Saturday off & wanted to spend some time communicating briefly on one of the various topics on my heart. This topic is vital for persons who have faith in Christ, and I discussed it recently with my wife, as I believe it is important for people to realize how quickly the world we live in could change drastically for the worse. We see the precursors to these plans in many ways. Those of us who have faith in our good Lord Christ & our heavenly Father need to remind ourselves that it is godly to have peace beyond what is understandable & to realize that God will remain on His throne no matter how bad life may get as we read in ISA 66:1a and other verses.

THE PLANS & THEIR DISCOVERY. For myself, I repeatedly bumped into the Satanic elites’ plans and abilities to create a time of destructive change. When I would read occult leaders like Alice Bailey, when I would hear what Satanists like Charlie Manson announce, such as his knowledge of an upcoming time of helter skelter chaos, and when I would work with trauma-based mind control victims & see their end-time programming like Janus programming & Babylon Working, one consistently witnesses the elite’s plans to activate an apocalyptic flip of our western civilization. Mind controlled sleepers can change overnight and perform end time assignments. Christian pastors (and there are many under Illuminati mind control) can switch personalities and help destroy Christianity. Churches overnight will be closed & unpopular. A tidal wave of events will close churches, and eliminate sincere Christian pastors, and any other opposition to the future Luciferian government popularly called the New World Order. My mind control books provide more details on all this.

RESPONSES TO THIS. It will be hard for mainstream Christians to realize how infiltrated & controlled mainstream Christianity is. My books present lots of evidence of this infiltration & control. There are plenty of Christians that work to keep them asleep. I am reminded of a Christian author Callahan (who comes from a masonic family) in his book Bible Prophecy (p. 237) who says, “Facts have little credence in mind of conspiracy addicts…” According to him, the Illuminati is not active today, and Freemasonry is benign. There are plenty of facts that speak otherwise…but most people have not been exposed to the large amount of evidence that refutes his negative view towards those who warn of conspiracies. Sincere Christians working with t.b.m.c. (MK-Ultra) victims are only too aware of all the end time programming they have. The elite have hinted to me about their plans—they have not been bashful they exist, they just haven’t revealed the specifics to me, although they did say millions & billions will die. One of their big tools is to stampede people with paranoia and fear. We need to remain calm, even though infiltrators in the churches are all around us. We are encouraged to have faith in God & to use the Spirit of God to overcome the world.

RELATED SUBJECTS. The Word of God warns that the end times will be as the time of Noah. The satanic elite are transmuting humans, working with giants/nephalim, creating super soldiers & continuing their mind control programs bonding their victims to Lucifer who energizes their mind control systems. These things all relate to this end time programming. I don’t know if we will see the surprises of this dark flipping of the systems, but if it comes, hopefully you will recognize it, and will handle it better than if it were a total surprise. May God bless your life abundantly.


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