National Redress Scheme Australia – Consider Your Options before Applying

Life is still good where I am! I have a goal to update this website and Deprogramming Modalities with fresh information I’ve learned this year.

In the meantime while my application is being processed I’ve come across some interesting information today regarding the National Redress Scheme.

Australian Survivors who are thinking of applying for the scheme have better options they can consider first. The Redress Scheme is the cheaper option for these institutions.

A quick Internet search can review a few articles and websites with more information as to why. In short, if you apply to the Redress Scheme you also sign away your right to sue the institution you are applying against. This means that you can potentially receive a lot more than the redress payment through exploring other means first. And if they fall through, then apply with the Redress Scheme.

Given the severity of abuse occurred I’d easily relieve more than $150,000. Payments received outside the Redress Scheme can be from $80,000 to $500,000 or more. So I have (almost but not yet) signed my rights away to sue the Australian Defence Force in this regard by rushing into the Redress Scheme. If I refuse the Redress Scheme payment then I am unable to make another claim forever and receive nothing anyway from the Redress, yet still maybe able to keep my right to sue.

So it looks like I’ll just have to accept I’ve been fucked over yet again by the Australian Government, if I can’t get out of the Redress Scam. My honest opinion of the Redress Scheme is it just seems like a cheap solution for an expensive problem. While it looks great in public eye for those who don’t have to deal with any of this, there in reality could be much more done.

Even asking the Commonwealth Ombudsman previous to this, I was recommended to the Redress Scheme. The Redress Scheme themselves said there may not be any other easy options and I should apply for redress. So it’s obvious these government institutions will take the cheaper for them option by lying to you.

I still have the option to explore compensation from QLD Mental Health services, as they have nothing to do with the Redress Scheme. While it has been tough dealing with the traumatic memories, it has been made even worse with QLD Mental Health. There have been documents online from my admissions which claim my memories of abuse incurred at these institutions submitted to the Redress Scheme are delusions and 100% false.

In all of these admissions I was involuntarily removed from my home and underwent ECT treatment against my will while being injected with anti-psychotic medications, by being too vocal about the same topics bought up in my Redress Scheme application.

In an interesting twist, if the Redress Scheme does issue a payment then it certainly contradicts QLD Mental Health’s statements.

Here are some links about the more negative aspects of the National Redress Scheme. I have zero association with Kelo Lawyers and also The Guardian. Kelso Lawyers seems to have the most upfront information about the Redress Scheme, however it’s obviously tailored to generate them business. Otherwise it seems very hard to find precise information about the scheme and how it works.

Once you accept money from the NRS the door will shut and you will be locked out of receiving any more payments. Do not make this mistake.

Edit: I had updated this article to better reflect my current circumstances as I understand them and reflections on the links provided.


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