NATURAL CURES FOR CANCER & MANY OTHER DISEASES: A look at the Stengler Center & Dr. Mark Stengler (20 OCT 2016)

Just off I-5 on Encinitas Blvd., Encinitas, CA is a center for Integrative medicine founded by a doctor who is trained in both conventional & natural alternatives. This post is to introduce you to what is available for people who want real solutions instead of the World’s predatory Medical system & big pharma. The goal is to provide you will hope & the knowledge that effective cures exist for many of the major diseases that we have been led to believe can’t be effectively dealt with. Many people have gone to his center and received cures for what the World’s system could not cure. If you go to his web site you will see he deals with a wide range of major diseases: http: followed by… //markstengler [dot] com/health_concerns/ (…I broke up the website link so that Face book would not convert my article into a link.)

CANCER CURE. In 1925, a cure for cancer was discovered that works with a variety of cancers…the idea is that cancers need to eat…for instance, cancer cells love glucose. A natural cure, that works by starving cancer cells, has been resurrected & successfully used by Dr. Stengler & his center. This and 80 other natural solutions to major diseases are written up in Dr. Stengler’s Natural Healing Encyclopedia (560 pgs.) which I have ordered. When it arrives, I will be glad to share some of the other natural cures.

TYPE 2 DIABETES. Dr. Stengler documents how the U.S. govt. has known that pesticides & other toxins interrupt the body’s processes and can cause or contribute to type 2 Diabetes. Of course diabetes is a cash cow for big pharma, so getting to the real root of the problem is not on their agenda. Dr. Stengler has taken care of Type 2 diabetes by cleansing his client’s bodies of their toxins.

WARNINGS. Besides providing real cures, Dr. Stengler (who has written 17 books) also gives warnings about what the Medical mafia is doing. For instance, our govt. spent billions of dollars stockpiling flu vaccines–however, these flu shots which contain Tamiflu, actually inhibit the body from protecting itself from the flu’s. The shots make the problem worse. Dr. Stengler also warns that aspirin does not thin the blood like we have been told. Stale thick blood (similar to dirty oil in a car) is a cause of heart attack. Dr. Stengler has an extract from a fermented Japanese food that has been found to freshen the blood in a person.

FINAL THOUGHTS. Dr. Mark Stengler is a brave man to challenge the Medical mafia in this nation. He is also a Christian. He has helped numerous people over the years. His website contains some of their testimonies. If you are interested you can also get his Natural Healing Encyclopedia for free, if you become a member who receives his periodic health bulletins. Have a good one & may you continue to be blessed by our loving Heavenly Father.


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