One of the biggest secrets that I had the privilege to expose & suffer as a whistle blower for is the trauma-based mind control (t.b.m.c) also known as MK Ultra & other names. I have made a point of sharing new info to my readers. I highly recommend my “Formula…” book, and its sequel “Deeper Insights”. (By the way, I have been having difficulty getting supplies of these books, due to my move from Portland, OR last year, so I had to warn people of long waits on orders. I recently obtained a mint copy of both of my original hard bound mind control books. They are black leather with gold embossed lettering. These 2 books are collector’s items and will be available for $800 each. Those interested should let me know via an email to [email protected] …unfortunately, I will be offline for a while as this loaned computer is temporarily not available to me. But I will sell the books on a first come basis.)

HOPE! The World Order has worked to steal the hope of t.b.m.c. victims. For instance, in the T.V. series Medium, a doctor in one of the episodes tells a woman, “He suffers from dissociative identity disorder. He won’t get better ever.” The programmers put in maintenance programs where they hypnotically employ everyday items in the victim’s life to reinforce both the programming & its accompanying hopelessness. However, clues are coming in that the back of the corrupt mind control network of the World System is being broken. In the past, many organizations have been created to protect the abusive network, so that the victims who try to escape the abuse have been actually caught Orwell’s 1984-style. Along this line, reportedly, one organization that is set up to protect children from abuse “Mothers Against Child Abuse” is an agency to protect the m.c. network. I pass this on, as it fits the profile of what has often happened, another example is the Child Protective Agency. But things appear to be turning around. The network is being quietly dismantled by the Trump administration. A real tug of war is going on between various factions of the World, and the one on top seems to be intent on quietly draining the swamp. As with every action there is a reaction…so we will have wait to see the long term benefits. However, from what I was told, this faction’s people in the U.S. military have even done some deprogramming of victims. Bear in mind that many of the super soldiers: Delta teams, First Earth Battalion, Recon Force, secret assassination teams, Navy Seals, etc. are to a large percentage victims of t.b.m.c. I gave a number of the names of previous military m.c. programmers. If the positive report is true about this deprogramming…we are witnessing some quiet victories.

MORE INFO. Beautiful actress Heather Locklear (whose dad was a colonel and who has been institutionalized a few times like in 2008) and actress Nicole Kidmann have had their names used to create alters in t.b.m.c. systems. Kidmann’s namesake alters are anal sex alters and Locklear’s namesake alters are oral sex alters. My time on this computer is up so this is all for now…


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