EVALUATING STRATEGIC INFO: Case study, How Far Will the Illuminati Use Islam? 2 JAN 2018

How do we get to the truth in an age of deception?? I’ve designed this article to instill into the Awake community better means to evaluate controversial research problems.

LOVING THE TRUTH. The person of God, in line with the Spirit of Truth, Yahshua’s Way & the Word of God, wants the truth; as it is written: “Buy the truth, and sell it not: also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding…”(A) Yet sadly, Christians & religious people often succumb to deceptions like the World in general. We can witness how the god of this World (the father of lies who has no truth) can truly “blind the minds”(B) with “all power and signs and lying wonders.” (C) Compromised, iconic, big name Christian leaders are on hand to mislead their audiences by saying “God showed me this…” & “The Bible says this…”

VULNERABLE TO DECEPTION. People often overrate their ability to spot deceptions. It’s not the times your screening & vetting is correct that gets you, but that one time your interpretation is faulty. I think of a female church member meeting men online for sex who was murdered. I think of Stalin, who ignored dozens of warnings that Hitler would attack the USSR, because he’d convinced himself it would not happen. Emotionally distasteful info is often disbelieved. So some Christians tell me that the Bible & God’s Spirit are all they use, but usually it is apparent they ignore much of the Bible & what the Spirit would want. While God’s Spirit of Truth is a Biblical channel of truth (D), thinking that one is using them is not fool proof, especially in an age of deception where the Bible warns that the elect are vulnerable to deception. Christ said, “Take heed that no man deceive you….If it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.”(E)

Faulty interpretations & faulty feelings of security, and contempt for all the evidence may result from pride, loving the dark, and worldliness/soul ties. History is full of people ignoring profuse detailed warnings.

AUTHENTIC INFO FOR ACCURATE ACCESSMENTS. In past articles, I’ve detailed methods for rating incoming info. Let’s now consider the sample topic: How far will the Illuminati use Islam?? My accurate reliable sources have indicated the following 5 items:
1) The Illuminati direct & control Islam’s top leaders
2) Islam was used by Satan’s System to remove Christianity from its original Middle East base of origin
3) The Illuminati gave directives to their modern leaders to allow Islamic immigration to destroy western Civilization, to create and train Islamic terrorism as a Hegelian dialectic tool, and to use Islamic terrorists to discredit fundamental religious believers.
4) Illuminati directed public education & groups like Antifa are used to promote the current party line no matter how illogical & inconsistent the current party line is with previous stands.
5) The Inman Mahdi was definitely a candidate in the early ‘90’s for a false world messiah.

Also from historical records, we can be aware that the Illuminati has definite plans to use Islam to create a Third World War (F) and that this WW 3 is to turn people against both Islam & Christianity so that they will want the doctrine of Lucifer (F); and that not only did Hitler use Islam, but British & Amer. & Israeli Intelligence have used Islam & Islamic “radicals” for their agendas. FDR’s words “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, it was planned that way” serves as warning that the actions of European politicians like Merkel to allow countless dangerous Islamic men into Europe producing widespread crimes like rape was not by accident…but by design.

RUMORS, & SPECULATION. The Word warns us that it is the love of the truth that will save us (not merely the truth). As we systematically collate info & evaluate it for accuracy, relevancy, consistency, for ambiguities, and dissenting opinions, a perception (picture) emerges. While Scriptures are divine truth—Scriptures are similar to receiving raw intelligence from a reliable source—what is the correct interpretation and assessment for the Scripture?? Because prophecy is truth, and truth is always truth, we have prophetic patterns with minor & major fulfillments. We also find that Scripture interprets prophecy in ways that one would not normally expect…meaning that the actual meaning of a scriptural prophecy may surprise us. Competing interpretations of Scriptures are often competing speculations—often more than many realize, because many people don’t look into the limitations & faults of an interpretation. (More on this in terms our Islamic topic later.)

RESERVATIONS. I have treated Biblical interpretations for what they are—speculations on the meaning of ancient words. On information from informants, I maintain reservations & shelve the info until it can be proven or disproven. Some info is clearly fantastic or pseudo-scientific in nature & dismissible. The World Controllers systematically spread confusing info –call it “noise” to clutter and “muddy the water”. Hitler muddied the water before the Barbarossa invasion (22 JUNE ’41), so that Russian intelligence misinterpreted the warnings clouded with various options.

A genuine source can have its credibility undermined, esp. if a skeptical listener passes the info on, but attaches his doubts about its credibility. This transmutation process which turns a nugget of gold info into some base thing can happen quickly. I myself have degenerated accurate info from an accurate source to hide the reliable informant’s identity. Rumors can be disinfo spread by the World System such as false rumors to confuse. Rumors are also authentic info eroded or garbled into rumor; or a rumor may be plausible speculation elevated to fact.

INTERPRETATION SPECULATIONS. Currently there is debate over whether the Anti Christ (AC) will be Islamic or not. Advocates that the AC will be Islamic include Joel Richardson (author of “The Islamic Anti Christ”) & Walid Shoebat. The opposing view, includes S. Douglas Woodward and Chris White (author of “The Islamic Anti-Christ Debunked”). Both sides use prophecy scattered throughout the Bible and both use speculation about what those prophecies mean. For instance, Richardson speculates that the Hebrew word “Yavan” (Strong’s Concordance #3120) which occurs in prophecy (G) does not mean Grecia or Greece as it is translated in English Bibles, but rather Asia Minor. While I am inclined to side with Richardson, because Yavan may mean Ionian territory and could well mean Asia Minor…there is still an element of speculation to this interpretation. On the other side of things, Chris White has to invent an extra king in DAN 11. Daniel 11 speaks of only two kings…the King of the North & the King of the South. It is again speculation to invent that there is yet another king not mentioned in the text. Chris also assumes the AC must be a Jew, while many others who oppose Richardson’s view assume that the AC has to be from Rome. Again, these blanket opinions do not take into account all the nuances of how prophecy may occur. How many people are aware that a Jewish line was behind the genealogy of Mohammed?? Richardson tries to use quotes from modern people (which I believe are relevant to what is happening) and White attacks him for doing so, as if we can only use his interpretation of scripture to evaluate what is happening. Because Biblical interpretations so often incorporate leaps of faith & speculation, I prefer to base my research on reliable info (which of course is not in denial of scripture).

MORE ON THE DEBATE. Those in favor of an Islamic AC feel ISA 21 & JER 25:15-33 pinpoint the Arabian Peninsula for the trib war. They view the Koran’s Islamic principles to deceive & lie to infidels (Taqiyya & Hudna) as evidence that Islam would match prophecy that when the world says “peace & security”, then “sudden destruction” will fall. (H) They feel the AC’s disregard for the desires of women (DAN 11:39) as matching the Islamic treatment of women as property.

FINAL THOUGHT. May God bless you as you seek the Truth. Christ said he was the way, the truth & the life. Dear Reader, may you have Yahshua’s Way which brings both life & truth. And may you gain discernment & wisdom. Amen.

(A) PRV 23:23 (B) 2 COR 4:3-4 (C) HEB 2:14 (D) MT 10:20, MK 13:11, 1 COR 2:13 (E) MT 24:24 cf. 1 COR 6:9, EPH 5:6 (F) Albert Pike’s letter to Illum. mmber. G. Mazzini, in other writings Pike declares “Lucifer is God’ (G) DAN 8:21, 10:20, 11:2 (H) 1 THS 5:3 cf. DAN 9:27)


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