DRAMA 18 JULY 2017

Today, I have an opportunity to help teach on how a good person should respond to false allegations. Drama will confront us. No matter how saintly you act, allegations are going to be said about you. (Christ & other godly men were accused of being drunkards.) Perhaps you are thinking of your own personal dramas when you were falsely accused.

RESPONDING TO FALSE ALLEGATIONS. In general in life, the best answer is to silently ignore the false slanderers, and give the liar enough rope to hang him or herself, as the nature of the slanderer will evidence itself to others. In my situation, last night I was given a notice by a text message that Dolores was making trouble on Facebook. As I am currently travelling and living in a tent, it meant finding a free wifi connection at night to respond. In the event, I was not able to accomplish that, hence, my response at this later time.

MY SITUATION. As many of you have read earlier, I was concerned that Dolores had destroyed all my belongings including research and books in progress. This was not a supposition on my part, it was actually what Dolores had repeatedly said she had done. But in mid-April, I learned that she had not destroyed most of it, but had moved most of it to her crawl space & shed or yard. She told me it would be safe there. Around mid-June, I gave her notice that I’d travel from North Las Vegas and move it all out on Sunday 9 April.

At midnight 8 July, a text message came in declaring that I was being given only 3 hours on 9 July to move everything. She was going to technically let me have my belongings, but was going to make things difficult at every step. In the event, 5 friends helped me load a U-haul w/ most of my stuff in the 3 hours given. Some of my precious things had been left in the rain & were moldy, & some were broken, but most items were recovered o.k. While inside her house, after showing text messages to her daughter, I put my phone down to break down a bed frame. It seems Dolores took (stole) my cell phone w/ all its contact info, etc. as later she emailed me that she knew where it was, & the phone had rang where she was hiding when we looked for it. She also kept my U-haul dolly, & refused to return it, costing us $65. So the truth be known, I am the person who has suffered property loss & damage.

Now I have to deal with character assassination by a woman whose own daughters describe as the craziest person they have ever known. I myself have better more important things than to respond to crazy allegations from a drama queen. But it is worthwhile to try practicing some proper judgment in how I respond so that others might be encouraged when they have to deal with similar senseless drama. [to be cont. when time allows…]


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