Hallelujah! I just listened to Freeman’s recent show where he had Anthony Patch & Richie discuss the capabilities of the BEAST computer system. Anthony Patch & Richie discuss the sentient D wave BEAST quantum computer that is equivalent to 7 billion human brains. The BEAST computer is self teaching and has been studying the world of humanity in minute detail for decades (well Anthony said since 2007–but it really goes back to 1978). I see they don’t realize that this was what I was exposing/discussing in 1995 in my Prophecy Club talk. This Sentient World Simulation (SWS) is able to mirror by computer the entire thinking of humanity. Essentially every individual and his or her thought patterns are kept & tracked in it. Yes, yes & yes.

By knowing what all of us think, and how we will react, these quantum super computers can model exactly how an entire population will react to a given event. The computer can then manipulate the population because it is one step ahead of everything. I have been talking about this for 22 years!! If I did not believe in a divine God I would have wrapped it up when an eyewitness described all this to me c. 1993. When he saw the BEAST computer’s abilities back in 1978, it knocked him dumbfounded for over a year. And the capabilities of the BEAST computer network have increased exponentially since then. Yes, it is an A.I. program that is manipulating things! But my conversion to Christ was a miracle. My thinking was totally changed in that conversion…no way for a computer to anticipate that. I was going one direction one day…and another the next. So much so, that my sister saw the change and also became a Christian.

The Illuminati cannot factor in the Almighty God factor into their computer algorithms. That is why the Illuminati kingpins that were talking to me in 2013 got so upset with me when I refused to quit putting scriptures in my writing. They wanted me to write some histories of the Illuminati etc. because they knew that coming from me it would have credibility. I would not budge on using Scriptures–because bringing the divine into this world is the only thing they can’t control!!!! I gave up the money & fame they offered, because Almighty God is the only thing that stands in their way, and I serve YHWH, the loving Creator!


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