BEWARE OF BILLIONAIRES BEARING “GIFTS”: A glance at who George Soros has been.(12 NOV 2016)

It is worth our time to know the enemy of Americans, the man who is currently funding the civil unrest in our streets with the goal of destroying America. He is an American citizen. At the moment I write, rioters instigated by him are destroying downtown Portland (the area I live in) and attacking people yelling “Peaceful Protest” & “Fu*k you bitch.” (Obviously the limit of their vocabulary.) The mobs in Philly beat a homeless vet to death. George Soros has used his billions to create civil unrest all over the globe. The Russian newspaper Zavtra labeled him “an enemy of humanity” & he is wanted in Russia.

How did he get so rich? Long story…but here are some snippets: He made a US$1 billion dollars overnight during the 1992 Black Weds. U.K. currency crisis, by making a short sale of US$10 billion worth of British pound sterling. In a often quoted remark, economist Paul Krugman described Soros’s manipulation of financial markets: “[N]obody who has read a business magazine in the last few years can be unaware that these days there really are investors who not only move money in anticipation of a currency crisis, but actually do their best to trigger that crisis for fun and profit. These new actors on the scene do not yet have a standard name; my proposed term is ‘Soroi’.” The 1998 Russian rubble collapse was blamed on him. In one case, his insider trading stunk so bad, that he was convicted in 2005 for insider trading involved with the French Illuminati bank Société Générale . He tried every way to buy his way out of that conviction, and failed.

ILLUMINATI MEMBERSHIP. Soros is not just a billionaire, but an Illuminati billionaire. His front label is that he is an agnostic. As I have written before, there was a split in 2002 after the Gstad meeting, when the new leadership under Van Duyn took over. Soros went with that group. Soros & Van Duyn both worked out of the Budapest, Hungary area. Soros set up his Soros Foundation HQ in the hills near Budapest. So in 2001, Illuminati Order of Skull & Bones John Kerry, who I wrote about yesterday travelling to Antarctica (perhaps having an Arc Lottery Ticket)…in 2001, these 2 Illuminati members Kerry & Soros who had vacation homes near each other in Sun Valley, ID had a good day visiting with each other. After the split, all the S&B members incl. democrat Kerry appear to be on the outs with Soros & fellow gang. Van Duyn & Soros despise George Bush, Jr. (Many readers probably agree w/ them on that pt.)

SECRET MEETING to CONTROL THE 2004 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION RESULTS. On 6 AUG, 2004 there was a secret meeting in the upscale resort town of Aspen, CO at the Aspen Institute. 5 socialist Illuminati billionaires and 6 leaders held a secret meeting where participants were sworn to secrecy. The purpose was to insure that the 2004 Presidential election went their way. Peter B. Lewis did the organizing footwork for the meeting. I have 5 other names of participants (& don’t know the other 5): Freemason Harold Ickes, John Sperling (fndr. Apollo group which works with the infamous Carlyle Group, & a financier of cloning research), George Soros, & Herb & Marion Sandier. The fact that Trump could beat the vote rigging in NOV 2016 and upset the election controls that Soros has created for himself is an incredible monumental victory for Americans. This Aspen meeting on 6 AUG was needed to coordinate getting around the campaign-finance reform law of 2002, which had attempted to prevent people like this from controlling an election with large sums of money. Well, guess what there are ways around the law, and it doesn’t hurt to own the rigged election machines!

EARLY LIFE & PERSONALITY. George Soros was born in 1930 in Hungary as George Schwartz. His father was a wealthy German-heritage Jewish lawyer. His family to appear less German invented the surname Soros (from the Esperanto word for “soar”) because it sounded more Hungarian. During WW 2, he survived the Nazi purge of Jews with false papers showing him to be a Christian. Later as a young man he moved to England and studied at the elite’s London School of Economics under Sir Karl Popper, who was a Jewish Marxist from Vienna. Both Sir Popper & Soros like to think of themselves as philosophers. I was amused to read Soros’ son Robert’s commentary on his father’s economic ideas that he spouts: “at least half of this is bullsh*t.” While there are plenty of msm puff stories on Soros, there are plenty of people close to him that talk about his delusions of grandeur, & how he thinks he is a god. One commentary said, “That’s outrageous, typical Soros gobbledygook.” But if you believe in socialism, you may agree with Soros who wrote an article in the Atlantic Monthly (1997) titled, “The Capitalist Threat”. But Soros is not into any kind of socialism, but rather socialism directed by him. He brags that the former Soviet empire is now called Soros Empire. An example of this is Albania, where Soros funded gangsters and former old communist leaders to overthrow the elected govt. and install a socialist govt. obedient to his orders.

CONCLUDING THOUGHTS. As I write this, my righteous indignation is getting to me. I think I will stop writing, the reader has the general idea of who this man is. The mindless mobs that are destroying my home city & attacking people are like some surreal movie. And this criminally minded billionaire will continue to do his “philanthropy” (i.e. giving money, bribes, etc. to control the world and mold it to his Illuminati designs). He was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his self-serving “philanthropy”…which is why I said when I accepted the Prague Peace Award that it was a great step for mankind that someone outside of the matrix who is genuinely for peace got some recognition. May God have mercy on all these mindless minions of Soros.


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