This article is to discuss the dirty tricks that are employed against major figures who oppose the System. The need for such an article was highlighted to me last night in a discussion with one of my instructors who came from the Urals in Russia at the age of 19 to the USA; and while he is totally aware & convinced of Russian propaganda, is totally oblivious that anything like that goes on here. I will speak in this article from first-hand experience. I am providing a link for an excellent article based on Snowden’s material about the Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group (JTRIG) whose job it is to go online to disrupt and destroy any opposition. (Our tax dollars at work to enslave us!)

POTENTIAL EMPLOYERS. Someone in the govt. watches close enough that they have been able to scare off people from hiring me. After a potential employer decides to hire me, they get visited and talked to, and enough is said to get them to change their mind. This is not speculation, employers have told me, “You’re hired, this is your desk tomorrow”; and then the next day when I arrive for work there is no job.

DOCTORS HARASSED. I was fortunate that one of the doctors I went to was a long time Christian sister and good friend. Nor is she the type to be intimidated. So I learned the next day that immediately after my visit, gumshoe CIA types grilled her as to the purpose of the visit. Now with everything medical written online that should save these people some investigating time, although they may still want to harass the doctor.

ISOLATED. Targeted individuals can relate to how they try to isolate their target. Many friends have told me that they were visited by the FBI & others, who have tried to convince them to hate me. All kinds of cruel things would be said about me. “Did you know that…?…blah, blah, blah…” You thought that the FBI was about law enforcement—so why are they busy trying to isolate individuals opposed to the New World Order & the criminal actions of the elite?? In reality, they spend more effort to cover up the crimes of the elite than prosecuting crime. It is vital that people not allow themselves to be isolated. Tools like Facebook actually can assist us from being isolated—even if groups like the JTRIG know every dirty trick to pull to use the Internet against us. In my case they have pretended to be me on the Internet and said things that would discredit me. There are false stories put up about me. I assume the entire spectrum of dirty tricks has been employed against me—although I have not bothered to assess and tally it all. Our side is fighting back against the trolls on the Internet. One of their goals is simply to divide & conquer. The beauty of Facebook is that such persons can be blocked. For me, I try to weigh my love for freedom of speech v. not allowing manufactured disruptions.

DIVIDE & CONQUER. Unfortunately, the natural flaws in human nature allow many people to hate and attack their fellow humans. I am constantly being asked to tell the flaws of other truthers…and I would prefer people make their own judgment calls without my negative input. In the 1990’s, I believed almost all of the people exposing the NWO were controlled opposition. I based that on several things, one was the lack of sincerity of so many of these people, and that they would spout slanderous lies about me…but in spite of that (in general) I would not attack back. I believe Christ’s teachings of the wheat & tares means we should be slow to attack. At times, I would be forced to say something. For instance, one man told me that when he was in the main library of the Scottish Rite’s temple in Washington, D.C. the Mason librarian showed him Billy Graham’s membership file. When I quoted this, he told publicly people he had never said that and that I was a liar. One of the larger denominations printed a letter of his in their denominational newspaper, but refused to allow me to respond to it in print. I know what he told me, even if he has retracted his statement. I’ve had witnesses call and try to retract things they told me, which due to other sources as well as the details of what they said, I knew were true. It’s one reason I prefer to keep my sources anonymous.

THE TRUTH DIVIDES. In terms of Billy Graham, during an open house of a Scottish Rite Masonic temple, I offhandedly inquired of a Masonic guide, & he said that Billy Graham was a Freemason. That is not absolute proof, but along with the testimony of an ex-33 degree Freemason Jim Shaw (& many other proofs) just adds weight to the fact of his membership. It also adds one more reason for mainstream Christians, who are not interested in the truth, to hate me. The truth should not divide, but it often does. Which is why Christ said, “Do you suppose that I came to give peace on earth? I tell you, not at all, but rather division. For from now on five in one house will be divided: three against two, and two against three. Father will be divided against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother…” (LK 12:51-53) My scientist/engineer father has considered my faith in God to be superstition. And acting in line with that faith seems unreasonable to him. And according to him, govt. people have come to him and told him I was a terrorist who he should avoid being around. Fortunately, he knew me and that that was bogus. I might be a “superstitious Christian”, but I am no terrorist. He gave them a piece of his mind on that one!



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