An exploration of topics on elite bloodlines. Over the years various people have shared secret agendas pertaining to elite bloodlines. Quite a few people have asked me about their surname, or on the flip side told me about their elite family line. It is standard practice for children to be sired by a relative that is not the proper legal father. Fathers commit incest with daughters, and uncles-to-be impregnate their sisters or a sister in law.

THE ELITE. There are numerous elite bloodlines in every nation. The prominent Houses have long histories, and keep track of their genealogies. High society is aware of each other. They were barons and lords, or were important in other ways; while most of us are commoners from common stock and often are only aware of tidbits about high society. I had an article several years ago where I discussed the new generation of German aristocrats (yes the bloodlines are still around). They know longer have the political power that their ancestors had, but they still have something going on because of their ancestry. And that is one of the points I want to make. While many people think that prominent bloodlines have lost their specialness—those in power still consider them special. The bloodline of a House that carries the power, at times will use a spelling of their name missing a letter to set them aside from the (common) lines that have no power. And you will note various spelling of an elite surname like: Stewart & Stuart, Van Duyn & Van Dine, Caboto & Cabot. A number of people have linked the House of David to bloodlines in Scotland, Egyptian & Ethiopian lines to the British Isles and so forth. And while these kinds of things seem old history…prominent bloodlines today (which may or may not be visibly prominent) can have some very ancient histories, and old relations with other bloodlines. And this takes me to one of their secret agendas—the murder of first born children of certain Houses.

POWER STRUGGLES. Because few expect the elite bloodlines to be special in the modern world, people are not naturally expecting that power struggles go on behind the scenes…the subtle murder of a first born is likely to be undetected. (More on firstborns further down.) But these things quietly happen…in the same fashion that insiders quietly tracked down railroad land titles across the USA. Some of these agendas go completely undetected. (And sometimes, like the murder of doctors–that began with Dr. Bradstreet– who were aware of nagalase and Gc-MAF and their role in cancer, their secret agenda does get noticed!) And at times following the money is helpful—like Hitler’s inspiration Richard Wagner & Gustav Mahler, whose studies were funded by Baron Albert de Rothschild. He was also inspired by Houston Stewart Chamberlain. Wagner’s daughter married Houston Stewart Chamberlain (one of the Illum.’s Committee of 300), who was perhaps MPD. Chamberlain was English, remained an English national, but adopted Germany as the nation he loved. He tried to be more German than the Germans and taught the racist ideas that Hitler later embraced to Houston’s friend the Kaiser, who he advised to begin WW 1. Long story short, British elite helped start both WW I & 2 that the Germans are blamed for.

HOUSE OF DAVID. I have written articles on the House of David and how it has survived into modern times. Yahshua was the firstborn of Mary and had a right to the Davidic throne.(A) And then King Herod killed the babies/infants in Bethlehem to keep a rival king from surviving. In fact, he was willing to kill anyone who might be a rival to his house. And this leads to the question: What is the significance of being firstborn? A number of cultures in the ancient middle east esteemed the firstborn, including Israel. The first-born was to get a double portion…but God on a number of occasions gave the blessing to the more worthy child, for instance Cain was the first born, but his sins caused God to reject him.(B) Reuben lost his double portion to Joseph (& his two sons Ephraim & Manasseh) due to sin. (C) Elisah prayed to God to give him a double portion because he was the spiritual firstborn of Elijah. The concept of the first born was given Scriptural status by Moses at DT 21:15-17. Many other scriptures followed that outlined the special status of the firstborn.(D) As far as nations, Israel was YHWH’s firstborn. (E) The spiritual significance of firstborns goes back to Moses confronting Pharoah. The Egyptian first born were killed.(F) God set up firstborn animals to represent the Egyptian firstborn, and it was these that were to be sacrificed in the tabernacle/& later temples. As an animal (lamb) Yahshua, the Firstborn Son, was to be killed as our Passover (I Corinthians 5:7). Throughout history Israel was told: “And all the firstborn of man among your sons you shall redeem” (Exodus 13:13). “ And it came to pass, when Pharaoh was stubborn about letting us go, that the Lord killed all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both the firstborn of man and the firstborn of animal. Therefore I sacrifice to the Lord all males that open the womb, but all the firstborn of my sons I redeem.”

OTHER FIRSTBORNS. Israel is not the only nation that esteemed firstborns. Elite bloodlines in many places also value them as they get special power & inheritance. Ever since Alfred Adler, people have been studying the role birth order plays on personality. Firstborns on average test out brighter than later children, receive more quality time with their parents along better discipline & greater attention. (An example of their status as achievers…all 7 of the Mercury astronauts were firstborns.) Middle children tend to be more diplomatic & social. And the last child (the ‘’baby of the family” who gets doted on) often loves attention, & the ranks of comedians incl. many last children. So rival lines of a House have reasons for taking out the firstborn, which explains the secret death program I mentioned above. But my take on it, is that it also relates to evil branches eliminating less evil branches in preparation to support a World ruler. And we must bear in mind the pattern we see historically—Cain kills his brother out of jealousy…Reuben & brothers want to kill Joseph…again out of jealousy. So we can expect this same type of behavior within these elite bloodlines, especially as Satan’s World slides deeper into evil.

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