I had a nice turn of events this morning. A man, who the other side was using to attack me, called & apologized. Wow! One’s enemies can become your friends…he is turning on his “handler” who ordered him to repeatedly attack my reputation. I will mention his handler’s name, which is Ron Patton, because Ron has been working with a large cast of characters to destroy me since 1991, all the meanwhile Ron presents himself as a conspiracy expert. Ron recently moved from California to my hometown Portland, and works with the radio talk show host Clyde Lewis. They run a Ground Zero store, and Ron has put out the Paranoia magazine for years. Ron (and now Clyde) mainly focus on ghost & goblin topics which casts people who believe in conspiracies as a group of people who believe in unprovable weird things. Ron has a group called Pacific North Weird that does ghost hunting.

IT TOOK ME YEARS to figure Ron out, and how he works for the CIA/Illuminati. He went to a Jesuit school growing up. He comes across very congenial, and his personality wins people over that he is safe. In fact, while he comes across safe, he orchestrates a cast of slimy characters to take down opponents of the New World Order who he has befriended to the point of knowing their daily life & vulnerabilities. It was Ron who got this “minister” Turel in California to put up on the Internet that I repeatedly raped my son. It was a totally sick lie, but lots of people have read it and swallowed the lie. Now some people around Ron have witnessed how sick he is, and are apologizing to me for what they did to me. There are still others out there. One of the individuals that Ron used to take people down was Kurt Billings. Kurt is an Illuminati member whose job was to pose as a Christian against the Illuminati. I watched Kurt’s modus operendi for years as he would take down one legitimate Christian ministry after another.

EVIL CONTAINS THE SEED OF ITS OWN DESTRUCTION. The story behind the story—how these people have tried to take me down could fill a book. What has protected me is 1) divine protection, & 2) my work speaks for itself. You can kill or discredit the messenger, but the information (my message in my books & articles) speaks for itself. As long as I can continue serving the good Lord I will. I have usually borne the brunt of their satanic attacks in silence…it is nice to see the Scripture come true: “Hide not thy [God’s] face from thy servant…deliver me because of mine enemies. Thou hast know my reproach…mine adversaries are all before thee….Let their table become a snare before them: and that which should have been for their welfare, let it become a trap.” (PS 69:17-22). It bears repeating: Evil contains the seed of its own destruction, and Scripture backs that up in a number of places.


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