This post is a short warning of how vulnerable America is. Christ described a “foolish man, which built his house upon the sand…and it fell; and great was the fall of it.” (A) He also warned, “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation.” (B)

SYMPTOMS OF ECONOMIC CANCER. If we look beyond the low price of gas & the positive economic news, a good monitor of the economy will see some serious malignant economic tumors. It’s not what is right that will get us, but the weak, sick points. The dollar looks good to foreign FOREX investors,and their investments help until they dump dollars. A businessman as U.S. president encourages foreign confidence in the USA, our divisions don’t. These things hide many dark facts. For instance, the stock market has been growing by “stock buybacks”. That means companies are borrowing money & buying their own stock. For instance, Home Depot bought $195 billion of their own shares to look good. $5.1 trillion in stock in the USA is stock buybacks!! That means corporate debt is high. The stock market is seriously overvalued, and what goes up, comes down. Home mortgage rates are increasing & may go over 7%. The housing market went up in past years due to low mortgage rates. There are many other signs of these tumors: high credit card debt, high numbers on food stamps, and high student loan debt from skyrocketing college costs, etc.

BOTTOM LINE. Our faith is in God, not the economy or Trump. The vulnerable US economy has defied collapsing in the past few years. Insider info has not been a dependable source to predict things. I am not an economic advisor. Christ’s words are truth, so I encourage readers to seek out what could happen and is happening and to prepare. An economic storm could easily collapse this house built on sand. God grant us wisdom.


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