A message on cracking the control of curses. This message has application to the programming of trauma based mind-control, for those with anemic and lethargic spirituality, and for those who want to understand movements like homicidal Islamic extremism. The Word of God speaks a great deal about generational curses, for instance, Edom & the Edomites are cursed in Amos 1:11-12, and the Moabites, and the Ishmaelites, the Canaanites, Esau’s desc. and so forth in other scriptures. Moab & Ammon both get Lot’s curse. While it is beyond the scope of this post, to trace lineages of people,… what generational curses have come down in Islamic lands?? Curses are found everywhere, as the Word says, “the whole creation has been groaning in travail.”

EVIL MANIFESTS AS SUFFERING WHILE GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD. Today, as in Biblical times, there are people who feel neglected by God because they have been allowed to suffer. Such was the case in Habakkuk’s time, as recorded at HAB 1:2-4,13. This message will also speak some about pain & suffering, in hopes that those who hurt will confess sin, renounce curses & crack the mind control, rather than remain entombed in their bitterness & mind-control. Those traumas were applied by the satanic programmers to entrap the victim. The deep answers to why an all-powerful, infinitely good God has a planet full of evil are called theodices. Good theodices are beyond the scope of this post, but there have been a number of good books (incl. the oldest Bible book Job) explaining evil & pain. Most are for deep thinkers. Just bear in mind that a person may not be morally to blame for the pain he or she suffers. Everyone is vulnerable. While suffering undeserved pain can ennoble a person (or entrap him in hate), Christ prayed, “deliver us from evil”. A final thought, God is also not the author of sin, and He has a plan to redeem evil, for evil is not irrevocably evil.

The WORLDLY THRONG, is SADLY WRONG, their CURSES SPELL HARM. When I watch people, I have concluded that many church goers don’t know what activities bring curses upon them. For instance, cursing your rulers brings a curse upon the curser(1)! Being proud brings a curse!(2) Defiling the Sabbath!(3) And being a parent who doesn’t discipline your child!(4) And a final example, being carnally minded!(5). The satanic programmers of t.b.m.c. are well educated on the power of curses, certainly better educated than the aver. Christian. The person being controlled will be subjected to numerous bewitching curses, vows & oaths. The Illum. programmers’ best curse is incestual conception, because it carries a curse to the tenth generation(6), while most iniquity only carries a 3rd or 4th generational curse.(7) The mind control is intimately linked to demonic possession & witchcraft; to make deep progress one needs deliverances.

SINS LEAD TO CURSES & DEMONIC CONTROL. What many people don’t realize is that witchcraft with all its spells & devices(8) is itself cursed (9), and naturally creates a supernatural bondage. Once a curse on a person is established, associated evil spirits have a legal spiritual right to remain. Sins are another way to obtain a curse…some sins which are crimes such as: theft, murder, kidnapping, & abortion are specifically mentioned in the Word as bringing a curse. See (10) for the scriptural addresses of these crime-based curses. These curses incl. sacrificing people in a coven.(11) Members of covens, just as new members of a gang in the “hoods” & “projects”, are normally required to commit a crime, such as a human sacrifice, to be worthy of the group. There is no statute of limitations on ritual murder nor on the demonic possession it places the person under. There are also a long list of major sins which are not crimes (blasphemy, alcoholism, gay sex, having a dysfunctional family, not giving to the poor, etc.) which also attach curses to our lives. To break these curses (as well as occult vows & others) one needs to renounce them.

CONFESSIONS THAT HEAL & LIBERATE. The Word teaches us to confess our sins & the sins of our fathers.(12) It also teaches us to forgive our ancestors for attaching curses to our lives. Whether one uses the English name “Jesus Christ of Nazareth” or Hebrew “Yahshua ha Messiach”, I find that the evil spirits recognize in whose authority you come. However, coming in the name of “Jesus” can backfire as there are even evil spirits with that name. Begin your confession by declaring your faith in Christ and our heavenly Father. Confess your sins & ask for forgiveness. Confess that Satan has no power or place in your life because of the blood of Yahshua ha Messiach. “By the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I am redeemed and sanctified. My body was set apart by heavenly Father as a temple of the Holy Spirit. I have the spiritual authority in Christ to remove any demonic activity in my life. I renounce any vows or oaths to anything other than God Almighty. I renounce Satan and his works in my life and call upon him and his spirits to leave.” You may want to bind specific spirits and loose a good spirit in its place. For instance, “I bind a familiar spirit and loose the Holy Spirit.” “I bind the spirit of deceit & lying and loose the Spirit of Truth.” “I bind the Spirit of Fear, and loose a Spirit of Courage and the Spirit of Love, Power & a Sound Mind.” Renouncing the use of alcohol or an addictive drug is a powerful move. After one does these confessions and renunciations, WATCH OUT for the counterattack!!

TAKE HEED LEST YE STUMBLE. When we make spiritual progress, you can almost be guaranteed the enemy will counter-attack. You may even laugh to see how noticeable the counter attack comes in. One brother, who renounced cigarettes, found strangers throwing him free cigarettes, something that had never happened before. If you confess a sin, but go back to it, instead of forward w/ a new life-style, the demonic strength to keep you in that sin, when it comes back, will be stronger. Victims of t.b.m.c. will soon discover that there are reprogramming mechanisms, incl. programs to re-demonize you. The sadness that victims of trauma feel may not be easy to comfort. There may simply be no consolation that is big enough. Jacob in the Bible felt such deep trauma suffering that no one could comfort him.(13) Sometimes, we have to just made the best of situations, and that is my desire for those who have been programmed with traumas & curses. If we expect perfection when we heal, we can set ourselves up for failure.

CHRIST REDEEMED US FROM THE BIGGEST CURSE as GAL 3:13 states, “Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us…” However, specific sins still carry their curses much like the curse of some type of cancer passes from generation to another. Christ came to give us a life more abundant. His view contrasts with Buddha’s who felt that to live was to suffer, or as Buddha is quoted, “Existence & suffering are one.” Life, as God offered it, is fundamentally good, and suffering from natural evils or evils, which are plagues derived from sin, are all around; but we are called to deal with them if possible. There is something correct to the prayer, “God grant me the courage to change what I can, & the serenity to accept what I can’t.” I would want the reader to have freedom from fear, & that even in pain, that you might walk with the Spirit of God (walking in the Spirit)(14) The fruit of walking with the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, and faith to mention some of the attributes. These things bring blessings to our life. After talking about living & walking in the Spirit, it teaches us that whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap. And this is the dynamic of sins & curses. They lead to a new crop of sins & curses…generation after generation.

As the song sings, Would you be free from your burden of sin?? One of the burdens of sin is the curses that go with it. May you, dear reader be blessed.

(1) 1 KGS 2:8,9, EX 22:28 (2) PS 119:21 (3) EX 31:14, NUM 15:32-36 (4) 1 SAM 2:17,27-36 (5) ROM 8:6 (6) DT. 23:2 (7) EX 20:5 (8) devices such as: good luck charms, hex signs, talismans, crystal balls, wands called baculum, spells called cantraps, seals which are signature designs that summon demons, athame ritual knives, and bells for ringing to get magic power (9) the magical arts are forbidden repeatedly: EX 7:11, 22; 8:7, LEV 19:26, DT 18:10, NUM 23:23; 24:1, 2 KGS 17:17, 21:6, 2 CHRON 33:6. ECCL 10:11, ISA 47:9,12, JER 27:9…and these are linked to curses: graven images @ DT 5:8, 27:15 & EX 20:4, fortune telling @ LEV 20:6, horoscopes @ DT 17:2-5, necromancy @ LEV 24:15,16, and witchcraft in general @ EX 22:18. Even keeping those cursed items brings a curse: DT 7:25, JOSH 6;18 (10) theft, DT 27:17; murder, EX 2:12; kidnapping, EX 21:16, DT 24:7; abortion EX 21:22,23. (11) LEV 20:2 (12) JAS 5:16, 1 JN 1:9, LEV 26:40-42 (13) GEN 37:35 (14) GAL 5:16-18


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