Comparing past & present scripts. Rather than weigh this article down with explanatory documentation, I suggest the reader get further documentation by studying The Unseen Hand (by Ralph Epperson) & The Myth of the Great War (by John Mosier).

SET-UP. If I could boil the dynamics of 1914 (the year WW 1 began) down to 6 concepts they would be: SECRET SOCIETIES, INEQUITABLE ACTS, GREED BY ARMS DEALERS, TANGLED ALLIANCES, IMPERIALISM, & MILITARISM. We have all of these today. The current World has its share of tangled alliances…NATO is obvious…so let’s discuss 2 lesser known alliances: SCO & CSTO. SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) is a security organization with Russia & China at its core. 14 other Asian nations are either members, observers, or dialogue partners. India & Pakistan become full members in 1916. On its agenda is to bring Iran in as full member. CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization) is another multinational security treaty with Russia at its core. Additionally, one can add countless other bi-lateral treaties, between for instance: Russia & Syria, China & Iran, and the USA & Israel. Another contributing factor to World tension in 1914 (as well as today) is how the leading economic powers would suppress the upstart nations. In 1914, Britain tried to keep Germany down. In modern times, the U.S. has tried to keep various nations down, incl. China & Russia.

CONFRONTATION. In 1914, the 2 great German empires (the German & Austro-Hungarian) were at war with the British, French & Russian empires. While the Germans were much outnumbered by their opponents, they consistently dominated & defeated them. (This fact has been covered up by the victors, & history falsified.) The German military was run by Prussian generals who made war into a scientific study. They would war game scenarios to discover ways to win. They developed superior weapons & tactics. (Their opponents failed to learn from them in WW 1, and when the Germans prior to WW 2 upgraded the same kind of weapons & tactics with new technology, they totally surprised their opponents in the next World War!) Because the war was going so badly, the French & British generals tightly controlled all reports about the war. They falsely reported that their opponent had massive causalities while they had much less. The opposite was true. They consistently fabricated victories that never happened, for instance the French claimed to have captured Vauquois and Verdun’s Les Eparges crest in 1915. When the American army actually captured the Vauquois & Eparges in 1918, they could not report it, because that would have exposed earlier fabrications. Many of these lies have become enshrined in standard history. The people were told that WW 1 was the “war to end all wars”.

CLIMAX. The Germans defeated the Russians, and were about to beat the French & British when the American army stopped them. Facing the Americans, the German army would retreat to new positions to save men. When an armistice to stop the fighting was signed late in 1918 (11/11/18), the German soldiers did not feel defeated, their armies were still in France & Belgium. Likewise, when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1988 & the Cold War was lost, the Soviet military did not feel defeated. Both losing nations felt betrayed.

RESOLUTION. German leaders, not trusting the French & British, asked Pres. Wilson for peace terms. In 1919, the German nation had the Diktat (the Versailles Treaty) forced upon them, which placed all the war guilt for WW 1 on Germany & demanded 132 billion marks (today U.S.$ 442 billion) and stripped various territories from Germany. France’s Marshall Foch said, “This is not peace. It is an Armistice for 20 years.” The draconian Diktat would aid Hitler in gaining popular support. Both nations (Germany after WW1 & Russia after the Cold War) experienced starvation, suffering & humiliation. In 1992, I listened to 2 Russian professors lecture here in Portland. They said Russia was in the same place as Germany was after WW 1, and that they expected a strong leader to rise up to save their nation from disaster. Indeed, like Hitler, Putin did take power in a few years. Hitler began to restore German pride by retaking land where Germans lived: Memel, Danzig, Rhineland, the Saar, Austria, & the Sudetenland. Likewise, Putin has been doing a similar thing—note the Crimea. Both Hitler & Putin began rearming their nations, and projecting their power. In recent times, the Polish Foreign Minister R. Sikorski drew a parallel with Putin invading the Crimea to protect Russians with what Hitler had done in the Sudetenland. (And like Britain in 1939, the U.S. simply sat back and watched the Crimea be taken.) Hillary also drew a parallel with Putin giving Russian passports in the Ukraine to what Hitler had done. Yes, it is a similar script.

PROXY WARS. The U.S., NATO, Russia and Iran are all involved in mid east proxy wars. Before WW 2, there were similar wars, esp. the Spanish Civil War. Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) is similar to Hitler’s Waffen SS. The 120,000 man force is ideologically loyal, & like the SS the IRGC runs their own multi-billion dollar businesses. The IRGC has been used in wars across the Middle East (Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, & Afghanistan). 7 IRGC Generals have died in combat, mostly in Syria. Needing extra fighters in Syria to help Assad, Iran has hired thousands of Afghans to fight. While officially denying these mercenaries, recently the Iranian govt. held a big ceremony for seventy-some Afghan fighters that died in Syria.

THE SCRIPTS. All of these scripts, WW 1, WW 2, & this new cold war, all involve the sensibilities & moral values of the people involved. That is something that is hard for observers to grasp, because it is rare that the full viewpt. of a side will be properly represented in the press. Stereotypes, labels, & falsely portrayed actors are common fare for the controlled media. It would be nice to hear the whole story, but somehow the whole truth is deemed unpatriotic. So we are still on the level of WW 1, 2, etc. where we are fed propaganda. Mankind is still being led by the nose by the World elite…who continue to make large sums of money and other benefits from the wars. As Hitler received financing & help from America, likewise you notice that ISIS was created by America, and we are providing help to a wide spectrum of warring factions. Will this new cold war script lead to a third world war?? It doesn’t have to, but clearly if it does, it is because those at the top want it to go that way.


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