ELITE STRATEGIES TO HARNESS, MANIPULATE, DEFLECT & DESTROY ACTIVISTS. For over 2 centuries, the Illuminati have manipulated riots & protests. In turn, they have long prepared strategies for controlling opposition toward globalization. Many activists are naïve about the control mechanisms the Illuminati exercise in their protests. This post is a discussion on what they have done & plan to do. For instance they have formed front organizations that pretend to be citizens against them, they have infiltrated & spied on the protestors, as well as salted trauma-based mind-controlled sleepers throughout society on both sides of the riots—cops, officials and protestors in order to create controlled chaos. Mind-controlled slaves have received training to be able to take control of crowds of protesters and rioters & direct them as the Illuminati want. Police have often been seen allowing the criminals during the protests to do their looting & arson, and then they surround the peaceful crowds (even at times with jackets identifying them as peaceful protesters), beat them down, tear gas their eyes up close, and drag them to jail.

AN EXAMPLE OF THE ELITE’S REACTION TO LAWFUL PROTESTS. P2 Freemason Silvio Berlusconi, who was worth $9 billion in 2014, and was 9 yrs. Italy’s prime minister and a media tycoon said publicly that protestors against the G-8 meeting were terrorists like suicide bombers. Anti-corporate activists in his mind were no different than lethal terrorists. When one realizes that Forbes rated him the 12th most powerful man in the world in 2009, you can see how people in power can react. He owns mass media outlets, so it’s not difficult to know the position his mass media have taken. Corporations have also spent money & work to convince govt’s that activists exposing their crimes are terrorists. Meanwhile, a long list of Berlusconi’s crimes have gone unpunished because of his power. People have tried to get him in prison for child molestation, money laundering, bribery and many other crimes. Even when convicted by lower courts, higher courts grant his appeals & overturn the convictions. So the big criminals, like Berlusconi, call their opposition “terrorists” and sic the police on them. In July 2001, a G-8 Summit protestor in Genoa was shot to death at point blank range.

GUILT BY ASSOCIATION. One activist who was connected to an activist organization got into trouble because someone posted bomb making instructions on the website of the organization he was assoc. w/. When he went to protest the World Eco. Forum he was immediately arrested & interrogated for hours. Another activist who had worked to fight world poverty & was travelling to speak at a college was arrested because the FBI claimed he “opposed the ideology of the United States”. The conversation got really unrealistic when the FBI tried to force him to disclose where Osama Bin Laden was hiding. Many of the Homeland Security & FBI do not have a grip on reality, but believe totally whatever the controlled media says. I have seen that firsthand. They are truly indoctrinated to the point of stupidity. To them an activist=terrorist. Those opposed to the New World Order, to exploitation and to inhumane policies will see the protesters as sincere. The cops will tend to see protestors as dirty, immature, anti-law, homosexual, out of control criminals, and sex-addicted, spoiled vandals. They are a security threat to order. Even clear back in 1980, under Reagan, when the union at IBP went on strike, national guard in troop carriers with mounted M-60 machine guns killed 6 of the legal strikers to break up the strike for IBP. Now the militarized cops & troops are even worse in their extreme excess of violence.

CORP. PROGRAM TO DEFEAT ACTIVISTS. One program breaks activists into 4 groups: radicals, opportunists, idealists, and realists. The radicals are to be isolated. The idealists are to be cultivated to become realists, and then co-opted with the realists to work for the corporations. In the late ‘90’s, Monsanto’s approach was to tie its opposition with an injunction to prevent a court hearing of the GM issues, while publicly proclaiming it wanted to engage in open honest non-defensive discussions on genetic engineering, which was a PR ploy. (Well their actions spoke louder than their words.)

AFTER THE SEATTLE WTO PROTESTS the Illuminati pulled all their organizations together to brainstorm how to stay on top of these kinds of protest. The Business Roundtable, the International Chamber of Commerce (based by the way in Paris), the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the TL, the CFR, the Bilderbergers, and a Wash. D.C. PR firm Black, Kelly, Scruggs, & Healy all went to work on the problem. They created fake opposition sites on the Internet as well as ones that lampoon the issues the activists raised. Two Brussels-based groups were also brought in to help the WTO: the European Policy Centre and the Centre for European Policy Studies. These two worked on corporate strategies in regards to dealing with Seattle type events.

PUBLIC IMAGE. The Illuminati controlled corporations like to be brand items…image is everything. So when BP (which has a dismal environmental record worldwide, doing things like illegally dumping toxins and hazardous wastes, etc.) needed to upgrade their image in 2000 they began ads saying BP stood for Beyond Petroleum, and that they [& Shell] were supporting WWF financially. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has in turn been used by the elite, for instance, WWF protected Chevron from criticism so they could severely damage the Papuan New Guinea environment, doing things like massive deforestation. Chevron and the WWF had agreements of cooperation, and elite groups like the World Bank’s IFC and the U.S. Dept. of State funneled money to WWF. The WWF was allowed to run an illegal logging operation. WWF is intimately connected with the British royal family and all kinds of shady agendas. In Australia, they have worked with the Rothschild’s Rio Tinto. They became Rio Tinto’s PR machine. The tobacco company Philip Morris bought Kraft foods so that they could use it to front their agenda. Bribes to politicians could go through Kraft. It used Kraft to try to influence WHO officials to be pro-tobacco.

CHALLENGING THE DEATH CULTURE’S EMPIRE OF DEATH & SLAVERY. I have images of protesters being surrounded by police, raising their hands in surrender and then being beaten senseless. I have images of police horses running over children, and protestors being shot to death, while others are tasered and have their heads slammed into the hoods of cars. The more violent are nursing their Molotov cocktails while the elite nurse their cocktails. Meanwhile the rest of America simply runs in circles as thrilled consumers buying Walmart’s cheap junk made by Chinese slave labor. If they get disturbed by their shrinking buying power and part time jobs… the workers are proscribed Paxil to keep them calm, just detach them from their real feelings like in a Brave New World with psychopharmacological methods. Encourage the best youth to go to the University, where the primary lesson that universities (diploma factories) teach is how to get into debt. That is the primary relationship that the elite want to establish –us as subservient debtors. Would you like a few more credit cards? Your credit cards will go well with the drugs we are prescribing.

DO PROTESTS WORK? There are indeed protests that have changed things. And the elite do not always keep control of protests. From May 28-30, 1968, French govt. lost control and it looked like there was no govt. for several days. Parliament said it was ready to form a provisional govt. But rest assured that there will be massive secret attempts to manipulate any protest. And the media has usually misrepresented what the goals & issues of a protest are all about. I have observed that many times, and seen it close up in person.

FINAL THOUGHTS. Protests will keep happening. My hope behind this post is that activists would be more aware of how protests are manipulated &/or destroyed, so that those who struggle for good causes would struggle more wisely!


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