Dear Face Book friends 10 JAN 2013

Dear Face Book friends, I am rather a novice at using fb, so my attempts to post something exposing the Sandy Hook “mass shooting” may not be done as well as should be, so bear with me. The expose below shows that the Internet sites for donations were created and posted BEFORE the day of the tragedy…and that many other elements of the supposed crime and victims has been faked!!! They want to take America’s guns and will use the fake media to do it. I myself have been a victim of the lying media.
The Sandy Hook Shooting – Fully Exposed
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Channel of the fraudster:…/UCgv4w4sPvC-hu5dGNYRoP0Q/feed… First off I would like to thank the users that contributed to this video, there are a few clips in…


Added on 1/08/13

This video is shocking……


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