An interview with Brice Taylor (part one of two) (Svali Blog Post)

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Brice Taylor is a well known survivor of MK-ULTRA programming who has spoken out against ritual abuse. She is the author of the book “Thanks for the Memories: the truth has set me free”, an expose of governmental intrigue and the use of “sex slaves” at high levels. She is also the owner of EEG Spectrum, a center for healing through the use of brainwave training in North Carolina. She has kindly agreed to be interviewed for this article, and to share her thoughts on this topic. She is well worth listening to, and is a courageous person whose fight for herself and her daughter are an inspiration.

Q. Brice, how did you come to speak out against ritual abuse and/or mind control? What led you to the decision? How did you find the courage to speak out?

A: I began to speak out about ritual abuse because I was healing from being a victim of it and my recovery seemed to require it. Since I am a mother of three children, I felt compelled to speak out in order to alert the public to what was happening and to help others who were suffering from the same abuse. I never did take the cautious route. My life seemed to always be in danger and so I continued to speak out in an attempt to gain safety and to bring help to my children and others. I don’t know that I ever really had what one would call “courage” that motivated my speaking out, but my maternal instincts were/are so powerful that I just did what I had to do—and that required doing some things that most folks find scary. Like being willing to risk my life to tell the truth publicly. For me not doing anything was much more frightening, because I knew that this abuse would continue to go on and on until it was exposed and stopped. My love for my children and for humanity continues to be my motivator. God continues to be my strength.

Q: How did you begin to remember your own trauma? Were there any factors that triggered this memory process? Have you sought validation for your memories? If so, what have you found?

A: Back in the early 80’s I believe I began ‘unconsciously’ remembering, but at that time it was still difficult for the memories to reach all the way to my conscious mind, due to the mind control programming that, in those days, dictated my life. The initial attempts of my unconscious mind to divulge the secret activities I was involved in, ended up causing me severe program- related migraine headaches. Once the unconscious experiences created a threat of divulging secrets that had been locked up securely for reasons of national security, I had an accident, a head on collision, where my head struck the windshield of the car. Although outwardly, I was not badly injured, this blow to my forehead seemed to cause both hemispheres of my brain to begin communicating with each other in a way that had not occurred before. Memories began flooding into my conscious awareness, closely followed by program commands to think I was just crazy, have migraines, call my controllers and report that I was remembering, and/or kill myself.

Initially, I confronted my parents. That was grueling, but the truth was told. My mother cried when I told her my memories. I told her that she and the rest of my family were all a part of the abuse I had remembered. She never denied my memories, she said she believed me but couldn’t remember. She was well along in her years by then and since she supported the funding of my first two books and told me to tell the truth no matter what, I believe that she believes this is all true, even in the absence of her own set of memories. Her tears spoke volumes to me. My mother actually wrote a chapter in my latest book, explaining her experience of my father being DID and of all of this familial abuse. I am grateful that my mother could help in this way because what she wrote has been helpful to other survivors and their families.My memories have been validated, in part, by intelligence sources. My government memories were validated even more for me personally when I began to have Intelligence agents approach me. On one occasion, a White House Intelligence agent was (mysteriously!?) seated next to me on an airplane in order to tell me not to name the names I was remembering and reporting. I didn’t name the names for a few years when I gave my testimony in churches or presented before mental health professionals. One of the greatest validations for me came when I conformed to the White House Intelligence Agent’s wishes and didn’t name the names. Often after I spoke (and didn’t name the names of my perpetrators), survivors and therapists met with me to name (in private) many of the same people who abused me. There were all sorts of threats over the years, too many to mention here, but one big threat that let me know I was absolutely on the right track, was when they burned down my office, with my EEG Spectrum equipment where I was doing the latest state of the art brainwave training with survivors. I suppose because this technology helps trauma survivors learn to stay alert and attentive and not dissociate, that they really didn’t want that avenue of healing and freedom available to others! To insure that I knew this was not an accident, but a warning to cease and desist, they placed two bags of the ashes from the office fire at my home, where I could see them outside my kitchen window. Instead of retreating, I ordered three more EEG machines and soon had an eight-room office, where I could see more and more people receive the beneficial effects of this brainwave training! As survivors, we nearly have to play mind games to get through the backlash in one piece (peace) and certainly since we have been tortured and conditioned with torture, we are more used to upsets than most people. So we can roll with the punches, if we want to. I chose to do that. I would never have survived any other way. But that was then. Today it seems that it is easier to get out of organized perpetrator groups who are trying to control others because there are more professionals out there talking about ritual abuse, and mind control and many more survivors are healing. We survivors are gaining a strong voice — one that cannot be silenced.. I believe the truth is emerging as never before and it is a very exciting time. Years ago, I never could have imagined that in the year 2000, I would be given the opportunity to reach millions of people on Ch 13 News to tell them about ritual abuse and mind control and to be validated during this news segment by a retired Los Angeles FBI chief and a therapist who reported that she has helped 60 survivors who are saying many of the same things as me! The FMSF psychiatrist they interviewed, when asked directly if he was CIA, replied, “I don’t know if I’m CIA, maybe they know I’m CIA.” Now what kind of an answer was that? Many, many survivors are now more healed and their healing has paved a path for the greater truth of what is occurring to be brought to the light of public exposure. I believe, the experiences of survivors, when woven together, clearly identify many problems that need to be forefront in order to be resolved. More and more people are listening and the truth is emerging in a way I honestly never thought I would live to see. I am encouraged. (end of part one)