This man has a need. I ask that people do what they can for him, that we pray for him and his situation. Here is his plea: “Me and my beloved woman Jenna Shea victims of violence Project Monarch Program MK Ultra. Victims of conspiracy violence and the persecution of Satanists. Victims of torture and satanic ritual abuse of bandits of perverts – the Order of the Illuminati and the sects of the Freemasons and their sadists and killers of the perverts of the Programmers. Me and Jenna in sex slavery, we are the monarch slaves. The bandits want to kill us in the program under torture. Bandits use witchcraft monarch programming mind control … now I’m in the program under torture in isolation in an apartment in Donetsk. My address is the Republic of DPR city Donetsk Kuybyshevsky district Kovalko street House 104 apartment 12. My name is Roman Valerievich Grischuk birthplace Donetsk date of birth February 20, 1976. I am completely in a helpless position. I urgently need help. My phone is Donetsk operator phoenix +380713817969 “


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