I’m nobody’s comedian, but as I contemplated the future, I thought it’s either laugh or cry. So now I share my comical side of the not-so-funny future…We’re dead if Hillary gets to be president so might as well laugh now before the mortician comes.

NORMAN ROCKWELL PARADIGM GOES THE WAY OF THE DODO BIRD. A vote for Hillary is a vote for the military-industrial complex, Wall Street, and the ruling class all the way up to the Illuminati. Ugh. So what if they win? Pre-e-senting: VISIONS OF HILLARY AS PRESIDENT. (Hold your nose Trump supporters!) Warning: This bromide peek at the future may push your stomach to the limit, either laughing or puking. Might as well laugh, (or write better jokes in the thread). People are already joking… how many women does it takes to satisfy Bill Clinton’s appetite? It takes a village. Probably the same answer for Hillary.

THE PRIZE EXAMPLE OF EGOMANIA, THE DREADFUL LADY IS BACK. The Hill-Bill combo is back in the White House…a White House that has been conveniently restocked after they stole everything not nailed down the last time they left in January, 2001. It’s ready for them again. Hillary makes a valid point: “Bill gave powerful US weapons tech to China for campaign donations, and you’re worried anyone in the world could read my emails??”

THE PETER PRINCIPLE WORKS. The reality show, a 666 ring circus called the 2016 Presidential election has ended with Hillary winning, giving many Americans deja-poo. Sensible people, knocked senseless, are wandering about aimlessly muttering “what happened?” What happened was the pendulum came undone & swung completely full speed to evil. America’s moral compass is now fully crushed. Whatever floats your boat…pedophiles can come out of the closet. The media presstitutes have been telling us they can’t help their genetic attraction to similar genetics. Haven’t you heard, it’s anti-American to discriminate. It will be time to stop discriminating against these baby rapers. And with all the Moslem problems from open borders, pedophiles may be one of our least concerns.

DEMOCALYPSE: THE HUNGER GAMES BECOME PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING. Along with shortages of morals, we will learn the blessings of food shortages. Now it is time for Hillary to pay back all the favors she promised to the ruling class. Accelerate Agenda 21 full speed. Add more Globalist trade treaties. Suck it up America! It’s everyone else’s turn to win. Now she can use her power to assist her fellow Jezebels to completely integrate their witchy ways into the fabric of American culture. Her supporters will set out to put Patriarchy to death along with the rest of traditional American values. And, “No Bill, you don’t get to play co-president. Go find yourself an intern.”

FLIPPANT DEALER OF DEATH. Hillary can simplify things by turning the Dept. of Agriculture directly over to Monsanto. Speaking of Monsanto…death in general will get a boost…in more ways than Monsanto running amuck. If the ability to condemn people to death is an asset, Hillary has the right stuff. She & Bill can continue leaving their personal trail of dead bodies. And the U.S. military industrial complex can continue leaving their trail of regime changes (beginning in the Balkans & ending up with Honduras & Libya) and aggressive wars (like Iraq in 2002) which Hillary has fully supported every time. Hillary will help them find a good war, better than the ones the Republicans created. Kids can write essays: “What I’m going to be IF I grow up.” With Hillary, Americans will not have to endure their president apologizing to other nations for their destruction. Heck, she & Bill are not going to apologize for destroying ours, so why other nations? No apologies from this woman. Every black neighborhood can now have their own abortion clinic. Israel can continue massacres in Gaza with America’s blessings. Not only is Hillary violent, her policies are violent. Invest in morgue supply companies. Is violence funny? It’s a normal day on T.V. and video games. Knowing the financial elite, Hillary’s banksters and IMF friends are scheming how to profit on Armaggedon. Can you see them giggling thinking of their profits?

SHE WILL SAVE US FROM HITLER. Don’t believe me? Remember she compared Putin to Hitler? Hillary will place Victoria Nuland into Secretary of State, for Victoria did a good job as Asst. Sec. stirring up trouble in the Ukraine with a coup that overthrew the Ukranian govt. Hillary loves “regime change” solutions—unless it is hers. And you thought we had got rid of them when they left the White House in 2001. It’s deja-poo.


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